Lost Ark: Moving Into Feiton and Starting Berserker Off in Tier 1

Got some decent progression in today. Lots to go over from my Shadowhunter to my other alts. I’m writing this just after having my first Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell and thinking to myself, “Why did I ever miss this in the first place?” while sitting on my couch in a food coma.

Going from top to bottom, I’ll begin by talking about my Artillerist. My big focus is on getting through the one Punika daily near the hot springs. I believe I have just one more to go before I can do something else (most likely the surfing one just to get all that complete) for the reputation reward. Been working on the Whispering Islet and Isteri Island dailies too. Those are really easy with good end rewards in the form of +3 skills points and the Island Soul. I found out that one of my characters is about 3 skill points short of getting another tripod for one of her skills so this is going to be huge once I’m done. I might have to work on the Rohendel Adventure Tome as well just for another +3 skill points as I saw another character was 6 skill points away.

However, I didn’t bother doing any chaos dungeons on him. I probably should just to continue collecting honing materials. But I might work out a formula where eventually I slow the pace down once I acquire the bulk of the daily reputation rewards and just split my alts up so that half do the Chaos Dungeons for a day while the others rest up. I did the Chaos Gate on him. Unlike before the patch, the Chaos Gate now has much less people clamoring to get in. I think it’s because most people are doing the higher level content and won’t bother with stuff like this, which SmileGate, etc. should have known. Now, it’s going to be a lot rougher trying to farm the 1302 ilvl ones as all the gigachads are in the upper tier. At least, they should’ve made these have better rewards like 100 gold bonus to keep higher ilvl players incentivized to continue running the lower tier ones. I read another suggestion in having rare vanity rewards like mounts, pets and cosmetics drop just to keep more powerful players motivated in trying different things. At any rate, the cool thing was that I got an epic Rage skill rune. I was hoping for the legendary one but I have no idea if it’s dropping on the ilvl 1302 Chaos Gate boss anymore. That could another reason players aren’t farming this one as much as before.

While my Artillerist is recuperating his Rest Bonus, my Sorceress managed to hit ilvl 1325. I pushed a little harder because I wanted to get her into the Tier 3 Punika Chaos Dungeons to start acquiring the epic gear containing Tripods. That should really start boosting her damage along with better accessories and more gems. I read that people usually camp out at around ilvl 1340 so I might go that route on her if it’s doable.

I still need to run my Gunlancer for today. I just was too focused on my other alts especially my Shadowhunter in getting her through Feiton that I did nothing for him. If anything, I need to at least run him through his dailies to acquire the leapstones. I want to get him close to ilvl 1060 just to farm him at the highest level Feiton Chaos Dungeon possible since it’s going to take probably 2-3 weeks to get his ilvl to 1100 from this point. Also, I think I’m going to switch him back to Combat Readiness. I feel that getting bounced around as much as him sucks especially being in melee. I’m guessing Lone Knight is good once you have certain stats at a higher level while Combat Readiness is just a safer build. Also, I just need to get him a raid spec. I did the Red Moonshade field boss but I kept getting bounced around. It pretty much convinced me to switch back.

I did some Gunslinger. Not much upgraded on her but closing in on ilvl 600. Luckily, she’s not my focus so I’m just playing her and having fun.

My Paladin was the same old, same old. A partial Lopang Enjoyer but I did get the precious Runaway Island Una Reputation reward which was yummy. Made good pirate coins overall today along with doing the Adventure Island from Lagoon Island. Using all these sources of Pirate Coin, I was able to buy up the start of the upgrade mats for my main ship. Haven’t started the upgrade but just preparing. Probably after Runaway Island, I might make my Paladin a full time Lopang Enjoyer and park his last Lopang daily for Shunshire. I need to start recuperating my silver loss considering how much I donate on a daily basis for my guild.

My Scrapper currently is just farming the chicken event which I found out ends on June 16th. So That’s roughly a month where I can get as many mats as possible. I already bought out the bulk of the stuff from the shop. So I think if I continue doing the daily, it’ll be easy once next week hits. Also, it gives me an excuse to continue procrastinating on moving her to Yorn.

For my Glavier, I made a huge move by switching her fully to Control spec. Already, I wasn’t using the full red parts of her build and hated trying to find specialization gear. But like my Shadowhunter, I hate having to deal with a completely new interface (in spite of my Gunslinger and even Deadeye that I’ve trained myself on). I have to say Control Glavier for me is so much smoother. Removing all those red points and putting them back into stuff like Wheel of Blades and Chain Slash for Chaos Dungeons has made this character all that much smoother. Also, I was using Spear Meteor which I liked a whole lot better than the other one which seemed to do mediocre damage, even if I attacked from behind. So this switch just felt natural to me. Also, I like gearing for Swiftness. I don’t really find the smaller number of abilities to use that much of a hindrance since I can time things better rather than deal with the mental issue of knowing when to swap to red skills and handle a completely different interface. Plus, she hit ilvl 500 and I’m sure will be a lot of fun in Rohendel when she’s ready.

Finally, we come to my latest level 50 character, my Berserker. I ended up buying up the Mayhem Berkserer engravings which cost me a bunch of gold. But man, it felt worth every penny. The whole hit point anxiety thing hasn’t really bothered me just yet. The amount of hit points that goes down during combat doesn’t feel significant because it’s really just a percentage of your health that takes a beating. But the damage on this spec is ridiculous. For now, I decided to just use my usual Peyton x2 -> Revelry Row daily run in conjunction with Chaos Dungeons to gear him up. His main issue is just being low on honing materials but I’m not going to rush him. Also, once my other characters move into Yorn and above as well as have over a week or two in the guild, I should be able to buy more lower level mats to help gear him.

One thing that I also did was acquire the Tragon ship from doing the dailies from Hypnos’s Eyes. This one surprisingly cost me a pretty penny because I had to spend Sceptrum’s coins to acquire an Anchor of the Tempest, which was a prerequisite item for getting Tragon from Blue-Eyed Calvasus. My jaw dropped to the floor in seeing the price as I realized all that work in acquiring 50+ High Sails boxes just went down the drain. But I figure that this might eventually help me when I want to do sailing events as well as my mission dispatches so it’s just an investment. And because Adventure Island provides a good source of pirate coins and sailing coins, I, at least, have a reliable method to get these back somehow.

So once I finish this post off and do some stuff on Clash of Clans, I’ll try to finish up my Gunlancer and do more of the Shady Cliff on my Shadowhunter. Then if I manage to stay motivated, I might even try to finish up Feiton either tonight or sometime tomorrow for my Shadowhunter before thinking about which other character I can move to the next continent level. It might be my Scrapper.


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