Diablo 3/World of Warcraft Vlog: Gaming Etiquette Part 2

After having a demotivating event occur during a public Diablo 3 game, I became motivated in providing some more thoughts on how the gaming community at large needs to start looking themselves, behaving and treating each other. It’s nothing new that anyone with common sense should be able to easily figure out. But I think for many they just won’t get it. Nonetheless, we need to continue pushing ourselves and my vlog hopefully will spawn similar painful memories for others so that they too can come together and combat poor behavior in social games:

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World of Warcraft: Boosted 90s Implications

So with the boosted 90s, one of the major impacts that occur in the game is further degradation in grouped situations. For the boosted 90, they might see their situation as being “easily” carried via better geared/skilled players. However, for the skilled/experienced/geared players, they end up having to deal with the frustrations of people who either lack knowledge in their class or cannot produce the required output for a certain situation. Obviously, this aspect of the game really isn’t that new but surprisingly Blizzard seems to be content about this situation and we should figure out ways to handle it.

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World of Warcraft: How Blizzard Needs to Improve Siege of Orgrimmar LFR Immediately

This one is written especially for the Blizzard developers and needs to happen ASAP, especially before Diablo 3 comes out. So currently, Siege of Orgrimmar LFR still has MAJOR issues. It’s far too long at this current stage and too frustrating. What is most striking though is that only part 1 seems to have a reasonable queue compared to the rest of the instances. Parts 2-4 have an average wait time for 1 hour. That is ridiculous for anyone to endure and a complete waste of time. Also, this demonstrates a failure by Blizzard to address issues with Parts 2-4 despite numerous nerfs. As a result, I am going to propose the following to make it doable:

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World of Warcraft: Trick for Ordos on PVE Servers and Raid Finder

So I play on a PVE server and in using the Raid Finder tool for Ordos I have a little trick I want to share. Occasionally, you’ll have people who will port you to a PVP server. Some will have unbalanced populations which may cause chaos for your Ordos raid. If you’re on a quiet server like mine, what  you can do is go up into the Ordos Sanctuary and wait near the entrance. At that point, list yourself. Continue reading “World of Warcraft: Trick for Ordos on PVE Servers and Raid Finder”

World of Warcraft: Goodbye Again (Time Improvement Suggestions)

Today, I decided to cancel my subscription to World of Warcraft for the 3rd time. I have to start focusing on my personal life again and re-building that aspect up. World of Warcraft, while fun, just takes far too much time and the way things have been, it’s been a fairly frustrating experience. What I wanted to talk about in this blog are things that I think need to be addressed.

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World of Warcraft: More Warlords of Draenor Thoughts

Probably, the thing I was most excited about thus far from Blizzcon 2013 was the announcement of the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. There had been a lot of speculation about what the expansion theme and location would be as well as what we would be doing. After watching the panel that went into a little more depth on the expansion, I wanted to offer more thoughts on some of the major features.

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World of Warcraft: Siege of Orgrimmar Wing 1 LFR Guide

Now that Siege of Orgrimmar is on farm for me for LFR, I decided to post some tips on doing well. The thing is that there’s a huge variance of difficulty mostly due to how certain bosses had been nerfed or were pre-nerfed while others still are overtuned and can cause trouble for groups because of mechanics that people never bother paying attention to. The key to success with the Siege of Orgrimmar LFR though is that no matter what, patience and a positive attitude with perseverance will win out (unless you’re time constrained).

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World of Warcraft: Why Blizzard Needs to Revisit Its Policy on Griefing

So today I had the misfortune of running into a particular griefer in LFR named Mamba. He hails from Blackrock and did the usual pull trash and wipe the group, staying in combat to avoid getting kicked. The key though was that I encountered him in two separate LFRs on the same day. Surprisingly, the time difference between both encounters was not more than around an hour or two at most but the fact that he was able to pull this on several occasions made me decide to publish my thoughts on the Blizzard’s policy of griefing.

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