Lost Ark: Horizontal Progress Being Made

Since I had moved a few of my better geared characters into Tier 2 or higher, I’ve had more time to do more horizontal content rather than pushing through continents (except on my berserker). A lot of my focus is on Una Dailies especially reputation to get the much needed rewards. In parallel, I’m also trying to do a little Rapport here and there when I can if it’s along the same path.

The most painful person to upgrade at the moment is my Sorceress. She’s sitting at ilvl 1080 and the game wants her to fail. I could use the tailoring mats to make it easier but I’m not in a huge rush to move her into Punika. It feels as though I can get in a single honing try per day at her equipment level, which I believe averages around +14. I might change my mind if I find myself with two honing opportunities tomorrow but we’ll see.

My Gunlancer is also making progress in Feiton. I ended up crafting some of those honing mats just because I ran out. Luckily, it’s really not that hard to make them. You just need gold, which is rougher. On the other hand, I did manage to collect my Una tokens so I got around 2-3k in gold. Nothing spectacular. I was hoping for one of those juicy 10k bars. If I got one, I could try to progress my Artillerist again. Otherwise, I feel the gold is a waste compared to moving more characters upwards and focusing on stuff like my Stronghold.

My Shadowhunter also is making nice progress through the Yorn Chaos Dungeons. I still do some of the odder dailies just because I can’t stand Yorn’s dailies and there’s nothing really pressing me to finish them. Maybe in the future when I want to work on the Adventure Tome but that’s not in the cards currently.

Also, my Gunslinger is steadily moving her way to ilvl 600. I think she’s around 530+ so still some ways to go. I probably could just run low level Guardian Raids on my Tier 2 alts just to collect more honing materials but those feel painfully slow compared to doing other things.

In addition, I finally figured out a use for my Deadeye: Lopang Enjoyer. Using his BiFrost, I set him (and my Paladin) up for several of the Lopang dailies. Part of the goal here is to work on getting that one ship, Brahms, which is needed for one of the Roster quests. The extra silver is nice but I’m sitting at 13 million so it’s not a huge issue. But at least this should cover all the cost of my BiFrost usage.

I did get a little lazy on my Scrapper though. I haven’t really been playing her. Usually, I’ll take her out when I see the Field Boss in Shunshire. That way, I can have her do those dailies in addition to the Field Boss.

Along the way, I managed to upgrade my Stronghold to another level. I fast forwarded my Lab to level 4 and am doing some research for a few key things including an upgraded farm. Unlike before, there’s not as much to upgrade so I think I might end up relying on my dispatches to give the bulk of the experience. Otherwise, I’ll have to look into things to craft.

I did though finish up my Epic toolset. The major one to me was getting an upgraded fishing pole. With that I should be able to get more materials for honing in the future. But the cool thing was being able to go around in the Dark Garden in Punika and collecting rare artifacts without being interrupted by mobs. That was immensely satisfying and I’m sure that other gathering situations are going to run much smoother than before on top of getting greater amounts of materials.

After taking a break, I came back to work on my Berserker a bit. I’m leveling very slowly on him just because I’ve been working on the Adventure Tome in parallel. However, I found an annoying situation with some of the hidden stories where the continuous ones are timed. There’s a little icon that indicates how much time you have to find the other clues. But I didn’t notice until reading online that this was a thing. So in the case of one story, I was forced to ignore it and run it on my Sorceress because of how fast she could do it as she had already unlocked the other critical areas.

On the bright side, I managed to further Yudia and West Luterra to around 80% or so. The main challenges at this stage are the Collectibles, some cooking related stuff and Rapport. Luckily, Yudia only has two Rapport NPCs while West Luttera has but a single one. So I’m probably going to just use my songs and emotes to level a few of them every day. The big two things from getting 100% completion are the Purify skill rune at 5 Ignea tokens and the Greater Skill Point potion at 8. 9 would be nice too because of the extra BiFrost. But that’s going to take a serious amount of work to complete.

On the other hand, I now have three Relic rapport items. I haven’t decided what to use them for but I figure they should be saved for the more difficult NPCs like Nineveh. One thing that I’m waiting on is the Nia Rapport situation. There’s a trick where you send her a certain amount of items in bulk to bypass her high virtue requirement.

Besides that, I decided to turn in a bunch of Mokoko seeds. I had managed to accumulate over 250 and figured it was a good time to cash them in. On the bright side, I figured that I’ve now managed to grab most of the stuff up to the Medric Monastery in terms of Mokoko seeds. The only glaring exception is the annoying section in Mount Zagoras which requires a party and too much time in bashing down some barrier. That’s one of those “let’s do that when we’re done with everything else” type of deals.

Going back to my berserker, I got him to the Medric Monastery. I figured that was a good stopping spot because I couldn’t progress the hidden story section and got frustrated by the timer. But I took care of the rest of the hidden story sections and will be focusing on the other simpler stuff like killing champions or picking up Mokoko Seeds on him while leveling.

Either way, I felt like I made some good progress in other areas. I’m sure I’ll get some key Una reputation rewards soon too. But I’ll probably continue leveling my Berserker little by little and doing Adventure Tome stuff. Honestly, having that as a goal helps keep me focused since leveling can be boring.

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