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  • Clash of Clans: Taking A Break

    Decided to not play this month for Clash of Clans especially with regard to the Gold Pass. $40 + other microtransactions hurt and Clan Games severely burnt me out. Felt that the rewards for this month simply weren’t worth it and that I just needed an overall break from the daily grind. I might load […]

  • Clash of Clans: Last Day of Clan Games

    With a day left for Clan Games winter edition 2022, I ended it with a little over 32k points total, marking Tier V rewards + bonus as well as finishing up Raid Weekend the other day. I think if I didn’t have this break, I’d probably be completely burnt out just because of how many […]

  • Clash of Clans: Ongoing Winter 2022 Clan Games

    Clan Games is continuing and I’ve managed to hit Tier I rewards and am honing in on Tier 2. Along with that, we have Raid Weekend, which I will probably do because of how I have more time right now with my vacation starting. Even though I’m feeling a little burnt out in general, I […]

  • Clash of Clans: Clan Games and Christmas Gifts

    A new round of Clan Games comes tomorrow, which admittedly feels a bit early. However, as ’tis the season to be clashing, we do have a special 7 tier system of rewards with the maximum number of points per account reaching 5k. Thus, Tier 6, for instance, would at minimum require a clan of 10 […]

  • Clash of Clans: Slow Previous Week Ending Strong

    Due to having to work onsite for almost the entire week, I wasn’t able to fully get my rounds in until this weekend. Even yesterday proved mostly to be a catch up day because of how I was incredibly exhausted and had to get back on track. But all things worked out in the end […]

  • Clash of Clans: Good Progress on Clan Capital

    Just finished up my Raid Weekend. Did alright I guess given that I still only play with eight accounts. Managed to unlock level 2 Heal spell and Skeleton Barrels via the rebuilding their barracks. From there, I mostly focused on rebuilding ruins in my Balloon Lagoon and Wizard Valley Districts. I still have 66 more […]

  • Clash of Clans: Raid Weekend and Winter Season

    Finally, I had some time this weekend (and energy) to put effort into a Raid Weekend deal. Originally, I thought about taking the month of December off because of how busy things are as well as the potential for me being in the office during the middle of this month. Then I figured that I […]

  • Clash of Clans: Clan Games Pushing Hard

    Yesterday, I did a pretty monstrous push to get Tier IV rewards and have been pushing even harder to get to Tier V because of the huge amount of points required. Along the way, I’ve managed to hit some juicy 1-1.5k point challenges that allowed me to get close to or actually maxing out a […]

  • Clash of Clans: Clan Games for November 2022

    Clan Games started the other night but I pretty much have been slightly behind due to work. But right now I’m doing a huge catch up and managed to score the Tier II rewards. That said, this season’s Clan Games rewards seem a little dull with no extra Rune.

  • Boom Beach: Why This Is Not A Popular Mobile Game

    When I learned how easy it was to run multiple Clash of Clan accounts, I was determined to try this with Boom Beach. Despite how I found not only running multiple Clash of Clan accounts fun, I found it fairly expedient to catch up to a satisfying degree with my main accounts. You can pretty […]