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  • Lost Ark: Got A Little Play Time In Today

    Usually, I’ll try to get a session in before maintenance kicks in because I figure that it’s the last chance before reset to get what you need going. I could be wrong but I think I ended up taking a two day break since most of my alts had 2 bars of rested experience. But […]

  • Lost Ark: Thoughts on Discouraging RMT and Bots

    So reading about the issues that Lost Ark is going through in terms of RMT/Bots, I started thinking about potential solutions that would solve this. Now, some might just flat out kill the economy while others would hurt SmileGate/Amazon’s business model. But I think the risk in the short term is better than the long […]

  • Lost Ark: Midday Maintenance

    They had a midday maintenance break yesterday due to a “matchmaking issue.” I first discovered an issue when I tried to get into a Chaos Dungeon and receive no response several times. Swapping characters did not help. I thought my network was bad because of how I had two Twitch streams up. Lastly, I thought […]

  • Lost Ark: Slightly Less Frustrating Day

    Made reasonable progress today in the game. Collected my Una’s tokens for gold and walked about with around 3k. That was on top of collecting another 2k in gold from selling off Guardian stones and some other bits of equipment including a juicy tier 2 Ability Stone with the Grudge and Keen Blunt Weapon engraving […]

  • Lost Ark: Only One Knowledge Transfer Per Completion?

    I was a bit annoyed and borderline outraged upon discovering that you can only have a single Knowledge Transfer per completion of a major story line/continent after the initial one. I discovered this when I tried to Knowledge Transfer my Berserker into Rohendel and the game told me I didn’t meet the requirements. Well, that […]

  • Lost Ark: Reset Day and Good Progression

    I started late today on Lost Ark because I was once again super tired. I went to the market earlier, had a late lunch where I got nailed by a food coma and just stayed brain dead until the early evening. Once I got up, I hopped on my Artillerist and started doing the normal […]

  • Lost Ark: Maintenance Night and Deathblade Business

    I started out early today for my session, figuring that the 12am maintenance would give me a nice break. Also, AEW Dynamite was on and I wanted to catch it (debating whether to write a review or not). Had to clean up my sink because it was a big mess after several days worth of […]

  • Lost Ark: Last 50 For Now

    I made a little last minute push a day before the reset day in taking my Deathblade and spending some gold to get her through the North Vern/Shunshire quests. I finished East Luterra and figured there wasn’t any point in questing further, determining that it’s better to just have another Lopang farmer available rather than […]

  • Lost Ark: Short Session Today

    For some reason I was completely wiped out today. Woke up late, felt terrible, my concentration was all over the map. So I didn’t do much on Lost Ark except what I got accomplished felt significant to me: Rohendel.

  • Lost Ark: Rohendel Once Again

    Lots of stuff for today’s Lost Ark’s session. But it started to get on my nerves a bit towards the end. I did make overall decent progress but at the same time the feeling of burn out is starting to set in. Probably, the two biggest achievements today were reaching ilvl 1355 on my Artillerist […]