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  • Lost Ark: Late Start Today

    For some reason I was extra tired today. I had some things to do early on which prevented me from hopping on and I ended up missing all the events. That said, I didn’t want to pressure myself into playing if I didn’t want to play. Probably, the only thing I missed out on was […]

  • Lost Ark: Where We Are

    Got a fair amount of well rounded progress in today. As it was reset day, my main activities were setting up everyone I placed in the guild with all their shiny new materials from the Guild vendor, getting various dailies (as per my usual), Chaos Dungeons on virtually everyone (that was an exhausting feat) and […]

  • Lost Ark: Bart Simpson the Director!

    Ugh, today was a bit of a slump. Usually, the day before reset tends to feel a bit more sluggish. At least with the reset day, the main thing I look forward to the most is resetting my dailies because of how I’m after gold. But for whatever reason today just felt off. I was […]

  • Lost Ark: Gunslinger Moving To Yorn

    I had a late start today because I went out and grabbed some groceries. Also, I was purely exhausted from the previous night and doing my little walk to my neighborhood market. I’ve been super lazy lately when it comes to physical activities so the walk, while good for my overall health, just took a […]

  • Lost Ark: To Yorn Or Not To Yorn?

    Or rather to pay for Yorn or not to pay for Yorn…with regards to my Scrapper. That’s the ultimate question posed in my mind today. I say that knowing that my Scrapper has just two Chaos Dungeons to complete to get her weekly done. I could just sit down for a good night and go […]

  • Lost Ark: Moving Into Feiton and Starting Berserker Off in Tier 1

    Got some decent progression in today. Lots to go over from my Shadowhunter to my other alts. I’m writing this just after having my first Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell and thinking to myself, “Why did I ever miss this in the first place?” while sitting on my couch in a food coma.

  • Lost Ark: Cooled Off in the Evening But Mad About Other Things

    I cooled off in the evening and decided to do my usual routine. Got some major dailies done, including the Lopang Island Soul which made me very happy. There’s a few others I’m working on where I switched a few dailies on my main like doing Isteri and Whispering Islet since there’s a few key […]

  • Lost Ark: Quick Day

    I started late on Lost Ark and missed out on the Adventure Island event that gives gold. Unfortunately, I was too tired most of the day as a result of a very long early morning session that had me see the crack of dawn. But I’ll get into that part in a bit.

  • Lost Ark: Good and Bad Progress

    I probably played today longer than I should have. But I was waiting for my Amazon Fresh delivery and wanted to kill some time. There’s a few things that I’m keenly aiming for which is why I’m doing the daily grind. Not to mention I want to take full advantage of the Crystaline Aura while […]

  • Lost Ark: Horizontal Progress Being Made

    Since I had moved a few of my better geared characters into Tier 2 or higher, I’ve had more time to do more horizontal content rather than pushing through continents (except on my berserker). A lot of my focus is on Una Dailies especially reputation to get the much needed rewards. In parallel, I’m also […]