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  • Lost Ark: Another Yorn Down

    I took my Shadowhunter into Yorn the other night just before the maintenance to get her started. Started out with some of my normal dailies from Feiton, etc. which don’t take long for my three highest ilvl characters along with some Chaos Dungeons. After that, I spent the time doing the first half of Yorn […]

  • Lost Ark: Feiton 2nd Time

    Today, we had a reset day along with a last minute, late night maintenance break. But I managed to push my Gunlancer through Feiton the main Feiton quest line and prepare him to start grinding the Chaos Dungeons. I will say that in retrospect that annoying stealth quest’s end boss was more annoying than the […]

  • Lost Ark: A Few Break Throughs

    I had a fairly moderate session today starting around the afternoon, working on dailies then ending around 9pm to watch AEW Dynamite. Since my laptop has been sounding strange, I decided to shut it down and give it the night off as we’re going to have a mid-sized maintenance outage from 12am. Rather than doing […]

  • Lost Ark: Slow Day

    Because of a near all day headache (possibly eyestrain), I was prohibited from playing Lost Ark until much later in the evening. Not to mention I’m so behind on my writing that I felt that I had to take some time to get a page or two in on top of hitting the market (it […]

  • Lost Ark: Changed Gaming Strategy Slightly

    Today was a bit of a different day in terms of activities. While I did the standard Chaos Dungeons and dailies, I started to progress other aspects of growth such as my Adventure Tome. I pretty much hit a point where it’s clear that the end game for me isn’t doing high end content just […]

  • Lost Ark: Did The Unthinkable And Started A Berserker

    Well, it had to come to pass. I really was trying to avoid one, figuring out any excuse of not starting yet another character. But that open slot was calling me and pretty much I gave in to temptation and started a Berserker. I feel a bit dirty considering that I see Berserkers all the […]

  • Lost Ark: Started A Glavier And Other Stuff

    Last night, I finally committed my 10th spot to a Glavier. Originally, I had been debating whether to use that spot for a Wardancer, Destroyer or the Glavier. After checking out some videos on the upcoming Destroyer, I figured that I would wait to see what the feedback is once the class comes out. Just […]

  • Lost Ark: Tier 2 Progression

    Since I started working on my Shadowhunter in Rohendel and getting fairly far in the past two days, I decided that it was time to stop procrastinating and move my Gunlancer into Yorn. Took me all night to get him to that point but it felt very satisfying since Yorn really isn’t that long of […]

  • Lost Ark: Weekly Maintenance Came A Day Early

    I did the unthinkable and became somewhat obsessed with Lost Ark in recent weeks. I can’t deny that I’ve been having a ton of fun and even purchased (gasp!) Royal Crystals to unlock the Premium Pass for the extra honing material rewards along with several character slots (4 in total). Despite that, I wouldn’t consider […]

  • Lost Game: My Gaming Experience So Far

    Although I really did not intend to get into it, I got a bit hooked with this Korean MMORPG/ARPG called Lost Ark, which came out in the US sometime in February. A few friends pushed me towards it along with watching a streamer or two and as a result I became curious. Right now, I’ve […]