Lost Ark: Cooled Off in the Evening But Mad About Other Things

I cooled off in the evening and decided to do my usual routine. Got some major dailies done, including the Lopang Island Soul which made me very happy. There’s a few others I’m working on where I switched a few dailies on my main like doing Isteri and Whispering Islet since there’s a few key rewards tied to those.

My session ended up going pretty long since I had a lot of catch up to do. One of the big things was getting my Sorceress to ilvl 1100, which qualifies her for Punika. Now, I have the option of just skipping the story and paying gold. However, honing materials are precious in tier 3 so I think I’ll probably just suffer through the story again. But I probably won’t rush it immediately.

Also, I got my Gunlancer to the next Feiton Chaos Dungeon level. The way I’m forcing myself to do those at this stage is through running the weekly quest. So at least there’s another incentive because it can get a little monotonous.

My Shadowhunter is slowly making her way towards Feiton too. Part of me is tempted just to pay gold to skip all the quests there. But I enjoy playing my Shadowhunter more than other classes at the moment. She’s just a lot of fun to play. The only thing that’s really going to suck is the honing process as you try to make your way towards Punika.

My Scrapper is nearing Yorn in terms of getting her ilvl to the next stage. I think she’s around 580+ as I’m able to do the final level of Rohendel’s Chaos Dungeons. Right now, I’m so glad I bypassed the storyline on her. It’s not difficult just annoying in certain places and I just want to get to the next area on her.

Likewise, I spent gold to hustle my Gunslinger through Rohendel. Her ilvl is nearing 580 or so. I figured at this stage rather than running North Vern Chaos Dungeons and being bored with the little materials, I might as well just push through since Tier 1 has lasted way too long for me.

My Paladin made a small bit of progress. I haven’t decided whether to move him through Rohendel via gold. The possibility is there but I don’t like the idea of having everyone in the same spot at once because at that point, it’s just Chaos Dungeon spam on top of mundane dailies.

The same thing goes for my Glavier. Although with her, her main task is to get through some of the pirate island daily reputation. I managed to finish up Blackfang’s Den so I’m probably not going to do anymore of those. I’ll probably start having her do Tooki again but that one will be painful just by the nature of the RNG aspect of the island’s appearance on top of time gating.

Finally, I started leveling up my Berserker again. So far I haven’t seen nor felt the nerf but then again I never employed the Mayhem engraving. So far his leveling experience has been a breeze. I’m finishing up the Puru area and probably will end up getting my butt kicked by Armen soon. But I did hit level 36 so there’s not a lot left. Maybe 3-4 more areas total for East Luttera. Also, I definitely won’t be paying gold to level him up until he passes North Vern or so. I’m slowly trying to collect enough engraving books because Mayhem Berserker is pretty expensive. I did buy some books for Master’s Tenacity but those are useless until I get Mayhem Berserker upgraded.

Along with these things I found something that I can actually do which is this silly chicken island event. The rewards are actually quite good and the quests are fairly trivial. So I wanted to take advantage of it while it’s going on so that I can do a little catch up from the event vendor’s various mats. Since there’s a weekly reset on this thing, I figure that I’ll just focus on one character at a time when it comes to tiers or at least give them the bulk of the mats until they can get out of their current tier.

Now, for the depressing part. I saw that one of the guild members quit. I’m sure it’s just because he can’t progress anymore and I don’t blame him. I was a bit upset because he was active and that leaves only 2-3 more active people besides myself. So I ended up moving my Paladin, Scrapper and Glavier into the guild and probably will move my Berserker in once he hits level 50. At this stage, the guild really is mine and I’m almost tempted to be an asshole and just kick everyone else out. But until someone else from the IRL guild tells me off, I’ll just do my own thing.  Either way, I really don’t care at this stage. I’m a solo player for the most part and this game really doesn’t invite people to be friends.


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