Lost Ark: Good and Bad Progress

I probably played today longer than I should have. But I was waiting for my Amazon Fresh delivery and wanted to kill some time. There’s a few things that I’m keenly aiming for which is why I’m doing the daily grind. Not to mention I want to take full advantage of the Crystaline Aura while I have it since it makes certain dailies trivial.

We’ll start off by talking about my Artillerist. Got the usual couple of dailies in with the big pay off being Atropos Island for the reputation reward of Tuleu. He is important since he sells a couple of Wealth skill runes along with other crew members that should help out with the Dispatch. The other big merchant I need to grab is Borza but that will take time because of the need to get the Feiton Adventure Tome to 70% completion.

Also, I started doing Chaos Dungeons on him again. I’ve procrastinated a bit on working on his Chaos Dungeons just because I know honing at this stage is super painful. I did manage to upgrade my gloves to 1345 ilvl but it was through pitty rather than a one tap. It did cost a ton of gold so I expect that if I have any hope of reaching ilvl 1370 it’s going to be through doing one upgrade a week or so since the cost of gold is so high.

My Sorceress fared a lot better as she managed to upgrades en route to ilvl 1100. That means she’s 1/3rd of the way to Punika. There’s a small chance she might make it to Punika by the end of this week. But I’m not going to rush her.

While I did do dailies on my Gunlancer, I might’ve forgotten to do his Chaos Dungeon run. But I figure one day loss isn’t huge since I can still get rested bonus for tomorrow. I’ll still continue to work on the dailies just because the Leapstone rewards are very good and the dailies in Feiton only take a few minutes tops.

My Shadowhunter is still under ilvl 900 but I think she’s in the 3rd tier of the Yorn Chaos Dungeons. Also, I’m making steady progress with the Hypnos’s Eyes daily. I need to remind myself to complete the Rapport quest for the Rapport there because I’m currently blocked from improving my Rapport with the guy. Nevertheless, her progress is going solid and might end up in Feiton shortly.

For my Gunslinger, she’s hit around ilvl 540 or above. Can’t remember exactly how much but I’m closing in to 600 where I’ll buy the 802 Tier 2 gear then start progressing her through Rohendel. Once she’s there, I’ll probably have her work on the dailies if my Shadowhunter manages to move into Feiton.

Also, I got a little progress in on my Scrapper. I ended up forgetting about the Field Boss (or rather didn’t care) and did her usual Northern dailies as well as some Chaos Dungeon runs with all her built up rested bonuses. It went pretty smooth and she’s sitting around ilvl 530. I might also move her into Rohendel but she might be slightly behind my Gunslinger because I haven’t put the Scrapper into a guild just yet.

My Paladin too got some progress in. The big daily I’m working on for him is Runaway Island. The reason for continuing after obtaining the Island Soul is to get the 20k Pirate Coin reward. That’s not too shabby and the daily isn’t that difficult depending on the time of day you do it. He also did his Chaos Dungeons and moved up passed ilvl 500. So there’s another one with tons of rested bonus that I’m slowly moving up to eventually get into Rohendel.

Then there’s my Deadeye who has become my “Lopang enjoyer.” Meaning if anything at least he has a purpose: make the rest of my alts money/silver. I could run Chaos Dungeons just to farm up Crystals for my alts but we’ll see. For certain I’m buying up whatever materials in the Guild trading hall I can though and passing them down.

Finally, for my level 50 group, I have my Glavier. Now, my usual route has been Freedom Isle, Blackfang’s Den and something else that gives Leapstones. Today, I swapped out the Leapstone spot for the last Lopang daily that I hadn’t run, which was the one in Shunshire. Doing that allowed me to cap my reputation and complete get the Brahms ship. It felt really good to get that, although my next dilemma is upgrading it. Also, I pushed my Glavier to ilvl 440 or so with the goal of at least getting her to 460, which is the minimum qualification for Rohendel.

With all these alts sitting at above ilvl 460 or so, I’m debating whether to spend gold just to avoid the whole Rohendel quest line. It really isn’t that bad to do but it can feel lengthy and pointless. The only really irritating part is the final dungeon because of the chess puzzle and final boss. But when you have tier 2 gear, you pretty much trivialize the fight. So it’s really a debate on spending 1k gold or just wasting time. At the very least, I might pick a character that might have trouble and just pay for the fast forward like my Scrapper. Then I can use her rested bonus to finish up the Chaos Dungeons and prepare her for Yorn where the bosses are easier. Also, I can have my Scrapper just focus on the dailies while she’s gearing up.

1k gold isn’t that bad considering I have a lot of alts that can get through the dailies pretty fast. And as long as I remember to get my Weekly Chaos dungeon quest done, then I can collect my gold on Saturdays. I think as long as I have one person doing Rohendel here and there, then it’s worth it. Plus, I want more characters in tier 2 soon.

Lastly, I worked a bit on my Berserker. Originally, I was going to have him do the Adventure Tome in parallel but that means I have to setup my other laptop next to my gaming machine which is a pain. Also, it was just taking too long to get everything. I can always go back especially when I get my alts all up to level 50. Not to mention I still have a Deathblade in the works.

But I will say that the Berserker is a lot of fun. The damage is pretty insane and the AoE and single target are great. Of course, the biggest two issues I’ve encountered thus far are animation locking and long cooldowns. But because of all the skill points I’ve accumulated beforehand in addition to my skill runes, leveling has been a breeze. I just got through to Luterra Castle and am starting the next leg of the continent, which is East Luterra. My leveling goal generally is to do enough to get the engraving books so that I don’t have to buy them later. I haven’t looked at the cost for Mayhem Berserkers but supposedly they’re getting nerfed and that nerf might be coming this week. So those books might end up becoming cheaper.

But that’s partly why I wanted to push my Berserker faster. I wanted to feel his damage before the nerf. Theoretically, I could just pay 600 gold and instant him to 50. But I have to check the market place to see if the cost is worth it. My plan was to at least do Tortoyk and possibly Anikka to grab as many engraving books as possible. But that means less time pushing in tier 1 too. And I feel I’m going to need another person doing dailies since everyone has a clear role.

At any rate, I guess the real debate at the moment is determining whether or not I should make the move to pay 1k for my Scrapper to get through Rohendel. I think it’s pretty much a clear yes just because she’s not part of a guild and has a clear disadvantage when it comes to honing mats. Also, I have a good 7k in gold and don’t expect to be spending more of it on pushing my Artillerist. Pretty much I’m going to be doing one successful honing session a week it feels until I can get more gold.

If that happens, I might do the same on my Paladin. I’m not sure how many characters I can buy Knowledge Transfers for on Rohendel but I think at least two might be good since it’ll save me some sanity in having better Chaos Dungeons to access.




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