Lost Ark: To Yorn Or Not To Yorn?

Or rather to pay for Yorn or not to pay for Yorn…with regards to my Scrapper. That’s the ultimate question posed in my mind today. I say that knowing that my Scrapper has just two Chaos Dungeons to complete to get her weekly done. I could just sit down for a good night and go through the entire Yorn story but I just finished up Feiton on my Shadowhunter the other day as well as my Sorceress in Punika a day before that. So I’m a little burnt out of doing the story line stuff. Yet being down slightly on gold, I’m not positive which direction I want to take.

Going through things a bit, I started off as usual with my Artillerist. Got my dailies in, did two Chaos Dungeons and did one honing on my Gloves. Got super lucky and upgraded it by one level. Because the cost of gold is pretty high, I decided to not push his upgrades any further and just grind Chaos Dungeons until he has enough mats for another upgrade. Not to mention the cost of Gold is eating my pocket books out.

One cool thing though on my Artillerist was that I got him to level 53. I saw him on the brink and figured it was time for that extra push. Unfortunately, he needs one more skill point to get the third tripod for one of his abilities at level 10 so either that’s going to arrive via one of the dailies or I’ll have to farm Rohendel to do the Adventure Tome and get another +3 skill points. Might be worth it since I’m working on that daily that gives you +3 from the Whispering Islet. So with a little motivation, that’s an easy +6 skill points which would be huge for a few characters.

My Sorceress now is at 1330 I believe. She’s doing the Tier 3 Punika dungeons and beginning to collect the Tripod epic gear. I figure I’m going to make an effort to get her to 1340 so she can farm Tier 4 Punika dungeons and just hang out there for a while. Also, I did the Monte Island Adventure Island because it rewarded gold, which I badly needed. I came in a sad 29th place so there’s probably a better class to use for this island. Also, she hit level 52 today. I think she’s another one missing some skill points to hit upper levels on a major skill or two.

The Gunlancer, I believe, only managed a single upgrade today. But I did end up switching him back to Combat Readiness and I like the feeling so much better. Also, I’m replacing his accessories to get more Specialization so he can boost up his shield and have a higher up time for damage and defense. I have a feeling that Lone Knight is better in group play where you don’t have to be a support ironically. And speed/damage-wise, I don’t feel much of a different between specs. If anything my damage feels better as well as my survivability.

I mentioned that I got Feiton done on my Shadowhunter. It took me all night and I just said fuck it after having Taco Bell. I almost messed up on the monastery stealth quest but I managed to recover before one of the mobs spotted me. Luckily, it was early on in the scenario so getting discovered wouldn’t have been a huge deal. Afterwards, I did one of the Feiton dailies to finish up her Una’s and a pair of Feiton Chaos Dungeons to start collecting better loot. Really happy that she got there.

Also, I stood up a while longer to play my Berserker. I think he’s up to tier 2 of the North Vern Chaos Dungeons. It’s a slow process but he’s a lot of fun to play. The only issue I’ve encountered thus far is reminding myself to start in his Burst Mode state. It’s not a huge deal but just a habit one needs to form.

With my Paladin, I’ve gone full Lopang Enjoyer. He’s doing the three highest earning dailies for Lopang with Arthentine, North Vern and Shunshire. I think it amounts to a little over 20k in silver. I need to convert my Deadeye to this path as well just because it’s more effective than the first three. But that means I need to set him up all over again and I’m kinda lazy. Back to Paladin though as I ended up pooling all his Chaos Dungeon earnings to my Gunslinger. Also, I decided on my Sorceress to do some tier 2 Guardian Raids just to get the weekly out of the way. The little bit of mats the Guardian Raids provide does help a bit especially as I’m pulling everything to my Gunslinger. If I was really not lazy, I would do this on my Artillerist too.

So with my Gunslinger, she’s super close right now at ilvl 590. I might have to stop being lazy on my Artillerist and run some Guardian Raids so that I can load up on more materials. The thing is that I’m going to eventually have to do this with my other three alts so might as well get into that habit.

That leaves my Glavier. Since she finished a bunch of reputations, I decided just to put her on Leapstone dailies. She’s still behind everyone except my Berserker. But I plan to push her harder than my Paladin in the near future because she feels good in terms of the play style and I would prefer her to do Rohendel between the three remaining lower geared alts.

Because I finished up relatively early, I’ve been contemplating what I could do next. Obviously, paying for the Yorn Knowledge Transfer will allow me to still take a break while progressing my Scrapper. So I’ll probably do that later. But there’s the question of my Deathblade. I figure at this point, I’ll at least do West and East Luttera on her just to get all the engraving books. After that, I’ll probably shell out some gold for a Knowledge Transfer.

The only alt that is in a very bad place is my Deadeye. In creating a Gunslinger, I have virtually only two uses for my Deadeye: Lopang enjoyer and guild activities. Otherwise, he’s pretty much useless. Since the Destroyer is out, I’m slightly tempted to make one by replacing my Deadeye. I don’t see myself ever finishing up Shunshire on my Deadeye and paying gold for the Rohendel Knowledge Transfer seems almost like a waste for him when I have no intention of pushing him any further. So I need to think about this for a while.

Finally, the other major accomplishment was getting the guild to level 7. This one I take full credit for because of having 9 characters contributing 6k silver (54k silver) per day along with bloodstones. Visibly, the only difference was being able to have +2 members. So I might put my Berserker in. Might even put the Deathblade in. I mean why not at this point?

Later edit:

Did a late night leveling session with my Deathblade. I managed to get an ability called Moonlight Sonic which is a holding skill that covers a wide AoE area. Once I received this, my Deathblade instantly felt a million times better. Of course, I’m a bit ahead of the curve because she has this skill at 10 points and Soul Absorber, which I’m finally figuring out how to use. So I leveled her up to Luttera Castle doing the Glorious Wall scenario, which was fairly easy. I think the next few levels will really show me what a Deathblade is all about as some of her best skills come into use. Perhaps, if I can get her to or near 40 in a few days, I might either get her the North Vern Knowledge Transfer or wait until I restock in gold.

Speaking of Gold, I’m really low now. I spent a small chunk doing the Knowledge Transfer on my Scrapper after all as an addendum. At the end of the day, there really was no debate in what to do. I wanted to get her through Yorn fast and not have to deal with the whole story again. Also, I wanted her to start farming Yorn’s Chaos Dungeons for the Tier 2 honing materials. Because I started her so late, I figured that it wasn’t worth doing any dailies nor Chaos Dungeons until she’s done. But tomorrow I’m going to get her started progressing in Tier 2, especially now that I bought out the chicken island event store for the current week.

In addition, there’s a chance that my Gunslinger won’t be ready for Yorn in the next day or two. I will be doing the story on her down the road. I just don’t need to push her this fast since I moved my Scrapper over. Not to mention, I’d like some spare materials for my Gunslinger to be able to pass down to my last alts before moving on. Not only that but my plan is do a mega honing session on my Glavier after saving up a bit. I’m going to be running Tier 2 Guardian Raids on my Sorceress to get her weekly done. So I might do those and some on my Arterillist. That should provide a lot of Leapstones and some extra honing mats that’ll go straight to my Glavier. My poor paladin will suffer in the short term just because I figure that the Glavier will be easier to run through Rohendel. Then once she’s done, I’m hoping that’ll provide enough points so that whoever is left trying to play catch up can just pay the gold to get through that zone. It will be a very procedural operation but the long term effect will be this true trickle down effect of passing leftovers to the next ready alt.

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