Lost Ark: Quick Day

I started late on Lost Ark and missed out on the Adventure Island event that gives gold. Unfortunately, I was too tired most of the day as a result of a very long early morning session that had me see the crack of dawn. But I’ll get into that part in a bit.

I think I mentioned that I put my Scrapper into the Knowledge Transfer for Rohendel the other day. It just made sense as I wanted more progress on her ilvl to get her into Tier 2. One thing I wanted to do was use her for doing the Rohendel dailies. I’m on the 2nd half of one of the longer daily chains for the Ruins but I found my damage severely lacking as a Scrapper. In the end, I decided to scrap that daily on her and just do the Fairy one along with the prisoner for pirates and Shunshire ones because those two give Leapstones. But I’m making decent progress through the Rohendel Chaos Dungeons, although I’m hitting a wall with mats as I near ilvl 600. I think she might be around ilvl 670 which is kinda painful because it’s that point where you can go up a level in the difficulty to obtain better loot but just don’t have enough mats without spending some coin.

Before I talk about the progress on my various alts, one thing I want to mention is my long run last night working on the Adventure Tome. I went after East Luttera and North Vern as those have skill points directly tied to completion. While it was fun, the time it took was very grating especially the infuriating forest map. However, along the way, I managed to get a ton of Mokoko Seeds, which helped me unlock a variety of prizes.

Originally, I was going to do all this on my Berserker but it was just too slow and his progress would have been hindered by the various mobs as well as Hard Mode dungeons. So I just did most of this on my Sorceress as she’s fairly fast and can practically one shot mobs even with her basic attack ability. Also, when the occasional low level Field Boss shows up, I can farm them fairly fast.

The real tough part in doing these Adventure Tomes are the collectibles. It’s well known that Rapport is just tedious. But the collectibles portion can be costly even you’re insane like me with my numerous alts that have gone through these maps countless times. So many of these areas are locked at around 80% completion because of the collectibles part. Yes, I can use the Auction House too but not all the collectibles are available nor cheap.

I might eventually do Rohendel but the +3 skills points does not feel worth the effort at the immediate time as I should be getting my 2nd Omnium Star tomorrow from the Punika daily and that will grant me +6 skill points that should help unlock some critical abilities on my alts. Also, my Sorceress will struggle a little more in Rohendel and she’s getting close to moving to Punika. Not to mention there should be a final quest on Punika that will be unlocked tomorrow called Eternal Love which provides another +3 skill points. So overall, tomorrow is a big day in terms of collecting skill points.

In terms of progress, I did a little rage honing on my Artillerist after deciding that I should collect mats even if I don’t intend to push him that hard. The other night I got a pity upgrade on my gloves and tonight I managed a natural upgrade on my chest. I’m still just at ilvl 1345 (a little over) so it’s going to be a royal pain in the ass trying to push him through. I think I might just go for something like 2-3 honing attempts per week to avoid spending too much gold.

For my Sorceress, she’s now half way to Punika in terms of getting her gear to +15. I managed one upgrade, leaving just three more items left. I’m pretty much getting a failure every other day so I probably won’t see Punika on her until this weekend at the earliest.

My Gunlancer made a tiny bit of progress. I think he’s sitting at 1023 ilvl and requires 1040 to move up to the 3rd Feiton Chaos Dungeon. One thing that I’ve noticed is that his damage is pretty bad in Chaos Dungeons especially his alt. If I miss his alt completely, it’s both painful and beyond frustrating.

I think my Shadowhunter though can do Yorn’s 4th Chaos Dungeon level. I ended up buying some honing stones just to push her above 920. The rest of the journey to Feiton shouldn’t be too bad so maybe in 2-3 days she’ll be on that side of the fence and doing the Feiton dailies. I could even buy the Knowledge Transfer since tomorrow is reset day and I usually get about 2-3k gold per week from the Una Tokens and that’s roughly one major Knowledge Transfer per week which helps save a ton of time, frustrating and annoyance.

I pushed my Paladin, Gunslinger and Glavier a little as well. I’m really debating whether I should just spend the gold to get at least one of them through Rohendel. It might be my Paladin since I suspect that he might have trouble with the last boss without cheesing it. My Glavier hit just above 460 if I recall correctly. I might continue doing Chaos Dungeons on her just to keep her going. Usually up until 520, things aren’t that bad. Once you get passed 520, the mats become a problem and you feel massively drained upon any failures.

Other things. My Artillerist managed to acquire the Atropos Island Soul. Since I completed the daily reputation the other day, this pretty much means I can do a different daily on him. Most likely, I’ll start working on the Punika Surfing one. That way, I can just keep him in Punika. Or I might start working on the Whispering Islet because of the Skill Point reward. The Isteri Island daily also is a good choice because eventually you will be rewarded with the Island Soul. I could just use either my Sorceress or Gunlancer for the Whispering Islet one but I think Leapstones at this stage are far more precious and the Feiton dailies practically are the fastest and most efficient dailies for Leapstones.

When I finished the North Vern Adventure Tome, I believe I also unlocked another Merchant. I finally got to use the Tuleu merchant and bought another Rare Wealth skill rune. I equipped that one on my Artillerist who has some decent stuff now. Not perfect by any means but he’s usable.

Because of all this, I have been pushing a fair number of upgrades on my Stronghold. I managed to even upgrade the Lab to level 4. Eventually, I’ll need to upgrade Brahms but I only managed to get 19k pirate coins from one of the daily reputation rewards (Hypnos’s Eyes I believe)

With all this in mind, it reminds me how much I need more alts in general. Having all these alts help work on various Una Dailies has truly helped reduce the overall time it would have taken if I had just a single character. Even someone as useless as my Deadeye now has a purpose by becoming a Lopang enjoyer.

So tomorrow I figure will be a big day with the major skill points rewards. A few characters may get some nice level 10 skills and a 3rd tripod ability. My Shadowhunter got that for her Demonic Clone ability and it feels really good. Looking forward to that along with a little more progress everywhere. Maybe my Berserker will see some leveling action before the servers go down for the big update. It’s always great cheesing low level boss fights with your OP character.


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