Postgresql on Windows 7 and Rails Installation Nightmares

So recently, I decided to give Heroku a shot along with Ruby on Rails for my backend development. Heroku though uses Postgres as their default database whereas Rails uses sqlite3. To get everything synch’d up, I finally decided to switch my local environment to use Postgres. Instead, this thing turned out to be a pretty big nightmare and I want to share what some of the stumbling blocks I encountered in getting everything to work together.

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“Do You Believe in Destiny?”

This was a bizarre question that this one Japanese lady asked me when I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi/Tokyo my first time. I believe it was the winter of 1999, early December and it was my first major vacation away from the US. I stayed at a backpacker’s lodge called the New Koyo Inn in a spot in Minowa, experiencing the adventure of Tokyo life (and hardships). I can’t remember how or why I was in Roppongi that night nor how I even managed to discover the Hard Rock Cafe there since I wasn’t really into site seeing at that point in time. Later, the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi would eventually become a spot I’d frequent for dinner and the occasional drink whenever I was feeling lonely.

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Gadhafi’s New Career

I think Gadhafi is definitely fighting a losing battle in trying to suppress insurgents in Libya. However, after seeing this latest picture  and reading some quotes from him, I realized that he should start a new career: a rockstar! Seriously. His words are similar to something from a Megadeth album and the guy is just naturally blinged out. Can you see this guy on tour with Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones? Dude, why bother being a dictator when you can get people to head bang for you and chant lyrics! Wrong career man!