Will America Soon Go into A Recession?

I was reading an article where some economist made the rather flamboyant statement that America will be heading into a recession. People have said this for years and as far as I remember this fear has been strong since the dot com crash of 2000. How accurate is this type of statement? What are the signs? Should we be worried? I won’t be substantiating my beliefs here with numbers nor hard statistics but I would like to share my views.

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Lifestyle: Dealing With An Itchy Couch

I bought a couch in 2005 that has served me well. Usually though, around this time of the year as the seasons grow dryer and mold starts to set in, I’ve found that I get horrible rashes and itches. Part of the culprit appears to be my couch since it’s old and the material probably has collected a lot of dirt, body particles/oil, mold and other bits of nastiness. Although I intend to find a cleaner to handle some of the issue, a quick I found was using a comforter and blanket.

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