Twitch Bullshit Drama

Okay, there’s no question that Twitch has it’s share of drama. It’s been going on for a while and honestly it’s horribly pathetic. I’m going to go on a pretty gnarly rant AGAINST Twitch and how they’ve created their own monster and all the stupid shit that needs to be addressed.

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Twitch TV: Determining When and Why You Should Get A Subscription Button

Many streamers have the goal of getting a subscription button as it represents a sort of holy grail as a status symbol on Twitch. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that there seems to be this underlying desire that by getting a subscription button, people can just sit at home and play games all day, thus avoiding a sucky job, school or other responsibilities. I want to delve into the psychology of this type of streamer and really go into when and why a subscription button is important.

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Why Twitch Should Allow Everyone to be Partnered

When Twitch started out, the requirement for becoming partnered was pretty high. Those requirements have changed over time and now the barriers to entry is much lower. Still, there is an application and review process in place but I think the terms aren’t that clear for the expectations to become partnered. In addition, another problem exist where people who receive partnership may, for one reason or another, stop streaming for long periods yet retain the subscription button. I believe that the current system in place should be removed in favor of giving everyone a subscription button.

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How Twitch TV is (Also) Hurting Gaming

I put the word “Also” in a parenthetical note to imply that Twitch has done a lot for the gaming community. There’s no doubt of all the positive ramifications of turning the online world on its heads by making gamers into mini celebrities and providing some with a nice career. However, the implied “Also” here means for me the dark side of Twitch (and YouTube to a slightly lesser degree).

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Amazon Buys (Not Google) for Almost $1 Billion

In a twist that I think has everyone surprised, Amazon has just bought for nearly $1 billion. Originally, it was heavily suspected that Google would be the ones picking up the livestreaming site as Google desperately wants to get into the livestreaming market. provides a very interesting vertical because of the insane amount of traffic it receives, making it a huge value proposition.

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Going to Blizzcon 2014!

I am extremely pleased to announce that for the first time I will be attending Blizzcon 2014! Although I’ve been to other gaming conventions in the past, I never had the opportunity to check out Blizzcon. Only in recent years have I become more emotionally ingrained into the fabric of the gaming community, particularly with Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. So for me to be able to attend one of these is definitely a major highlight in my life.

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