Game of Thrones: Did Jon Snow Avenge the Red Wedding?

In Season 6 Episode 10, the Northern lords gather to proclaim Jon Snow the King of the North. After Lady Mormont shames the lords and declares her allegiance to Jon Snow, other lords quickly rise to join her. I believe Lord Manderly states that Jon Snow “avenged the Red Wedding.” While the scene is powerful with emotion, it also is a bit absurd too as others on the net have alluded to in memes and videos. I want to examine this statement and the scene a bit.

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 10 The Winds of Winter Review

The show starts off with the trial of Ser Loras Tyrell where he is tried for essentially being gay. He admits to his guilt and accepts his fate in casting away the Tyrell name. Virtually, everyone important is at the Sept except Tommen, Ser Robert Strong, Qyburn, Pycelle and Cersei Lannister. Because it also is Cersei’s trial, Lancel is sent off to locate her. However, he spots one of the children hanging around nearby and becomes suspicious, ending up following the child into the lower city.

High Sparrow Becomes No One

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Game of Thrones: Dark Sansa Emerges

Many people were severely disappointed in Sansa Stark’s story arc in Season 5 where many people expected Sansa to start playing the Game of Thrones and manipulate those around her. Instead, her story takes two twists from the book where she gets married off to Ramsay Bolton and worse yet relentlessly raped. So rather than seeing a player, we saw someone being played for the most part. However, in Season 6 Episode 9, her story arc returns to where many people expected her to be, which is the more manipulative, active player in the game.

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of the Bastards Review

Easily, the most anticipated episodes of the season, Battle of the Bastards certainly lived up to and perhaps exceeded all hype. Certainly, this episode is not for the weak of heart, especially once we get to the North. Director Miguel Sapochnik is becoming my go-to director for creating intense, heart palpitating moments, considering he already has last season’s Episode 7 and the critically acclaimed Hardhome to his resume. With this episode, he might’ve created a masterpiece that exceeds anything both on television and the movie screen for a while.

Jon Snow Facing the Bolton Army

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Game of Thrones: Explaining the Arya Stark Plot

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 ended in a slightly controversial and perhaps anti-climatical manner with Arya Stark declaring her identity to Jaqen Hagar and departing the Faceless Men for Westeros. In retrospect, fans of the show have criticized her plot as being boring, pointless and perhaps even a waste of time with the end fight scene being off target from what was expected. So this blog attempts to examine the larger picture and attempt to see what went right and wrong.

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 8 No One Review

GoT E8 starts off with Lady Crane, playing Cersei still, mourning her dead son Joffrey. There’s more emotion in the way she portrays Cersei and she receives a sound applause for her efforts. Her portrayal is similar to how Arya suggested it as the grieving mother. Thereafter she returns to her chamber to find Arya hiding and bleeding. Similar to how Arya had aided her, Lady Crane succors Arya and provides some background as to how she became good at sewing people up. Seeing Arya’s talents, Lady Crane mentions for her to accompany their troop to Pentos but Arya has her eyes set on home. Still, Arya is aware of her own danger and possibly Lady Crane’s as The Wait still is after Arya.

No One

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 6 Blood of My Blood Review

I wanted to change the format of this type of review a little. Typically, in the past I would just write up a summary rather than a truly thought provoking process. I felt that while it would help people wanting to catch up with what’s going on, that format wasn’t conducive for a more fluid writing style for myself. In turn, that would take a long time as I would try to capture every little detail rather than attempt to disseminate what was going on in a more meaningful manner. So I’m going to try a new format out that breaks out the things I felt were important to allow me to better focus.

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Game of Thrones: Explaining Hodor/Hold the Door

There’s quite a few people attempting to explain exactly what happened to Hodor in Season 6 Episode 5 which explains the origins of Hodor. Some theories are far too complicated in terms of explaining the space-time continuum paradox that any series dealing with time travel undergoes. But I feel that the idea of Hodor’s essence is quite simple and doesn’t need a great deal of exaggeration to make sense of it all.


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