World of Warcraft: Boosting, Is It Worth It?

Since I pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor, one nice little perk was being able to receive a boosted level 90. I debated whether to create a 90 on my friend’s server or just boosting an alliance toon on another server I occasionally play on. What ended up happening is that I figured that since my friend rarely is on World of Warcraft recently, it made far more sense to just boost an ally to 90 from level 1 since I never had a max level alliance toon. This would allow me to potentially hang out with a few streamers that I follow and give me a feeder class to the other allies I have on that server. Not to mention getting the Double Agent achievement. As the rest of my toons are all level 90 and fairly reasonably geared, it made far more sense to just boost on Alliance toon rather than having a redundant Horde character. However, after doing this for myself, I decided to ask a broader question: Is boosting worth the money?

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World of Warcraft: How Blizzard Needs to Improve Siege of Orgrimmar LFR Immediately

This one is written especially for the Blizzard developers and needs to happen ASAP, especially before Diablo 3 comes out. So currently, Siege of Orgrimmar LFR still has MAJOR issues. It’s far too long at this current stage and too frustrating. What is most striking though is that only part 1 seems to have a reasonable queue compared to the rest of the instances. Parts 2-4 have an average wait time for 1 hour. That is ridiculous for anyone to endure and a complete waste of time. Also, this demonstrates a failure by Blizzard to address issues with Parts 2-4 despite numerous nerfs. As a result, I am going to propose the following to make it doable:

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World of Warcraft: Trick for Ordos on PVE Servers and Raid Finder

So I play on a PVE server and in using the Raid Finder tool for Ordos I have a little trick I want to share. Occasionally, you’ll have people who will port you to a PVP server. Some will have unbalanced populations which may cause chaos for your Ordos raid. If you’re on a quiet server like mine, what  you can do is go up into the Ordos Sanctuary and wait near the entrance. At that point, list yourself. Continue reading “World of Warcraft: Trick for Ordos on PVE Servers and Raid Finder”

World of Warcraft: Should Heroic Raids Even Exist (as We Know Them)?

I enjoy the controversial discussions on whether or not LFR should exist. But the real question is whether Heroic Raids (or what will become known as Mythic Raids) really exist? Some numbers came out recently about the latest decline in World of Warcraft and I hope to analyze the cause behind what is another drop and the relationship between these drops, the priorities of where Blizzard sees the development of raiding content and high end raiding.

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World of Warcraft: Goodbye Again (Time Improvement Suggestions)

Today, I decided to cancel my subscription to World of Warcraft for the 3rd time. I have to start focusing on my personal life again and re-building that aspect up. World of Warcraft, while fun, just takes far too much time and the way things have been, it’s been a fairly frustrating experience. What I wanted to talk about in this blog are things that I think need to be addressed.

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World of Warcraft: Getting to Know the Windwalker Monk

As I continue to go through the gear progression for my Windwalker Monk, I started to really appreciate how this class/spec is put together. Thus far, I’ve managed to go up to Siege of Orgrimmar wing 1 successfully and feel I have quite a few of the basic play style for this class/spec down and want to share my thoughts on what I think is one of the most well rounded classes/specs around.

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World of Warcraft: Another Legendary Cape?

So I finally made some progress on my hunter with regard to the legendary quest. I was caught on the PVP and group quest but my GM and I got together and managed to bypass that aspect (well, actually I went ahead and kept grinding one of the PVP BGs and managed to win). In turn, I’m starting the fun grind of getting exalted with the Prince and getting the 20 Secrets of the Empire.

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