Old Game Reviews: Ultima 3 Exodus

After Bard’s Tale 2, I had become a CRPG addict. I would go out and try to find other fantasy games that complimented Bard’s Tale. There was a feature in Bard’s Tale that allowed you to import characters from a few other games, including Ultima 3. Since I was struggling a bit with Bard’s Tale 2 in the beginning, I wanted to use this tool to gain a bit of power. But before that, I also found myself struggling in this early hardcore style adventure.

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World of Warcraft: Why I Decided to Cancel My Subscription for Warlords of Draenor

For the third time, I decided to give up World of Warcraft. Originally, I wasn’t too keen on the expansion given partly that I never received a beta key (despite the supposed thousands that were handed out) and just a few of the changes that I saw (namely the Silver Proving Grounds, more gated content, lack of flying, etc.). The raw truth though is that I need to get a job before I can go on playing this type of game. I already have done poorly on a few interviews, which has pushed me to take up more coding so I can exercise my mental muscles. However, that requires a great of time and the way Warlords of Draenor is structured, I feel that the amount I’m spending isn’t worth the effort at this time.

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Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition: More Theory Crafting Class Combinations

Having beaten Shadows of Amn again, I decided to just mess around with the party creation process and see what I could come up with considering all the new classes. The first thing I decided to try was taking a good aligned party again and toying with some statistics, gear and dual class possibilities. Here’s some ideas I looked at and my findings.

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Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition (Mac version): Initial Impressions

Since my gaming rig died and the time to fix it is an unknown quantity at this time, I decided to continue my distraction with Baldur’s Gate 2 by getting the Enhanced Edition for my Macbook Pro. I’m actually quite happy that they had a Mac version since I’m at the point in my life where I feel that the PC has lost almost all its value. That said, I wanted to go into my experience thus far with the Enhanced Edition.

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World of Warcraft: Ghostcrawler Is Gone But Will That Change Anything?

Of course, one of the biggest inside stories over at Blizzard and for World of Warcraft is the imminent departure of lead developer Ghostcrawler. It’s hard to say the exact reasons why he’s leaving but for some it might be a major victory as his departure might symbolize for certain people in the community the downward slope for World of Warcraft. Yet in all honesty, you have to question whether or not him leaving will set the course of the game in the direction that the fans want.

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Baldur’s Gate 2: Another Mistake and More Party Ponderings

When I concocted my latest idea of a party in including Keldorn, my assumption was that he could use the Amulet of Power, thus making him immune to level drain. It seems that my version of the game might not have the correct patch, despite picking it up from GOG.com (which I heard had a patched version of the game). Unfortunately, it appears that the Inquisitor, with my version of the game, still cannot employ the Amulet of Power. That made me reconsider quite a bit of things in terms of party combinations.

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Baldur’s Gate 2: Class/Party Composition Re-Roll Thoughts

I just busted out my Baldur’s Gate 2 disc (although my reader isn’t working for some reason) as I have been thinking quite a bit about this subject lately. Nothing excites me more than character creation in an RPG. Baldur’s Gate 2 satisfies this craving by allowing one to create up to 6 different characters or use some of the in-game NPCs. Whenever you’re faced with a choice like this and with the variety of classes that a game like Baldur’s Gate does, you have some heavy decisions to make as they will last the entire course of the game.

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