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  • Boom Beach HQ25 Mega Crab Week Coming Up

    The theme for this month’s Mega Crab is the Proto Crab, which I believe is aimed at Prototype GBE weapons. Along with that we’re getting Lazortrons, which isn’t as good as Rain Makers but a pretty neat one to try out. My only complaint is that their range isn’t as good as Rain Makers nor […]

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Warships Season 28 Just More and More

    Some reasonable progress today on both bases as well as in Warships that I felt reasonably worth reporting on. Today’s event was Dr T’s Tropical Island which has better resources of the two Dr T events. Combining that with some gathering, I was able to get some significant upgrades for both bases. Also, for my […]

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Warships Season 28 Got Gold Ranking!

    So the Incinerator strategy has paid off dividends. Many opponents are fizzling on my base while I’m slowly ranking up. I’m only doing chests but I’ve been on a pretty good streak so far. Also, my defenses are pretty stacked so opponents doing Hooka or Tanks are getting nailed hard.

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Warships Season 28 Incinerators and 5ER

    For a brief moment, I managed to hit 5ER. The big moment was swapping from Tanks/Critter Cannons to Incinerators. The difference is quite significant because of Incinerators speed compared to the much slower Tanks. So I have started to get ranks again and even hit a precious Rank 15, although I immediately lost my next […]

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Warships Season 28 The Pain of Tanks and 5ER

    While I did manage to start my first max level Shock Launcher on my main account, I also had pushed into 5ER last night. Even with Shock Mines and nearly all my defenses maxed out (except Rocket and Shock Launchers), I’m starting to struggle here with Tanks and Critter Cannons.

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Warships Season 28 Slow And Kinda Steady

    Imitation Game is today and stage 7 was not a problem. I managed to get some nice resources along the way and even one upgrade. I think I forgot to mention but now both bases are well into level 73, where other level 73s are starting to appear on the map as well.

  • Boom Beach HQ25 and Warships Season 28 4ER Frustrations

    Small update for today’s HQ25 daily progress report, I got lucky on my main account with no attacks, which allowed me to begin my 4th and final maxed Rocket Launcher upgrade. That should be a pretty big win for this coming Monday where we’ll see how it plays against the much more difficult Hammerman Strikes […]

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Maxed Out Armory and Warships Season 28 Shock Launchers

    Today, I managed to make a little progress on my HQ25 for both accounts. The big thing was getting the final Mech upgrades, which will allow me to spend my Gold on crystals for Tribal Boosting in the near future. It’s actually a great time for that because the current round of Tribal Boosts are […]

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Warships Season 28 Maxed Out Barrage

    Finally, crossed the rank 13 wall I was hitting on my main account to receive a much needed chest. I got pretty upset in being matched against some terrible bases that made it hard to progress. But eventually I got paired against some similar opponents with not-to-great bases and hit rank 13 on my main […]

  • Boom Beach HQ25 Hammerman Strikes Back Madness and Warships 4ER Grind

    Mondays are always a weird day because it’s the start of the week and can either be slow or fast. This past weekend I had a lengthy, unending headache that might’ve been the result of pressure from the overcast weather. It finally seems to have subsided but it put a damper on my mood and […]