Boom Beach: Recent Update and Final Landcraft Upgrade!

Today was the last day I’ll most likely ever be forced to upgrade a landing craft. It felt like a massive relief as the majority of my offenses on my secondary account have finally been maxed out in terms of non-gold using resources. That leaves just heroes, abilities and defensive structures as my last remaining bits. In addition to this, I want to give some thoughts on recent updates to Boom Beach.

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Boom Beach: More Progression

The last few days I’ve been a bit burnt out on Boom Beach mostly because my Task Force has been doing Operations again. A few were pretty bad and I don’t even recall finishing yesterday’s. My life situation will be changing soon so I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote to the game anymore, even though the game is pretty casual for me. At any rate, I just wanted to talk about current progression.

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Boom Beach: The Problem with the Game

In this post, I’m not going to create a giant rant about p2win type of games or features. The thing about Boom Beach is that you can play without paying a single dime. In truth, it’s one of the better freemium games that I’ve tried in this genre. That said, I think it does suffer from that stigma of requiring some sort of monetary investment in order to be fun. Even before that issue arises, there’s a bigger issue at stake: the low level grind.

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