Prometheus 2 Script

Start of movie: review of nightmarish scenes from LV-223. See Shaw fleeing from the engineer, getting strangled but unable to hit the lock that frees that trilobyte. As the engineer chokes the life out of her, she finally elbows the control, which releases the trilobyte. However, the trilobyte assailts Shaw with its massive tentacles, easily wrapping itself around Shaw as she screams and the inner jaw goes to penetrate her throat. As the thing collapses on her, her vision fades and is restored with an image of Holloway from their sex scene. She calms down as he attempts to reassure her.


Holloway: “Hey babe. You’re freaking out again.”


Walking to the restroom, she sees the dark lines forming like canyons across his back.


Shaw: “Charlie!”


Her warnings come in vain while he slowly decomposes like a dirt mound facing erosion. She tries to lift herself from the bed but her grips her stomach as the pain of the infection paralyzes her. She can only curl up and witness helplessly Charlie wither into atoms. Weeping hysterically, Shaw twists as her stomach bulges. Unlike last time though, she has no medpod unit to extract the being about to burst from her intestines.


As her cry intensifies, her body starts to shake violently. But it’s not another trilobyte which causes her to convulse. Instead, it’s David who tries to awaken her.


David: “Dr Shaw. You’re having another recurring nightmare.”


Shaw hyperventilates as she extracts herself from the alien hypersleep unit. She winces as she removes various hyperdermic needles which had been modified to work with a human’s physiology. Camera pulls out to reveal the engineer’s sleeping chambers, which are empty.


Shaw: “Probably shouldn’t have waken me. We have a limited supply of these.”


Shaw replaces the needles with a supply she brought from the lifeboat.


David: “This episode seemed far more severe than the past ones.”

Shaw: “You saw?”

David: “I…experienced it. Not in the same manner as you, but those thoughts are etched inside of you and differ drastically from the earlier ones.”

Shaw: “Before I simply wanted to find my own answers that could explain what could take my family away. Now, those are all blocked by real horrors that exist in our universe that can take much more away.”


David brings over a gooey substance that looks like a a tapioca pudding inside a make shift bowl composed of a part of the odd material from the ship. Shaw accepts the bowl with a grimace but slowly drinks the substance. The goo lacks any distinguishing flavor except perhaps salty.


Shaw: “What do you think it is?”

David: Rants on for a moment of various chemicals most of which are overly complex for Shaw to comprehend at this instant.

Shaw: “The short form.”

David: “Recycled nutrients.”

Shaw: Almost hurls the bowl away in instinct.

David: “Probably, the contents are far cleaner than most of earth’s water supply at this point in time. And unless you are determined to aid in replenishing their supply, I’d best advise you to conserve as much as possible.”

Shaw: Calming down. “Yes, it’s too early. Not thinking logically.”

David: “Perhaps, you would be more inspired if I were to call your attention to the reason for inconveniencing your slumber.”


Leads Shaw into the control room. Here, he leaps into the pilot’s chair and manipulates the controls to bring up a display of the universe. The giant orbiting display shows the coordinates where they exhibit a path from LV-223 to their destination, which is a single planet one star system away. His hand subtly operates a small half dome shaped object that allows him to program the visual display. He zooms into the planet, which shows them closing in quickly to the planet. Moving his hand again focuses the image of the planet to bring up some details, which is dark and light absorbing. The planet has relatively few details from their distance and he cannot home in anymore.


Scene cuts to earth. Opulent celebration of a marriage between a (hidden) Mrs Weyland and Yutani, a Japanese heir to the Yutani corporation. We do not initially see Mrs Weyland but only hear about her through the guests of the wedding reception. The elegant and decadent environment is completely opposite of what Shaw experiences.


Random Guest: “A shame about Sir Weyland’s passing. A true Steve Jobs of our era.”

Random Guest: “Unfortunately, his only heir is questionable as a suitable replacement for the Weyland corporation.”

Random Guest: “Well, it’s a positive thing that the two had known each other for years. Yutani truly is a gift among mortals and I hear far exceeds Weyland’s genius for biotechnology.”

Random Guest: “My fund managers were reluctant until it was affirmed for today before putting 20% of their portfolios in such a risky company. Now, though biotech and arms sound like an inconceivable proposition. But Yutani’s pulse has always been with investors.”


Yutani is shown throughout the scene greeting guests and receiving a great deal of ego stroking. Numerous women of all ethnicities flock around him while photographers snap shots of him at every moment. Nearby a lone Japanese guy, middle aged, fatigued and dressed below average observes mutely.


Guard: “Hey, this place isn’t for a rat that sneaks in like that.”

Keith: “I’m not a rodent. I was invited here.”

Guard: “By whom?”

Keith: “My cousin and my friend.”

Guard: “My dad invited my boot into your rectum unless you show evidence. Clearly by the way you dress, your friend and relation must be those guys in the alleyway in the back.”

Yutani: Interceding. “While I’ll grant you a possible distant relation to them, he is, indeed, my cousin.”

Guard: Humbled. “Mr Yutani.” Scurries off to find someone else to harass.

Yutani: Lowering his voice. “Apparently, even my loaned tuxedo did not make it to your desk.”

Keith: “Didn’t care for it. Not my style. Maybe I’ll donate it to one of the homeless outside that the guard spotted.” Watching other guests staring at him making him feel vastly uncomfortable. “Not that I really wanted to come either.”

Yutani: “You do not want to celebrate seeing your cousin and your friend’s best day?”

Keith: “Not when my cousin’s only relation is genetics.” Storms off. Keith caustically eyeing Yutani while Yutani smugly nods back at him.


Board meeting at the Weyland-Yutani Corporation on Earth. There’s a holographic read out of the annual business report that goes over the company’s revenues, profit margins and growth expectations. The board contains various shareholders, mostly ancient men from around the world, the elite wearing gray suits. The only member in the room at the moment who isn’t over the age of 80 is Yutani, who energetically reviews the statistics.


Yutani: “The combined revenue expected for next quarter is certain to exceed 15%. We would have a higher percentage but as you can see in the graph, the merger has required internal corporate re-structuring that will delay key products by another 5 years minimum as we shuffle teams around and ensure that certain middle managers get their early retirement.”

Board Member: “Mr. Yutani. Or is it Yutani-san?” Yutani shrugs. “These numbers are, indeed impressive for the board and we are quite elated at seeing the progress ensuing in such an expedient manner, considering that most consolidations of this magnitude either result in catastrophic failures or internal inertia for decades. That all said, in going over the numbers, you seemed to have glossed over two aspects that were the most pertinent. One is the Prometheus mission.”

Yutani: Squints at the thought of reviewing this aspect. “It was Mr. Weyland’s personal mission that had helped introduced a plethora of innovations for our synethetics division, weapons, interstellar space flight. Even colonization. If we look deeply at the impact from the mission on these charts-”

Board Member: Clearing his throat. “I’m very apologetic to interject here but despite all the aspects that this mission has supposedly succeeded in producing, the original mission statement was deemed inconclusive. More importantly, no one has yet heard back from the crew and we’re publicly demanding to know what happened as rightful shareholders in this company.”

Yutani: Sighing. “We wanted to properly prepare a statement for everyone in the known galactic-”

Board Member: “Mr. Yutani. Please.”

Yutani: “We don’t know.”


Around the board room it’s as if a graveyard of dinosaur bones had awoken from their slumber, producing ancient dust.


Yutani: “We had been receiving transmissions for roughly 3 years from launch with the android David feeding us with consistent reports. Around Christmas, they had landed on the planet. While a few occasional broadcasts containing reports of the planet had been received, most of the transmission disappeared in a sand storm on the planet. After that there had been no other updates, except one.”


Yutani plays a heavily scrambled recording that is a broken up version of Shaw’s speech at the end of Prometheus.


Shaw: “Final report…vessel Promethe….crew….gone….only death here now.”


This revelation turns the boardroom into something like a shouting match during a football game at a retirement home.


Board Member: “If that’s the situation, why on Earth would you authorize another mission?”

Yutani: Growing cocky. “We believe that there’s more to it and we want to find answers.”


More outrage ensues.


Board Member: “So you’re asking us to burn our equity on a hunch just like the last time?”

Yutuni: “Not your equity. My equity. Which I should remind you that you handed over to the Weyland corporation, and thus myself in the merger of our corporations, when the Prometheus was destroyed. At least, that’s what the casualty claims describe.”

Board Member: “That makes no sense. You just said that there’s no way to tell whether or not the Prometheus was destroyed.”

Yutuni: “Which puts it into your best interest to help fund this next mission or the insurance claim for the trip will be so high, I’ll simply buy up your shares and cast you onto the asteroid Ceres where you’ll be grinding ore for the remainder of your lives.”

Board Member: “That might be the case. But in order to receive the full claim, you need one vote from the Weyland side.”

Vickers: Emerging from the shadows. “That vote has been cast.” The room grow silenced.


Next series of scenes is a montage showing the construction of a new Prometheus Titan ship. This ship is far more advanced with military grade defenses. As the ship is being created, Yutani talks about the next mission in a voice over that addresses the board room.


Yutani: “When we handled our first mission, we did so overly enthusiastically. It was the first mission of it’s kind and we underspent in our hopes to mitigate risk. Yet as a species we are all about risk and only by taking the greatest risk can we get the greatest rewards. The personnel in the first mission was more about finding cheap hacks rather than those of the highest caliber possible with trustworthiness to be able to handle any environment and any situation. This time, with the research we have assembled the best crew possible.”


With that last statement, we are taken to a robotics factory where hundreds of androids that are similar to David are programmed, built and put through a rigorous training process both academically and physically.


Yutani: “Of course, this mission isn’t one that will be purely robotic as it’ll require the judgment of humans to ensure the success. In that regard, the mission will involve Vickers and myself to represent the Weyland-Yutani venture as not just paper pushing MBA clones but those with a real can-do attitude. There will be a few other personally selected members but I can assure you as the head of Weyland-Yutani, they’re goals line up with ours.”


Inside of his office over looking the city we see Keith sitting alone in a cubicle as an internal mail worker delivers a parcel to him. It’s a personalized package from Yutani himself.


Yutani: “Lastly, I do not want to say that our motives are some whimsical fantasy of an ancient curiosity. We have legitimate foundation for funding this project. In the honor of my mother, who had longed for the unity of our companies and the dream of protecting worlds, we have learned one other critical thing about the previous expedition and we decided to save that for the last as we believe as our shareholders you are absolutely entitled to receive this vital bit of information. Prometheus had discovered a new power source and we have every intention to convert that fuel source towards our weapons division.”


Inside of Vicker’s office in the Weyland-Yutani corporation build. Vickers turning on a holographic type of replay device that shows very fragmented images that had been sent back from the Prometheus expedition. There’s only small hints of the planet. Most importantly, there’s one part where we view the ampule room. It gets only a few frames in poor quality but on pause/slow it’s impossible to deny. She studies them wondering what exactly they contain. From behind the door, Keith watches the footage but a security guard grabs him.


Security: “Do you have authorization to be here?”

Keith: “I’m an employee.”

Security: “You have failed to answer the question so I will ask again.”

Vickers: “Yes, he is authorized to be here. By me.”


The security releases Keith rudely while Vickers suggest for them to enter her office. As he fumbles around her office, Vickers locks up the doors and shutters the blinds.


Vickers: “So what do you think this is?”

Keith: “A place we probably shouldn’t be going to.”

Vickers: “That’s an astute statement. Yutani thought you’d be excited to get away from the cubicle.”

Keith: “Can’t miss my Universe of Fightcraft.”

Vickers: “Still have that game addiction?”

Keith: “Keeps me out of trouble or so says the psychologist and management. My only benefit of sticking around this place. Free games. Surprised to hear your name pop up in his grand announcement.”

Vickers: “He thought that I would grow bored amusing the board members.”

Keith: “Oyaji jyoudan.” Vickers not comprehending Keith’s Japanese. “Old fart joke basically.”

Vickers: “Definitely, it’s not amusing for me. And I’m sure it’s not for you neither.”

Keith: “So how’d that deal come out for you in the end? Think dad’s happy now?”

Vickers: Grows cold. “Oh stop. It’s far more complicated than that.”

Keith: “The fact that every king wants a male heir so that their name lives on? Fortunately, you barely get to even keep 1% of everything that your father accomplished. Supposedly.”

Vickers: “You should’ve gone on to writing in school, not that damned computers and neuroalgorithmics crap. I think most of us wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Keith: “Tell me how the hell to get out of this. I didn’t want this. There was only one reason why I went into that in the first place. It was….” Can’t finish. “I needed the money for my family.”
Vickers: “That’s always your excuse. You say that you wanted to help your parents. But did you? After we graduated, why didn’t you do more? What happened?”

Keith: “I don’t want to come on this mission. That’s all. You guys have it. I want to stay here. No part of this. Can’t do it. You’re right. I don’t have anything special inside of me. My cousin does. That’s why he got you, right? Mr. Hero.” Walks off. Vickers feels guilty.


Back on the ship, David navigates the ship to the engineers’ home world. It is a hostile world which lacks the blue oceans and white clouds of earth. No greenery, but volcanic, metallic and dark on the surface. As they approach the world, the landscape becomes clearer. The entire place is like a gothic biomechanic city fortress. Small orbiting ships speed soundlessly around then disappear into space. As David and Shaw stare in awe at this civilization, their ship starts to experience chaotic motions that causes them to lose control and plummet towards the planet rapidly.


Shaw: “David, what’s going on?”

David: “I cannot assess the situation appropriately, Dr. Shaw. The planet does not possess the gravity necessary to create this type of traction. Yet the ship is accelerating towards the planet without my interjection.”

Shaw: “Is something automating us towards it?”

David: “Quite possibly considering that this ship is from here.”


Just as they’re about to crash, Shaw braces herself as something freezes their descent and they remain perfectly stationary just above the ground.


David: Attempting to manipulate the odd controls. “This is not the fail safe system of this ship. I highly urge that you figure out a hiding spot or a way off this ship as soon as possible.”


Before Shaw has a chance to respond, there’s an odd glowing light that bathes her. She becomes frozen but David remains free.


Shaw: “I can’t move David!” David tries to help her but any attempt by him causes her to feel a tearing pain. “Get out. Whatever is trapping me doesn’t affect you.”

David: “Escaping for me is meaningless if you somehow perish.”

Shaw: “It will be even more meaningless if you cannot figure out a way out of this.”


Reluctantly, David leaves the ship and Shaw to her fate. As she struggles to gain any kind of control, her captor comes into view: an engineer. He has the same appearance as the one she fought on LV-223. And he is not happy.



On LV-223, the new expedition lands on the planet near where the Prometheus crashed. We dot not see a waking scene like the one in the previous movie. Instead, we see the crew, primarily David-like androids, coldly and efficiently making highly accurate calculations for landing. They barely interact with each other, their circuitry providing communication wirelessly. They operate the ship using the manual controls as the ship was designed to be handled by humans.


Inside the control room, we see a single human pilot. Maybe not so much a pilot as a manager of the androids. It’s Keith who sits at a futuristic console of what could pass for a very sophisticated real time resource strategy game. Except he’s manipulating the actions of all the androids in dealing with their task in a semi-micromanaging manner. However, unlike a game he derives no satisfaction from his work.


Slowly, the ship passes through the atmosphere and makes its descent through the hazy, thick atmosphere. The rollercoaster type of motions do little to penetrate Keith’s lack of emotion as he concentrates on performing his duties rather than taking in the awe of the new world. His demeanor is stern, aloof and colder than even the androids.


Inside the pilot room. One of the androids scanning the world discovering a weak blip from the ship’s vast array of sensors.


Android: “Found something.”

Keith: “What?”

Android: “Looks like a life boat. Signal matches the one we detected from earth.”

Keith: “Drop us near that point.”


The ship has managed to bypass the atmosphere and is hovering just above the mountain ranges. Slowly, an enormous curved shape manifest from the misty orange hue of the thick carbon monoxide atmosphere engulfing the planet: it’s the juggernaut. Around the area is littered with the remnants of the previous Prometheus Titan vessel, just a sooty blackened wasteland of debris. But the juggernaut’s shell is almost immaculate. For once, Keith shows a hint of awe overcoming him as the vastness of the alien spacecraft grows apparent. Soon, their own ship touches down without a hitch and the crew begin suiting up and inspecting equipment to explore the planet.


At Keith’s console. Keith running a program to download the signal from the life boat. Plays it in full and it’s Shaw’s recording. The sheer ambiguity in Shaw’s message leaves him puzzled and he programs the androids to begin their investigation of the life boat and juggernaut. As he watches the androids disembark with the cargo hold opening up, a pair of guns aim at his face as two human guards halt him. Yutani places a leather glove on his shoulder with an unfriendly grasp, making Keith turn around slowly.


Yutani: “There’s certain things in this universe that you cannot program. But I can.”

Keith: “We shouldn’t be here.”

Yutani: “If you’re referring to that recording, then I can assure you that we’re equipped with the best possible arms in the galaxy.”

Keith: “Well, if there is something sentient and quite possibly far more sentient than us, wouldn’t it be wiser not to threaten them with a weapon? I mean, perhaps a nuke to them is nothing more than a splinter in your finger and that they just evaporate us with some disintegration ray.”

Yutani: Laughing. “You’re a natural comedian. Come on. We all know of the real message. It was an invitation.”

Keith: “And what about Shaw’s message? Unless you have no ability to distinguish her accent from an American one, I would say that her words are pretty lucid.”

Yutani: Squeezing Keith’s shoulder, making him wince in pain. “Father said she was a bit looney. I say we at least give things a good try before making snap judgments and abandoning a multi-trillion dollar mission. After all, you wouldn’t want that tacked onto the rest of your debt that you owe me. Forgot about that? My accounting team hasn’t. Nor has the seventy other worlds that our database with our records has your identity been stored. But should we find our fuel source, I think that the shareholders will be paying us and the dividends that we release partly can help pay off that aggrandized figure on your account. I mean, after all I wouldn’t be able to succeed without you, cousin.” Releases Keith.

Keith: “I don’t know why you bothered coming here.”
Yutani: “Simply to share my enthusiasm for this mission. Don’t worry. Safety is paramount, especially yours if you are to get me, I mean us back to earth where we belong. Would you like to have lunch with myself and Vickers in an hour?”

Keith: “No thanks.”

Yutani: “Good. Enjoy your green slime in the meantime.” Takes off with his guards who station themselves near the door.


Keith returns with even less enthusiasm in managing the androids through the hostile landscape.



On the craft’s own life boat, we see Vickers watching an old video of her father. It’s a montage of all the accomplishments leading up to Prometheus. The last portion was a “history space” that was to be filled once the mission was complete. The “history space” (kinda like the Facebook timeline web application) is similar to a tag cloud in providing larger “spaces” to the most important events in a person’s life. Each space can be as large as a TV screen or as small as a molecule. As she browses through the spaces, she spots a tiny one which contains a few subtle notes of music. She pulls it open to reveal a large screen that eventually causes the other spaces to fade. It’s a young girl playing a violin. There’s a date. On the side an older woman, who slightly resembles an older Vickers, claps politely while seated on a chair. There’s another chair, but it’s empty. Vickers looks sadly upon the pair and as she’s about to shed a tear, Yutani interrupts. Quickly, she turns off the holographic screen as he reports on the mission.


Yutani: “Keith is overzealous about everything as we might expect.”

Vickers: “Holding a dangling carrot in front of him that only you can see probably isn’t the best method to motivate a person like him.”

Yutani: “See, that’s why I brought Keith aboard: his analogies are far better than yours.”
Vickers: “I’m still wondering why you brought me.”

Yutani: “Would you be happier left on earth with the bored members?”

Vickers: “Quite frankly, yes. I do not exactly consider this mission to be a honeymoon spot.”

Yutani: “You lack imagination. Have you seen the exterior? All this land and potential for vacation space. Once our deep space terraforming team reaches this point, there will be beaches and private condos. I already have one spot I picked out this morning on a peak for our next mansion.”

Vickers: “By the time all that happens, I doubt either of us will be around.”

Yutani: Taking hold of her shoulders thoroughly. “Hey, you remember what your father originally was going after here? Those answers? He told me. If we can figure out what that other team found whether it’s a power source or some life forms that understand all that, then we will be able to see it happen.” Leaves Vickers by herself to contemplate the veracity of Yutani’s intentions and the mission.



Back on the engineer’s home world. Shaw awakens on a table that resembles an operating one. It’s self-illuminating. As she attempts to sit up, she feels her muscles completely paralyzed. Every movement induces pain forcing her to relax. She gives up as her captor enters. It’s the engineer she had seen earlier. Unlike before, he no longer appears hostile but instead at peace.


Shaw: “What do you want?” No reply. Struggling against invisible force field type of bonds. Even as she squirms to face him, she feels a horrendous cramping sensation. She relents and the pain assuages. “Let me go. I haven’t done anything to you. Why are you doing this to me?”


The engineer makes a concession that comes out into a garbled dialect.


Shaw: Frustrated. “I cannot understand a damn word you’re saying. At least, if you intend to keep me as a-”

Engineer David: “Of course, we can understand you. We’ve been around far longer than you can imagine. But we were hoping you could understand us by now.”


Impressed by the engineer’s command of English, Shaw probes closer.


Shaw: “What do you mean understand by now? How can we know what you’re saying? Maybe our android figured it out, but the rest of us don’t have the capacity for knowing every possible dialect.”

Engineer David: “The dialect I use is by far the most efficient in the spoke universe. Watch.” He utters something guttural.

Shaw: “It sounds like rubbish. Like babble.”

Engineer David: “It’s exactly what it is.”


The reference catches the pious Shaw, giving her more confidence and make her more curious at the same time.


Shaw: “I’ve got so many questions.”

Engineer David: “All of which will be answered in due time. But I will grant you a few if you provide me the answers to my own.”

Shaw: “Fair enough. First, what will you do with me?”

Engineer David: “That is a multileveled question, is it not? As it is, I will provide a multilevel answer. Immediately, we have cleansed your body of any foreign remnants.” Shaw looking shocked. “Yes, although you managed to extract the creature, you still contained miniscule aspects from your….intersection with your former partner. But that has been dealt with and your body is as it was on your planet. The second part to your question involves the future tense as it is known in your English language. That notion is completely dependent upon your reaction to things here. In a word, we will set you free. And the third part of your question is intent. Namely, will we induce further suffering upon you. On the abstract, humans were made to suffer. Or rather that they bring suffering onto themselves. Directly for yourself, you will not experience physical pain unless you bring it upon yourself.” Shaw nods. “I hope that my answers satisfies your immediate curiosity. Now, I feel it is fair that you answer my one question: where is my brother?”

Shaw: Shakes her head not fully able to understand what he’s implying. “I have no idea.”

Engineer David: Angelic face turns ghastly. “My exchange was completely fair yet you cannot comprehend the weight of it. You somehow drove his craft here. You do know his fate, I can see the comprehension in your eyes.”

Shaw: “There were many on that planet who were already dead. I wanted to ask you what happened to them. But since there were so many there’s no way I could know if they were related to you.”

Engineer David: “You recognized my face upon seeing me. Thus, you have met him somehow and you do know him.”


Catching Shaw’s emotional admittance, the engineer corners her.


Shaw: “He was killed. By some space squid thing.”

Engineer David: “And you played a part.”

Shaw: “Yes. Because he killed my crew and attacked me. And he was going to go to earth with that ship and its cargo to destroy everyone there.”

Engineer David: “Yet, you attacked him first.”

Shaw: “No, he killed Weyland. Then he assaulted my crew.”

Engineer David: “The thing is that you’re automatically assuming that you and the crew are the same entity in all of this. The situation is far more complex than you realize.” Sighing. “Let me say this. He wanted to talk to you.” He leaves.

Shaw struggles again forgetting for a brief moment about the restraining table before settling back in.


On LV-223. Keith continuing to issue out commands as a scout android team explores the juggernaut craft. The camera’s signal is far superior and we see detailed 3-D models formulate in a special room that simulates the environment of the foreign craft. Inside the specialized room, Keith is able to better interact with the androids, his own curiosity piqued at the shapes and formations inside the ship. We see him able to choose between viewpoints of the different androids who have formed small teams to survey the ship. Information panels describing the atmospheric contents, landscape formations, geology, history all formulating into concise summaries that expand and contract into details of each area.


Despite the vast wealth of information that pours into the system, Keith is concerned only for a few pertinent details. Eventually, one crew emerges into the cockpit just as another discover the exterior of the ampule room.


Scene cuts to Yutani, Keith and Vickers sitting around the Vickers’ room with the history space hologram swirling in the background. Vickers is in tears.


Yutani: “He was close to death, which everyone close to him knew quite well.” Vickers absently nods. “Being a codger trying to live out ones fantasies at the very end of ones existence means that he probably would’ve passed just from age or falling down accidentally. It was coming and he will at least receive a proper burial now that we’ve managed to recover his body. That much should comfort you.” Vickers’ sullen demeanor disgusts the goal oriented Yutani, making him leave.

Keith: Trying to brighten her. “There were some discoveries. I don’t think your father was all that nuts in trusting those two anthropologists.”

Vickers: “Do you think he ended up not speaking to the gods after all?”

Keith: Shrugs apathetically. “Does it honestly matter now?” Vickers cries in response. That softens Keith up quite a bit. He hesitates for a moment then offers a pat on the back. His gestures even surprises Vickers. “Hey, you interested in seeing some treasure?”


Leads Vickers into a science lab. It’s far more complex and well equipped compared to the previous one. More importantly, centered in the lab is one of the ampule urn things that the androids had retrieved. It’s been opened and one vial has been cracked with the liquid under scrutiny by a group of biochemist androids. For a moment, Vickers forgets her grief.


On the engineer’s home world, David explores the city. The world itself sprawls all around with the equivalent of skyscrapers that block out the stars. However, the streets themselves seem empty. Everything looks interconnected but there’s nothing that a normal human could interpret which would distinguish itself from another thing. Even the land itself is indistinguishable from the material and buildings protruding from it. In other words, the landscape does not seem to serve any useful purpose nor are there anything like advertisements or even a simple sign to indicate what a particular location is.


Under normal circumstances for a regular human, the task of finding Shaw in a world like this would amount to complete futility. However, David is an android and is able to logically deduce things at rates that the smartest human alive could not figure out within milliseconds. He uses a homing beacon device that he had secured on Shaw earlier to pinpoint her general location. According to the tracker, she does not seem that far away for him. However, she appears to be inside one of these massive buildings. He determines one building to penetrate and finds a portal that allows him to navigate in long winding corridor. The place resembles the ship’s interior in architecture, except with slightly higher ceilings. However, there is no signs of other engineers. For a world like this, it seems odd that with such a plethora of room, the whole place feels like a giant waste.


As David makes his way through the interior, the landscape begins to change inside. Before it was purely metallic with a gothic slanted design. Now, it starts to grow moist with a softer, rounder look. Heat rises in the form of heavy steam and the corridor feels denser. Walking slowly and cautiously, David is startled as a black headed alien pops out from the wall. Although David is programmed to not know fear, the sheer viciousness of the creature does intimidate him slightly. However, the creature after examining David quickly loses interest and darts off up a wall and disappears. As if nothing happened though, David resumes examining the tracker and following an assumed path.



On LV-223. Near the life boat, a small crew of armed androids record the remains of the life boat. Inside, they explore the little bunker, noting the damage. The entire scene is broadcast back to Keith who seemingly watches alone from an isolated station inside the ship. They discover the eviscerated engineer along with the mysterious Trilobite, both partly rotten. Keith is horrified and almost throws up at the grotesque scene. Suddenly, something jumps on one of the androids. It turns out to be debris from the ship.


Android: “Do you wish us to return either creature to the ship?”

Keith: Grimacing. “No, in fact, prior to returning onboard, you should sterilize yourselves very thoroughly and double inspect that you haven’t brought any possible contagion onto the ship.”
Android: “We copy that.”

Keith: “One other thing. Get me a good shot of that engineer’s face.”


He looks at the horrified visage of the engineer and despite the scarring, feels somewhat sympathetic, figuring that an unexplainable violent act occurred.


Android: “Sir, PX-532 has uncovered the ship’s data store.”

Keith: “Excellent. Return that.” In the meantime, he stares at a screen capture of the engineer.


A few hours later, Keith plugs the storage unit from the life boat into his computer system. He downloads the information, and starts to disseminate it. He brings up the various video feeds, voice recordings and other data inputs from the ship. Part of the data was corrupted because of the semi-crash landing. As he scans through the video and audio feeds, he notes a few critical points such as the interior of the ship, the vases and later the crash. While reviewing the audio files towards, the end he hears the conversation between David and Shaw. Most important is the mention that there were other ships on the planet.


Yutani: Barging in. “Seems that you’ve found something. Care to share?”

Keith: “It’s difficult to say because most of the critical information has been damaged in the crash. It’ll take a few days to reconstruct all the events since they’re completely out of chronological order here with no timestamps and-”

Yutani: “Provide only the pertinent points.”

Keith: “There’s more of those. Here.”

Yutani: “I know that. But I need you to wrap up a report in an hour with just the pertinent points.”

Keith: “It would be nice to get some food. I’ve been working for the past 9 hours straight.”



As Keith goes to the mess hall (unescorted), he encounters Vickers.


Vickers: “Come with me to my section.” Keith consents but is stopped by two guards outside of her quarters. “Leave please.” Both guards obediently find a new area while she locks her door behind them.

Keith: “Just us?”

Vickers: “Yutani is watching a queued up basketball series in the entertainment lounge. What’s a girl going to do on a ship filled with robots?”

Keith: “There’s the guards.”

Vickers: “With robots.”

Keith: “Except the androids are politer.”

Vickers: “That’s true.” Retrieves a prepared casserole with a side of fresh spinach salad, balsamic dressing and baked bread. Places the meal on a small table intended for two. “Have a seat.”

Keith: Biting deeply into the bread. “Hard to get this these days. Nice to have home cooking for once.”

Vickers: “Private budget. Managed to hide the expenses and cargo despite all the various spot checks each ounce of food is forced to go through these days. It’s one of the few talents your cousin has to offer in these situations.”

Keith: “If he didn’t have that asshole gene, he might’ve actually turn out to be a great person.”

Vickers: Sipping on red wine. “And if he paid attention to detail.”

Keith: “He lets me handle that.”

Vickers: “Which is why I wanted to see you. He talked with you earlier because you found something else. What was it?”

Keith: “The audio between David and Shaw. They’re alive. And they used one of the other ships that still are around to go find them.”

Vickers: “Damn it.”

Keith: Detecting some other intention behind her words. “Is this why you invited me here? Nice dinner, pretty smile, the usual lead poor Keith on deal?”

Vickers: “Stop it. Stop feeling so goddamn sorry for yourself all the time. I know I….I hurt you before and I’m regretful for it. We both have to move on.”

Keith: “Not so easy when you can’t even control your own destiny.”

Vickers: “I want to hear from you for once. What you really feel.”

Keith: “About what?”

Vickers: “Everything.”

Keith: “This is all wrong. We shouldn’t be here. Let’s just go back home and forget everything.”

Vickers: “You came all this way for a reason.”

Keith: “My cousin had a gun to my head.”

Vickers: “And you could’ve ran away at any time. Yet you stood with us and not so reluctantly. Maybe even enthusiastically at times. Do you know why my father came here originally?”

Keith: “To get answers.”

Vickers: “He wanted to live forever. He felt they could extend his life. If they could do that, they must be capable of much more. I don’t know if you want to extend your own life. By the looks of the way you’ve handled yourself, I’m certain that you really don’t care at this point. But I do think you’re here to find something else out for yourself.”

Keith: “And what of yourself? Why would the princess herself leave the kingdom to do some Star Trek voyage in the middle of nowhere?”

Vickers: “Everyone has their own questions they would like to ask their makers.” As Keith finishes up his meal to leave, Vickers prevents him. “One other thing. All the important people in the company know you were the one that created the algorithms for David. But because of litigation no one can say a word. You shouldn’t be bitter still.”

Keith: “Isn’t it sad that despite all our technology, we’re still animals that use little games to control each other?” Reflecting for a moment. “If we do encounter our makers, I really hope that they’ve managed to figure how to deal with that one.” Alert on his communication device. It’s one of the androids. Everything is textually conveyed. “Looks like they found the other ships. And they know where David and the doctor went.”


On the engineer’s home world, Shaw is escorted by the engineer through the building, which is almost like the equivalent of an American mall in terms of scale. However, the area is quite empty. We discover that the engineer’s name is David as well (at least in the English translation). The engineer tells Shaw that she should stick close to him in case the others find her.


Shaw: “Others? You mean engineers like yourself?”

Engineer David: “No.”


He brings her to a device that acts like a rocket escalator. They’re shot into a tower that overlooks the city. Inside, he invokes controls that open up the protective coverings of the tower to unveil the world around them. The giant sprawl covers miles of land with no end in sight. Periodically, something like a UFO would rise from the surface then shoot into space. But landscape itself seems barren.


The engineer zooms in on a segment then penetrates the skin of the building an peers through like a microscope investigating cells. Inside, we see an organic, primitive structure that could only be described as a nest. Inside, we can see what can be described as the entire evolution of the alien species. An engineer is escorted to the chamber and the door is promptly shut behind him. After entering an alien pops up from behind and strikes him in the spine with its tail. The engineer convulses as what is assumed to be a poison infects him. After paralyzing him, the alien carries him into a corner and rapidly cocoons him. The infection ravages the engineer’s body and along with the cocooning substance, he decomposes into an egg.


Moments later another engineer is escorted into the chamber for which he is placed near another egg. The egg flowers open and a facehugger quickly launches onto the engineer. For a moment the engineer puts up a struggle but eventually calms down and settles supine on the floor. David changes the angle of the chamber to pan around. On another side of the chamber, he zooms in to the body of an unconscious engineer. Nearby is the carcass of a decaying facehugger. This engineer starts to convulse violently as a chestburster erupts.


The whole scene makes Shaw horribly ill and she withdraws begging to not see anything more.


Shaw: “What the hell was that? You’re sacrificing your own people. How could you make your own people victims of such a violent end?”

Engineer David: “They are not victims. They are seeking greater being.”

Shaw: “That’s not life. That’s perversion and murder.”

Engineer David: “What if they chose?”

Shaw: “Why would anyone want to kill themselves? Especially in that fashion?”

Engineer David: “Why would any creature seek to end their existence?”

Shaw: “Stop asking me more questions!”

Engineer David: “That’s what we did. Instead, we rephrased our questions.”

Shaw: Clutching the area where her cross is. “I still want to know.”

Engineer David: “For your own sake, you already know the answer.”


Shaw pauses from her inquisitive assault and ponders what Engineer David has alluded.


Shaw: “Please.”

Engineer David: “Ask yourself this. Even if I had an answer, would it matter what I’d say in your case? I could unveil many things to you both false and true. For my own intentions and without. In the end would it truly change how you feel?”


Shaw relinquishes her cross. A bit of her drive diminishes. She has no clear response for him at the moment.


Shaw: “I’ll leave it…for now. But at least answer me this: why did you invite us?”

Engineer David: “Hope.”


It’s a poignant statement that drives an invisible stake straight through Shaw. She tries to interpret that statement but fails as it’s far too ambiguous.


Shaw: “Us?”


Engineer David lacks a response as he turns towards one of his kind with a facehugger attached. The facehugger drops off, crawls towards a corner weakly then stops pulsing. Melancholy overcomes Engineer David as he shutters the image before a chestburster erupts.


Shaw: “I…I don’t know what I….what we can do to help your kind.”

Engineer David is prepared for her answer, probably expecting it. There’s a mutual, unstated feeling between the two that what they wanted to hear is impossible that the answers they wished for are beyond their reach. As they each sit in a silent sea of thoughts, Engineer David’s body suit sensor flashes a warning, indicating that others are approaching their area quickly.


Engineer David: “We must leave the planet.”

Shaw: “Wait! I must recover someone else here. The android, David.”

Engineer David: “Do you possess the means of locating him?”

Shaw: Brandishing a locator tracking beam that satisfies Engineer David’s requirements.



Inside the labyrinth of tunnels, David curiously pokes through without much success of finding a more convenient manner of getting to Shaw. As he walks down a T-section, he hears and feels the gallop of a group charging towards his section. He finds an alcove and hides. A group of engineers race down the direction he was heading, making him concerned for Shaw’s safety. Examining his tracking signal, he sees that it’s picked up speed and heading towards them.



Cut to Shaw and Engineer David rushing towards the intersection where David is hiding. The engineers spot the pair and rush. Engineer David sprints forward bypassing Shaw, tossing her against the wall and goes into a war dance type of tribalistic move before launching himself haphazardly like a cannon ball straight into the engineers. His momentum crashes them against a wall, one engineer’s sternum crushed by the impact. With uncompromising strength and agility, Engineer David takes another engineer’s head and cracks his skull against the floor. Shaw is stunned by Engineer David’s sheer savagery, considering just a moment before he seemed remorseful about what was happening to his species. His actions do not mimic one in self-defense but with great amount of animosity burning inside.


As Shaw backs up from the fight, a monstrous humanoid hand grips her shoulder, causing her to issue out a piercing shriek. Turns around to find another engineer trying to drag her away. Engineer David attempts to leap towards them but gets stricken down by the bludgeon force of a makeshift club from an engineer he knocked down earlier. Desperately, Shaw tries to fight back, biting, clawing, scratching at the engineer, but his grip exceeds any force even the strongest of people on earth could possibly resist. Then the being no longer drags Shaw as it halts. She looks up to see the head of the engineer wobble then tumble off, gushing a black ichor around the ground. David emerges to pull Shaw from underneath the weight of the engineer, snapping a nearly invisible line of something resembling fishing tackle from a utility device on his belt. Tries to get Shaw to follow him in one direction.


Shaw: “We have to go back for him.”

David: “If we do we will quickly be swarmed by an incoming fleet of these beings.”

Shaw: “If we don’t, we’ll have no way of getting out of here.”


David concedes to her reasoning, taking a flare gun from his belt satchel and deftly joining the fray, inserting one end in front of a hostile engineer’s face, invoking the object, instantly blinding the being. David’s superhuman strength just about matches the engineer’s might and he’s able to easily pull Engineer David from his supine position. Examining David, Engineer David is quite impressed, connecting the design back to Shaw and humanity.


The three dart down a hallway that David originally used as David is backtracking from memory his route. Just then more engineers appear but they do not pursue the group. Instead, one employs a control panel that seals off their side. At first Shaw is relieved but there’s a sound in the distance that makes Engineer David queasy. The tunnel darkens and David enables a light beacon on his suit to illuminate the tunnel. Meanwhile both Davids form a protective circle around Shaw, who feels extremely vulnerable.


A pair of snapping jaws jutting from the slimy maw of an alien aim above Shaw’s skull. Engineer David shoves her away, gripping an adult alien from the curving walls and hurls it mercilessly against the opposite side, creating a massive dent along the wall. David attempts to inspect it but Engineer David holds him back, pointing to the damaged section on the creature’s body leaking its acidic blood. The blood spills onto the ground, causing a caustic pool to create unbearable fumes to exposed Shaw. Also, a gaping hole revealing an unfathomable depth beneath the creature quickly is unveiled. Slowly, the creature recovers and Engineer David enters into a battle posture. Removing a vial from a pouch, Engineer David hurls the tiny canister at the creature, exploding around it with flakes covering the creature. The acid immediately halts reacting with the environment and becomes just a normal liquid.


Violently and relentlessly, the thing attempts to assault Engineer David, its jaws snapping like a spring wired trap. He wrestles with the creature, attempting to tackle it to the floor, subdue its arms and especially the oblong head. With the exception of Ripley in her powerloader suit in Aliens, we have not seen anyone physical manhandle an alien up until this point. However, Engineer David manages to wrest the creature onto the ground, even locking its tail with his foot. Then with a powerful wrench, he rips off one of the creature’s arms from its sockets. Shaw gasps at the idea that the residual acidic blood might splash and harm Engineer David. However, his suit provides insulation against the agent, merely treating it no more than a car parked outside during a sprinkle. The creature flaps under his weight and he uses the arm to pulverize the thing’s skull in, instantly ceasing the creature’s movements. Victorious, Engineer David unceremoniously dumps the carcass through the gaping hole.


David: Examines one of the flakes that did not coalesce with the alien’s blood. “Sodium hydroxide.”

Shaw: “Table salt? Those things had hydrochloric acid for blood? What were you manufacturing those things for?”

Engineer David: “War. And creation.”


Shaw is surprised by the last answer. Thinking back to the black substance in the ampule room, the speech Janek gave about the purpose of the urns and lastly what she had witnessed becoming of Engineer David’s people. Then she thought about earth and the other juggernaut aiming for her home planet.


Shaw: “Creating what?”

Engineer David: “Something better.”


She heard about the reports of Fifield as the mutated zombie and thought about Holloway’s gradual transformation. The reports mentioned how Fifield stormed the ship’s entrance and took out most of the Prometheus’ security. More importantly, Fifield didn’t have a helmet and somehow survived the harsh onslaught of the unfriendly environment of LV-223 while absorbing numerous bullets unphased. The morbid insinuation of a successful assault on earth gets interrupted by the pattering of numerous feet.


Engineer David: Motioning towards the shaft.


There’s a moderate duct several feet underneath where the acidic hole was formed. It serves as a sewer type of duct. Shaw and David thrust their bodies into the duct while Engineer David uses part of the damaged wall to acts as a cover. The three squat in the low ceiling. They are forced to occasionally crawl in the narrow, claustrophobic space with the uneven design quickly enclosing around them.


Shaw: “This isn’t a waste disposal is it?”

Engineer David: “Transportation.”

David: Noting the ancient footprints that resemble a conveyor belt. Most of it has been buried by the encrustations that form around the walls excreted from the aliens. “Underground railroad. Almost like a subway.”
Engineer David: “For bringing people’s needs to their homes and such.”

Shaw: “Do you believe those creatures can crawl through this-” Screeches as a facehugger launches towards her.


The narrow space makes it impossible for Engineer David to react in time. The tail latching around her leg. She squirms as the thing attempts to wiggles its way up towards her head. She tries to thwart the unimaginably powerful creature kicking it but it lashes out again and grips her wrist. As she tries to dislodge the snake-like tail from her wrist, the thing flips closer towards her throat. The proboscis elongating towards her mouth. Once again, it’s David reacting, gripping the creature and matching it’s undeniable will, managing to to carefully peel away the tentacle fingers and holding it like a mother holding a child.


Engineer David: “Toss it to me!”
David: Aims the creature towards Engineer David and cast it like the basketball he threw in Prometheus. However, the savvy entity detects a tube-like structure dangling from the ceiling, catching it with its tail and flinging itself back towards Shaw. David’s reflexes eerily anticipate the facehugger’s movement and reflects it one more time to Engineer David. This time the facehugger is caught by surprise at the android’s alacrity and Engineer David catches the creature, balls it up, clutching it in one of his massive palms and retrieves a futuristic looking scalpel, plunging it dead center into the thing’s back, making it convulse then lie still.

Engineer David: Appreciates David’s capabilities, extremely impressed. “Amazing.”

David: “Those things, indeed.”

Shaw: Recovering from the assault. “If you don’t mind dispensing the pleasantries, we have to get through this faster.”

Engineer David: Acquiescing. “Forward then left. Up top there should be an escape cover.”


The pair follow his instructions with Engineer David acting as rear guard. They manage a reasonable pace, encountering the manhole that ends in a corner. It is partly covered in the resin from the aliens. Engineer David tries giving the cover a twist but the covering won’t budge due to the glue-like substance. David offers to help Engineer David but even their combined efforts cannot budge the lid. At the opposite end of the tunnel, we see another threat of an alien making its way towards them. Engineer David acts as a buffer. Shaw rips a welding device from David’s belt and goes to work trying to melt away the substance. The organic material swiftly becomes a mini-conflagration. Shaw is forced to hold her breath as the fumes like the acid creates a semi-noxious cloud. In the background, Engineer David barely misses the spear-like tail stabbing at him. As Engineer David dodges the tail, David evades the tip, but seizes it like a eagle snagging a fey rodent and injecting it into the wall. The alien shrieks and grows into a frenzy. It tries to swipe at Engineer David, who deftly ducks each clumsy swing. Engineer David ensnaring one arm and headlocking it, the jaws protruding in deadly proximity to Shaw’s face. Just as it snaps, David nimbly tripping Shaw and punching the jaw back into place, almost crushing the tongue-like apparatus to the point of numbing the creature. David locates on Engineer David’s envirosuit one of the vials containing the neutralizing base and shoving it down the throat of the alien. The alien squirms in panic as the acid pressure in its body collapses, making the exoskeleton brittle enough for Engineer David to crush under his arms.


At that moment, Shaw completes her task of melting away the residue, allowing both Davids to uncork their prison. Engineer David assists Shaw then David from the hole. Both await in lending a hand, but David spots a few engineers crawling towards him. He hoists the alien, removing a different vial from his tool belt and injects the carcass with the object. With brute strength, he kicks the dead alien down the tunnel and it explodes acids over the engineers. Their exposed heads take the full brunt of the caustic substance and they deteriorate while Engineer David leaps to reach the hatch and pulls himself out in a single bound. At this point, the sprawl of what could be a city is open to them in infinite directions. We see the camera pull out to a long shot of the city from a top down perspective. From there, we see an encroaching group on both sides. Half are armed engineers. The other half are a group of aliens. The three stand back-to-back finding themselves uncertain where to go in this mammoth of a zone. Engineer David indicates for them to scale one of the buildings.


David uses his agility to skip up the indented edges while Engineer David leaps several steps for each that David handles. Unfortunately, Shaw has trouble navigating, her human senses limiting her from accurately finding key points for latching onto the slippery sides. She almost falls but David hooks her with a grappling line and she’s able to get to the next level. As they ascend the side of this building, the aliens follow suit with the engineers guarding the bottom. The three try to scale the next level but the sides grow smoother and more difficult even for the rigorous Davids to handle. David attempts to use his grappling hook to connect to a ledge, making his mark then repelling himself and Shaw upward. When they reach the level, he sends the free end to Engineer David. But the line is too fragile for the bulky engineer and it snaps, Engineer David tumbling back to the ground level, right into the clutches of his brethren.


Shaw: “David!”


Her scream is in vein as she and David must content with the approaching aliens. The group saunter up the side without difficulty, stalking their prey. One reaches them and hoists itself up, permitting Shaw to get a glimpse of it’s full form. Even David is awed by sheer ferocity demonstrated by this being. As it’s about to pounce, a beam blasts it off. The aliens move faster in anticipation of a possible assault but they too are cleansed from the walls like bugs being repelled by a sharp spray. Shaw and David look skyward to see a more familiar shape, the new Prometheus. The underbelly is opened and numerous androids drop around them with high tech military arms. As more aliens scale the side, these troops wither their onslaught, damaging the side of the building with a storm of vitriolic fluid. The androids hook the pair and ready themselves to propel themselves in the hovering space fleet, but Shaw pauses them.


Shaw: “Get that guy below. We need him!”

Android: “Target considered hostile. Mission is accomplished.”

Shaw: Unhooking herself. “I won’t leave without him.”


Inside of the control room. Keith turning the comlink of the androids to his speaker system.


Keith: “Shaw, I know whom you are. We’re risking a great deal by rescuing that being.”

Shaw: “He has answers. We need him to find out more.”

Keith: “That might constitute a threat against these people. They might consider it abduction.”

Shaw: “He’s not one of them. Please!”


Keith cursing to himself. Starts pulling the androids out of the area. Yutani slams his hand on the controls startling the nervous Keith.


Yutani: “Do as the good scientist suggests.”

Keith: “Are you out of your mind? He could be hostile.”

Yutani: “ You’re the one out of your mind. Don’t forget we have a purpose here.”

Keith: “We should stay out of their affairs.”

Yutani: “This might be our affair as well. Just do it.”


Keith sighing to himself coordinates a small group to propel onto the ground. The engineer species are surprised by this new menace. One haughtily tries to swing at the smaller synthetic but the synthetic without blinking halts the engineer’s fist with its enormous power, twists it then lands a knee into the engineer’s sternum. Immediately, the other engineers recognize that they are clearly threatened and become more defensive. A few pounce on the engineers only to be thwarted by their celerity in dodging their blows. In turn, the androids employ defensive martial arts to stun and temporarily debilitate their attackers. When a small circle is cleared around Engineer David, the androids form a cordon around the fallen engineer while several spare androids hook a harness attached to sturdy cable to pull Engineer David back up towards the ship.


Yutani: Pushing Keith away from his console. “You’re dismissed.”

Keith: “What the hell?”

Yutani: “Go make preparations to greet this engineer and the others.”

Keith: “You can’t be serious.”

Yutani: “You’ve worked too much already. So go take a break.”


Keith realizes that there’s no point in arguing, leaves the desk. In the meantime, Yutani takes over the controls for the miniature legion of androids. Once Engineer David, Shaw and David are back on the ship, he turns his attention to the other engineers. The androids efficiently have subdued them. There’s a pathetic look in their faces when they face the androids. Yutani though is a mask of redemption and he triggers a merciless assault where the engineers remove their weapons and heartlessly murder the engineers. More engineers start to arrive with the aliens but Yutani is satisfied with what he’s witnessed as the ship departs, leaving the androids to be overwhelmed.


In the massive cargo bay. The three rescued beings find themselves spent but immediately imperiled as Yutani’s soldiers aim their weapons, particularly at Engineer David.


Shaw: “Please. Don’t fire at us. Lower your weapons. David…I mean the engineer doesn’t intend harm for anyone.”

Yutani: Stepping out. “That remains to be seen, of course. My primary concern is for the ship’s safety.”

Shaw: “If that’s the case, why did you come all the way out here?”

Yutani: “In due time, but we have to quarantine all of you in case there’s an antigen that you’re bearing.”


Engineer David feels betrayed and stands up to rebel against the soldiers. The metallic din of weapons being armed reverberates in the cargo hold, but someone is there to stop the impending violence.


Vickers: “Stop! All of you! Just stop! This is my ship as well. I’ve been treated as a 5th wheel but you also are under my orders. My father came out this way to find his answers but never found what he wanted to hear. I reviewed the recordings and believe that he provoked them. Our people do not need another war so for the love of god put your arms down.”


Slowly, the soldiers lower their weapons. Shaw is in shock at seeing Vickers, remembering how she originally had been crushed under the juggernaught. Engineer David relaxes but notices Keith skulking behind Vickers. Both see each other with Keith showing emotion in his eyes and Engineer David downcast with what could be shame.


The group is dispersed with the engineer being led through the cramped halls. In the meantime in the dining hall area, Keith attends to David and Shaw. Keith inspects David while Shaw eats “real food”. This allows a dialog between the three.


David: “It’s great too have you here brother.”

Shaw: “You’re an android?”

Keith: “No. I developed David. Actually, I’m an only child. Both my parents died years ago from a stroke separately after I finished school. I ended up being very lonely so I worked on neurological algorithms. Advanced forms of learning trees. David ended up being the most successful one I made.” David beams in pride. “We have a lot of similarities where Weyland didn’t put his two cents in at every micromanaging second. Hence, he is like a brother to me.”

Shaw: “There were others?”

Keith: “Yes. David wasn’t the original intention. That just happened to be what Weyland was willing to pay the highest dollar for.”

Shaw: Humored. “What was the original intention?”

Keith: “You’ve met her already.”

Shaw: “Her?” Pointing towards Vickers’ quarters.

Keith: “Yes.”

Shaw: “She died on the planet. Or is this one your original intention?”

Keith: “The one on the planet was my original intention. This one is Weyland’s biological daughter.”

Shaw: “Why did you do that?”

Keith: “Same reason any lonely nerd does these things. I wanted to fuck her.”

Shaw: Starts out chuckling then burst into a fantastic laugh. Keith cannot help but share in her mirth. “Thanks, Keith. You’ve…you’ve done something for me that hasn’t happened in years.”

Keith: “Honestly, that’s all I’m good for these days.”

Shaw: “Sometimes, that’s all a person really needs.”


They’re interrupted by some soldiers.


Soldier: “They want Shaw and David in Vickers’ quarters immediately for a debriefing.”


Next scene has a voice over by Shaw that describes her going over the mission disaster. David uses his memory banks to replay key scenes. There’s a scene which shows Weyland receiving a space funeral with his body being ejected. Yutani stares coldly while Vickers sheds tears. Shaw remains solemn and respectful while Keith plays Universe of Fightcraft in seemingly complete apathy.


Vickers approaches Keith.


Vickers: “You should pay the hand that feeds a sum of respect.”

Keith: “If I’m fed why do I always feel like I’m starving? Anyway, you get your answers from God finally?”

Vickers: “It refused to speak with me. Nor Yutani for that matter. However, Shaw and David have communicated with it. So we put it into a private chamber.”

Keith: “Perhaps, if you people decided not to aim with a gun, he might be a little more receptive. Not to mention address him with an appropriate gender.”

Vickers: “You were the English major in school. Always thought you were better at writing than your programming. That’s what all the people who programmed with you said.”

Keith: “Yeah, I should’ve gone into marketing or Hollywood like I originally intended. That’s what you did. But of course, that’s after fucking or pretending to tell guys like me we’d get a blowjob so we’d do your homework for you.”

Vickers: “Why so bitter suddenly? You were so enthusiastic before the mission. And you even got excited when we found this planet. Lastly, we got what we came for and are going home. You shouldn’t have all this angst.”

Keith: “You said I should pay respect for the hand that feeds. Well, I’ve done way more than I wanted to in all of this. After this is over, I want a quiet island. No one around. Drop shipment food and galacticnet. I’m tired. I’m really really really tired. That’s all I want. No more dangling carrots.”

Vickers: “Fine. But I have one small task left.”

Keith: “I figured so.”

Vickers: “Shouldn’t be tough. Like I said he won’t talk with Yutani nor myself. And Shaw seems to have developed a little relationship with him.”


As Keith is leaving Vickers’ quarters, he’s intercepted by Shaw who forces him into a side room.


Keith: “I’m going to be late to my meeting and I’m certain my cousin and Vickers won’t be happy.”

Shaw: “What have they requested you to ask?”

Keith: “The hard questions.”

Shaw: “Those questions killed Weyland. It’s obvious that they’re using you. You should ask one of your androids or someone else to do this.”

Keith: “They said that the engineer wasn’t responding to any of them. They don’t trust you and he stopped responding to David’s inquiries. So I’m the guy with the shortest straw as usual.”

Shaw: “We haven’t known each other for very long. Yet I’ve read a lot on you. Or your phantom you. You’ve accomplished a lot and these people took it from you. Your name was left out intentionally and you barely got anything from this. It doesn’t take a God to read how you’re feeling right now. But you might be endangering yourself.”

Keith: “That’s okay. I’m not scared to die. There’s not a lot for me to live for anyway.”

Shaw: “Don’t you have something for yourself to believe in? Something that compels you? I know your parents died and Vickers and Yutani had hurt you. But you can’t live in your past.”

Keith: “It’s more than that, Shaw.” Pointing at her cross. “I’m not like you. Not like that.”

Shaw: “It’s hard I know. I lost my love. I was on that planet, alone and my crew and ship were destroyed. But I kept believing.”

Keith: “I’m someone beyond redemption. My destiny was meant to be tragic.”

Shaw: That breaks her to hear someone say something like that. She embraces him. “Keith, no one is past redemption unless they’ve accepted it. All I want to say is just be careful.” He nods stoically and leaves for the engineer.


In a chamber that can more appropriately be described as a prison cell, the engineer sits in a meditative stance. Keith enters as everyone groups around with soldiers behind one way glass with rifles ready to fire in case of aggression.


When Keith enters, the engineer’s face hardens as he seems to sense the group on the outside, especially the hostile soldiers who raise their weapons nervously with their fingers on the triggers. However, at glancing at Keith, the engineer’s demeanor softens.


Despite his wont admittance of not caring about death, Keith is extremely apprehensive in now confronting the immense humanoid. He staggers up to the alien with his mouth agape in awe.


However, he musters up his courage and becomes an emotional stone wall for a second. Suddenly, his expression changes to grief.


Keith: In a very low voice. “Why didn’t you answer?”


Outside. Everyone becomes confused since he’s obviously not following a script.


The engineer grows sorrowful but lacks any words.


Keith: “Didn’t you ever hear?”


Outside. Yutani growing impatient and Vickers noticeably is confused.


Yutani: “Someone tell him to get back on the script.”


Keith: Crying now. Gets on his hands and knees almost in a worshipping type of pose, voice growing in volume. “Why won’t you answer?”


Vickers and Yutani going towards the door. However, it’s jammed for some reason.


Yutani: “That little fucker must’ve hacked it or put a virus in the system!”


Keith: His eyes meets the engineer’s dead on. Both are locked in a trance-like state. Keith’s eyes are completely blurred by his tears but his vision is clear. He sees his parents both in the hospital on separate occasions. His father appears white and unable to move after suffering a stroke while his mom is in a wheelchair, slumped over then tumbles down. In school, he’s shown to be younger with more vim. However, over a decade passes where he’s shown being bullied, spit on and tormented at his offices. Eventually, he is shown evicted from his home until Weyland picks him up at his old office where he’s sleeping under his cubicle. He’s brought in to the Yutani corporation where he’s given funds to create AI. Stress at work grows intense and he’s ready to quit when Vickers coerces him back into resuming his project. When he succeeds in creating Vickers Beta, Yutani secretly congratulates him but steals his algorithms. Afterwards, Keith discovers Yutani with Vickers plotting to develop David for Weyland. With the success of the announcement of David, Yutani and Weyland are declared Nobel Peace Prize winners while Keith watches from a dark office. Things are forwarded into the present where Keith continues to stare at the engineer intently.


Outside. Yutani pointing at a soldier and the lock.


Yutani: “Someone try blasting the lock!”

David: “I’m afraid that would be futile and the failsafe restraints will kick in thus permanently locking both of them in.”

Yutani: “Then blow the fucking door up.”

David: “The door is made of titanium so the bullets would reflected upon us. That would be in their favor. May I suggest simply waiting and allowing Keith to ask his questions?”

Yutani: “These are MY questions and he’s on borrowed time. Since you’re his ‘brother’, you probably know enough of his programming style to decrypt whatever stupid algorithm he put on the door.”




Keith continues to stare at the engineer. His vision shows the history of mankind of brutality, inequality, poverty, hunger, death, decadence and unnecessary destruction. His voice is incredibly low when he utters, “Please….help.”


At that moment, David manages to reverse the lock Keith placed on the door and the others ready to storm the room.


Engineer David: “I’m sorry. I can’t do that. And I’m even more regretful I did not answer.”


The soldiers are the first to enter and violently grab Keith. Yutani slams his fist into Keith’s guts and face multiple times while Shaw enters and tries to restrain the warped Yutani. Vickers cringes feeling impotent in her husband’s abusive actions against Keith.


Shaw: “Stop it! Stop it!”

Keith: Whimpers. “You heard….” Then a bit louder as he catches his breath. “You heard!”

Yutani: Gradually calms down a bit but then grabs a rifle from a soldier and aims it directly in the engineer’s face. “I know you can understand us. That worthless rat didn’t ask politely, did he? I’ll tell you what he should’ve asked. How do we live forever?”

Engineer David: Growing grave. “Killing me won’t give you that answer.”

Yutani: Finger reflexively pressing against the trigger. “HOW DO WE LIVE FOREVER?!?!?!?!?!?!??!”

Engineer David: “No one truly knows that answer. Not in the manner you desire.”

Yutani: Lowers his gun then tosses it into a corner. “Useless. Figured so.”

Shaw attending Keith while the guards surround the engineer.
Engineer David: “One thing I will say is that you should not have brought it on board.”


In a private room. Shaw administering a healing balm on Keith’s face and ribs. Keith twitching in agony. However, his real pain comes from another place.


Keith: “He heard. He heard.”

Shaw: “I know.”

Keith: Looking up at her. “When?”

Shaw: “Because I think it’s how I survived.”

Keith: “You mean he helped you on the planet.”

Shaw: “Not at all. I think there’s more than we know. But I think you shouldn’t give up so easily.”

Keith: Appears cynical at her conclusion. Something else convincing him that he’s missing a bigger issue but he can’t put his finger on it.


Power walking towards a secure laboratory area, Yutani ventures inside to locate the refrigeration unit where the canister from the derelict is stored. Retrieves it and examines it through gloves. As he’s about to open the container, David halts him.


David: “Might I suggest you cool your impulsive nature for a moment, Mr. Yutani.”

Yutani: “This thing contains answers. It doesn’t take a genius geek to figure that out.”

David: “No, but making random assumptions about specifics does not prove anything.”

Yutani: “Stating the obvious again? Fine.” Putting down the vase. “I know that you’re somewhat of an expert, gauging from your greater experience interacting with those beings. Also, I saw the video of Charlie and Fifield.”

David: “Then you should be reminded poignantly not to delve into these things without proper knowledge.”

Yutani: “And you possess that knowledge.”


In the entertainment center with Shaw and Keith. Shaw takes long sips of Vodka while Keith sips on an energy drink while playing a miniature version of Universe of Fightcraft.


Keith: “Something I wondered is what you planned to do.”

Shaw: Wiping her mouth. “What do you mean?”

Keith: “You took off on whim. Seems pretty drastic to leave the world behind.”
Shaw: “Not entirely. I lost everything except my purpose and determination.”

Keith: “What if it took forever? Wouldn’t you get bored? What about food or conversation? I doubt David could provide everything.”

Shaw: Chuckling. “I was pretty intent on understanding things.”

Keith: “What about now? Has things changed now you’re back with people? I mean, why not just ask for help again?”

Shaw: “After learning what the engineers’ purpose was, I felt that involving the rest of mankind would be too risky. And seeing how my last crew turned out and this one, I think I was right.” Goes to put the bottle of Vodka on the table but accidentally hits Keith’s leg with her ring. “Sorry about that.”
Keith: Examining her ring. “Why do you still wear that? I mean, I get it to a degree. Also, I saw the video.”

Shaw: Swallowing hard. “I think he’s keeping me safe.”

Keith: “Sorry to say this but he burnt to a crisp.”

Shaw: “But you can’t be certain that only the physical matter in this world defines us.”

Keith: “Maybe not. But that’s not what I really meant.”

Shaw: Staring intensely at him. “What do you mean?”


Examining Shaw. The shower did a lot to restore her vim. Perhaps having a crew around her as well. He studied her features but lost his resolve.


Keith: “Genetic recombination wouldn’t be a possibility.” His odd diction mystifying her. “Not sure about now either.”

Shaw: “What?”

Keith: “Now, that you’re back to civilization, would you ever consider finding someone new?”

Shaw: Close up shot of her necklace and Shaw grabbing her ring protectively. “I can’t.”

Keith: Accepts her answer, in fact expecting it. Turns back to his game with less enthusiasm than before.


At that moment, Vickers storms into the room.


Vickers: “Has anyone seen Yutani?”


Scene of the three running through the corridors trying to locate Yutani. They only find the androids coldly performing their duties. Vickers starts to panic.


Shaw: “Where’s David for that matter?”

Keith: Brings out a pad that he expands for remotely communicating with the androids. “Not seeing him online. Fuck.”

Shaw: “We should check on David. I mean the engineer.”


Vickers escorts the group to the holding cell. The human guards are no longer around, just a pair of androids.


Keith: “Open up the cell block.”

Android: “Cannot do that-”

Keith: Presses a single button. The android complies.


Unlike before, the engineer in seeing the group actually seems elated.


Vickers: “I think you know what’s going on. I know you probably don’t like us nor trust us. But that person I call my husband disappeared. I don’t think he has good intentions.”

Engineer David: “Because he doesn’t. He brought one of the mutagens on board.”

Shaw: “The thing in those vessels?”

Engineer David: “Yes.”
Vickers: “What the hell does it do?”

Shaw: “I think it infected Charlie and one of my other crew members. And Charlie infected me. It changes people and things.” Recalling the horror that sprung out of her. “And that thing came from me.”

Keith: “I know. I saw it too.” She grieves placing Keith into an awkward situation. Somehow Keith overcomes certain self-doubts and hugs her. Vickers becomes visibly irritated.

Vickers: Clearing her throat. “No matter what we need to stop them. Knowing Yutani he has a nefarious plan for it.”

Keith: “I think he’s done something to David. Maybe his personal security subdued him.”

Shaw: “We have to save him.”

Keith: “I’m not letting him destroy David.” His words soothe Shaw such that she embraces him a little longer.

Vickers: Growing stern and impatient. “Well, what’s the plan then?”

Shaw: “Figure out where he is.” Takes off with Vickers.

Keith: “I thought that part was obvious.” Engineer David expressing what seems to be a snicker. “What?”

Engineer David: “That’s an….emotion. Between those two. Maybe stronger in Vicker.”

Keith: “She has no emotions.”

Engineer David: “You underestimate her. But if I recall that emotion is considered a….sin in your culture?”

Keith: Comprehending Engineer David’s reference. “That’s not my culture.”


The group traverses the ship through the halls examining monitors and using Keith’s mobile device to communicate with his androids in re-tracing the lost Yutani’s steps. Around one bend, Shaw detects milky fluid on the ground.


Shaw: “Look!”

Keith: “Could be David’s. No way of distinguishing android fluid just yet.”

Vickers: “It’s going into my quarters.”


The group hastens their pace following the fluid trail. It’s leads into her room. When they arrive, they follow the trail into a corner to discover not David but a mangled android. Behind them, the door is sealed and a flashing warning indicates that the lifeboat is about to be ejected. Yutani comes on screen.


Vickers: “Damn you Yutani! What are you doing?”

Yutani: “Ensuring that you don’t screw up my plans.”

Vickers: “Have you gone mad? Why would you screw up your so-called plans?”

Yutani: “Variables and questionable reliability. Besides, I don’t like questions being asked that I cannot control.”

Vickers: “What do you mean? I thought you loved me!”

Yutani: Grimacing. “You’re aging poorly dear.” Turning to Keith. “And dear cousin. I am an asshole. Shaw, sorry you’re caught up in the middle of family affairs, but you’re not family and I don’t care. And for the titan, godly engineer. Perhaps, you and your people should answer us sometime. Bye for now.” Turns off the monitor as Vickers enrages in a futile manner while the tiny lifeboat is soundlessly ejected into the vacuum of space. The lifeboat spins directionless with everyone on board in shock, most of all Vickers who weeps in betrayal.


Back on the ship. Yutani sitting at the console where Keith was trying to figure out the sequences to get the androids to obey him. The interface for these things are far simpler and game-like, allowing even someone who isn’t tech savvy to handle the manipulation of complex programs easily. With a few movements, he’s able to get the androids to work on the subdued David. They dismantle David and expose his neuron circuitry. With the aid of the androids, Yutani is able to re-program David, removing his willpower neurons.


Yutani: “Tell me everything you know.”


Inside the lifeboat. This model having more space than the previous one, slightly more sophisticated living quarters, a small entertainment center, larger food store and fully stocked bar. Vickers sips on whiskey straight from the bottle while Keith sits reading Robinson Crusoe from Vickers’ tiny library. Engineer David explores the cramped living quarters, admiring the cultural artifacts, including some network programming which draws his curiosity. Only Shaw is bent on investigating the capabilities of the ship, their positioning and communication devices.


Vickers: Blubbering. “Knew I shouldn’t have married him. Never treated me right.” Without seeing anyone’s reaction, takes a longer swig. “Should’ve known he wanted my property. Why do I do these things to myself?” Starts coughing, making everyone very wary of her. As she convulses, she grips her stomach and grunts steadily before falling over the sink and vomiting. Everyone, including Engineer David, disgusted but calmly trying to ignore her. Pulls herself up, wiping the vomit from her mouth uneasily. “Why don’t any of you say anything?”

Keith: Without glancing away from his book. “What’s the point?”

Vickers: Storming next to him, rudely rips away the book, examines it then tosses near where Shaw is. “You’re just going to stand for this?”

Keith: “Why not? Maybe it’s better than whatever I had before.” Slowly goes to retrieve the book.

Shaw: Picking up the book and reading the title. “I’m surprised you have that attitude in reading this.”

Keith: “I read it before.”

Shaw: “Don’t you think it’s ironic?”

Keith: “Maybe if I was that guy, I’d stay on the island instead.”

Shaw: Shakes her body in a very sexual innuendo. “Would you attempt to subject the natives?”

Keith: “No, I’d mind my own business.”

Engineer David: “That never last long. Eventually, the natives may try to subject you. It’s the way of the universe.”

Keith: “Given an island with natives that you’re trapped on, you’re saying that there’s absolutely no way to compromise and work out a solution so everyone gets their share of the island?”

Engineer David: “Inevitably, no. It becomes a resource hunt.”

Vickers: “Will people here stop talking about theoretical shit and figure some fucking way off this thing? The lifeboat is meant to support two people for up to 10 years now. That’s assuming part of the time is spent in a single cryogenic system in which there’s only two.”

Shaw: “I’ve been trying to work out our location. Turns out-”

Keith: Unenthusiastically. “We’re just spinning out in the middle of nowhere, probably a light year minimal from even the next gas giant. I already checked.”

Shaw: “You can’t just give up like that.”

Keith: “I ran the scenario in my head. Doesn’t take a super computer to figure out what will happen. With our supply, we’ll become cannibals in probably 3 years tops and,” pointing to Engineer David, “He’ll win.”

Shaw: “Your cousin has a dangerous cargo. I think he’s going back to that planet to pick up the remaining cargo. If he goes back to earth, there’s no telling what he’ll do. On top of that, the engineers might pick up where they left off and just remember whom we are after your expedition to their planet. Doesn’t that concern you at all?” Keith is elusive. “I know I don’t have any right to dictate how you feel and I know I can never be put in your shoes. But I do know you lost things in your life that are very precious to you. I did as well. Also, I’m forever unable to ever have a child. Do you know what that’s like? Have you ever wanted something so bad but knowing that even with science you can’t correct it? Something that you create on your own with a person that you care about deeply? I think about that all the time. I think about how I would like to just hold my own child, reading a book in a library while hearing my baby cry. I can’t have that. Many people won’t either if this happens. Maybe that doesn’t really matter to you, but it matters a lot to me. Because I also dream that maybe some day, I can be fixed somehow. And that I can change so that I can have that.” Vickers’ animosity has dissipated and she slumps in a chair while Keith actually breaks down. “That’s why we can’t give up.”

Engineer David: Towering over them, places a gentle hand on their shoulders. “Hope is a remarkable feature in humans. It used to be part of our kind. We forgot it and used other means to survive. Means that we should have never tried because they were too efficient and easy for us.” Touches Shaw’s cross. “Despite your technology being vastly primitive, it’s quite useable.” Shaking Keith’s shoulder. “Let me demonstrate to you some tricks.” Brings him to an operations console where he begins studying the mechanics of the ship. In the meantime, Shaw starts working on the supplies. Vickers joins Shaw feeling more invigorated after her speech.


On the Titan Prometheus 2. Yutani examining the urn from the safety of the glass. Turns his console to a 3-D map being drawn of LV-223. Similar to the Fifield’s PUPs in Prometheus, these are slightly larger with more sophisticated scanners to invasively penetrate thick terrain. A few blips a certain area on the planet pulse. He signals for the probes to launch an even smaller version which dart out and target the blips. One blip formulates the metallic hull of a juggernaut. Grinning to himself he conveys some orders for the androids to mark their course for the planet.


On the lifeboat. Keith working on low level code that allows him to penetrate the Prometheus 2’s systems through communicating with one of his androids. He’s able to gain a delayed picture of the control room where he sees Yutani’s holographic display of the planet and the formation of the juggernauts. He also infers that the androids are piloting the ship towards LV-223.


Keith: “He’s going back.”

Shaw: “What does he intend?”

Keith: “That depends entirely on how much he knows about the engineers and those ships.”

Shaw: “With David aboard, he’ll be able to confer his knowledge of operating those ships to the others.”

Vickers: “He wants to be the hero of humanity. Solve all of human’s issues. Everlasting life, cure disease, hunger, inefficiencies, provide superior defense now that we know about other species.”

Keith: “And he wants to be worshipped.” The intergalactic programming picks up a signal being broadcast from Prometheus 2. It’s Yutani. He’s dressed up in a suit with the androids in the background as well as the planet being imaged. Everyone on the lifeboat stops their activities to hear what he has to say.


Yutani: “People of earth. My fellow beings. Some of you may have heard of me. If you haven’t, you have heard about people I am closely connected with. But let me properly introduce myself. I am Ryuzo Yutani, head of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. My purpose was to learn the whereabouts of a previous mission. What we had uncovered was the tragic ending to my dear father-in-law, the great Weyland himself. Where tragedy griefs us all, hope provides the light that motivates us when we feel at our darkest. In that ray, I have learned that his sacrifices were, indeed, not in vain but for the betterment of mankind.”


“While on this journey, I had an epiphany about the destiny of humanity. Where do we come from? What is ours? What should be our rights in this galaxy? We have fought so long amongst ourselves that we sometimes forget about the other potential hostilities that we face on a daily basis. But imagine if there were answers to that.”


“I can’t specify things right now. But what I can say is that we’re on a verge of a major discovery that will change the course of humanity forever. I will not fail my father-in-law nor my deceased wife.” This part interests Vickers the most. “Many in the travel had perished due to human error, which is why we must remain unwavering in completing this mission.”


“For myself outside of personally overseeing the success of this mission, I have one last announcement to make. It occurred to me that humanity needs visionaries to help build better worlds. I believe that this mission has made me into a better person and given me the insight for the next job that I feel will improve the quality of life for all. That job is the intergalactic president, a responsibility that I do not wish to hold but one that I feel people need me in to carry out the dark road coming up.”


The broadcast ends.


Shaw: “You weren’t kidding.”

Keith: “Had to live with him for 10 years.”


Vickers sulking in the corner. The announcement had crushed her completely, even though in some ways she expected it. She begins weeping in a manner that’s so pathetic and heart wrenching it motivates Keith to go over to her. He’s cautious at first but just rubs her shoulder. When he tries to gently pick her up, she’s weak and tumbles into his arms. He regains his balance, but she grips him tightly. At first, he’s completely surprised but she refuses to let him go. There’s a part of him that he had been holding onto for far too long that disappears. He relaxes his sternness and reciprocates her embrace.


An hour later. Vickers is seen resting on a couch while the others continue to work. Engineer David is creating something bewildering from the components of the ship but it’s still unfinished.


Engineer David: “I do not wish to change the exigency of what we need to do but Keith, if we are unable to continue this mission, you might consider yourself lucky.”

Keith: “How so?”

Engineer David: “Isn’t it obvious?” Nodding towards both women. “You have no competition from myself.”

Keith: “Well, I guess I can be glad about that. But are your people like us? I mean, reproduction and all?”

Shaw: “Yes. You made no mention of females. From what I’ve seen on your planet, there were no females.”

Engineer David: Sighing. “We had progressed ourselves seeking to eliminate genetic flaws that made our base species weak. Eventually, we had experimented upon ourselves to the point of such efficiency where some felt reproduction was an inefficiency in seeing that our new format would endow us with the benefits of long life. In short, no women. No reproduction.”

Shaw: “What about love?”

Engineer David: Without registering remorse. “An abstract forgotten word.”


On the Titan Prometheus 2. Yutani having complete access to all the information that the androids gathered on the planet. Reviewing harsh footage of Holloway and Fifield in their transformed states. Yutani remaining impassive, calculating and determined.


At the control center. Yutani working on the androids’ programming.


Console: “Method of override. DNA thumbprint, voice activated, retina scan.”

Yutani: “DNA thumbprint.”


The console responds with a panel showing a mold for a thumbprint appearing. Yutani applying pressure.


Console: “Security access accepted. Security access changed.”


Throughout the Titan Prometheus 2 ship, all the androids receiving new commands. Console displays percentage of re-programming that goes from 0%-99% in a matter of seconds. Investigates the one deviant percentage point: it’s David. Attempts to get the system to re-wire David’s core systems.


Console: “Level 4 encryption algorithm not breached on model LD-9123125UVK. 5 billion permutations attempted, no success. Write passlock reconfiguration only permitted by Weyland or Keith.”


Cursing to himself. Invokes the androids to prepare the hypersleep chambers. Despite being unable to hack into David, Yutani keeps David offline temporarily while the androids prepare the ship for long distance space travel back to LV-223.


Back on the lifeboat. Engineer David completely possessed in his work while Keith observes, learning the advanced theories from the engineer and simultaneously monitoring the Titan Prometheus 2. In the corner, Vickers curled up in a blanket, miserable and depressed. Shaw sitting next to her feeling sleepy.


Keith: “Ship signal is hazy. It’s out. Looks like they’re in deep space mode.”

Vickers: “I can’t believe I blindly fell for that guy.”

Shaw: Speaking softly to Vickers. “What did you see in him?”

Vickers: “I didn’t at first, but my father did. He wanted a real heir to the Weyland Corporation. He wanted someone who was willing to preserve and honor the Weyland name. The only thing I ever wanted for my father though was to make him proud of me.”

Shaw: “So he introduced you two?”

Vickers: “Ironically, Keith did. Or rather Yutani introduced himself through Keith.”

Shaw: “Keith and you. What happened?”

Vickers: “I hurt him, used him. Made a bad choice because Keith wanted to do the right things and Yutani wanted money and power.” Both watch as Keith and Engineer David operate on a similar mental wavelength that allows them to collaborate without saying a single word. He’s completely enveloped in the project and his ability to grasp some of the concepts Engineer David presents impresses the engineer.

Shaw: “If you had to do it again…?”

Vickers: “Do you believe in second chances? I doubt for all the things I’ve done, I’d deserve one.”



Back on LV-223 (does it have to be there? Or could there be a closer spot with a similar setup?). Yutani inside an ampule room similar to the one found in the other juggernaut. There’s another giant head. He grins feeling an odd bond with the stoic features. Examines the alien mural in the back containing the lifecycle of the alien. He’s accompanied by his security guards. As he observes the urns neatly organized throughout the room, he motions for the human guards to remain by the door while he and the androids investigate the room. Like the other ampule room, the presence of humans causes the urns to react and the ceiling murals change. This time we get a better picture of what the ceiling mural transforms into: a reversal of positions between the subjugated bird creature and the humanoid. Yutani grimaces and ignores it in favor of the urns lying on the ground, which bubble all around. The soldiers grow timid while the androids remain impassive.


Yutani: Pointing to one guard. “Come here.”


Obediently, the guard goes next Yutani.


Yutani: “Go check that out.”


The guard eyes Yutani suspiciously. Yutani nudges him but the guard refuses.


Yutani: “Touch it now!”


The guard backs away completely afraid at Yutani’s overzealous demeanor. As he is about to run, several androids surround him and subdue him. Then they drag him towards the black substance. The guard puts up a futile struggle against the unnatural might of the android troops. As he engages the black oozing substance, his body trembles and begins reacting violently. The ooze and ampule responds harshly with the substance overflowing onto him causing his molecules to break down into something unidentifiable. He looks like he’s converting into an egg-like ovoid shape but we aren’t exactly certain.


The remaining guards by the door become apprehensive and step back slightly.


Yutani: “You. Pick that up and return to the ship.”


After seeing their comrade fall prey to the urn, the remaining guards hesitate and gradually back up even further.


Yutani: “If we manage to deliver this back, you will become part of history.” None of the guards respond. “You will acquire all the wealth and power beyond your imagination.” That doesn’t budge their stance making Yutani snap his fingers.


The androids swarm the guards and the guards fire back. The bullets pierce through the androids but they lack any sensation, in fact heightened by the threat of the guards assaulting them. Their superior reflexes allow them to dodge the projectiles. One guard switches focus to Yutani, fire a round that catches him in the leg. Yutani growls something incomprehensible in Japanese and the androids pull out side arms and expediently take down all but one guard, who is dinged in the shoulder but manages to run off.


Yutani gestures for the androids to take one of the dead security and see if the ampules react. When nothing happens he coldly orders them to clean up and prepare this ship for take off. Turning back to where the infected security guard is, we see a developed alien egg, making Yutani smiles as he stands next to the alien mural.


Back on the lifeboat. Keith asleep, Shaw reading one of the miniature library’s books while Vickers cautiously studies Engineer David’s endeavors. The contraption is completely foreign to her but her mind is on a different subject altogether.


Vickers: “You refused to speak to me before. Would you be willing to answer my questions now?”

Engineer David: Without taking away his focus from his project. “I will depending on your question.”

Vickers: “Is there such a thing as a second chance?”

Engineer David: The question seems to affect him profoundly. He halts his activities to face her. Vickers steps back slightly intimidated but after swallowing she finds her courage to take a step forward. “I think you know the answer to that.”

Vickers: “I want to hear it from you.”

Engineer David: “Chance is everything. You just need to try and control it.” He returns to his project, placing the finishing touches on a controller. The odd interface is nothing like Vickers nor anyone has seen. Grinning at his work, he manipulates a single control that endows the room with an illuminated display that displays a language no human could understand. Shaw puts down her book overcome by awe as the light penetrates Keith’s sleep.

Keith: “Do we have a hyperdrive system capable of light speed now?”

Engineer David: “That idea is only in your imagination…given the technology aboard this craft. This is my version of the internet.” The others observe as he starts programming in commands.


On the planet. Inside one of the science labs aboard the Titan Prometheus 2. Yutani standing outside of the lab, observing the egg and ampule, which are in a cryostasis chamber, from a safe distance. Several androids performing scans and analysis over the objects. A droplet of the mutagen agent safely contained in a petri dish. The androids puzzle over the specimen, running comparisons to billions of chemical reaction simulations but not finding any conclusions for what the substance could be. Yutani shortly is notified by one of his other androids.


Yutani: “Yes?”

Android: “Ship is inoperable at this time. Harsh weather conditions, erosion and time have severely damaged the capabilities of these ships.”

Yutani: “So? What can you do about it?”

Android: “Repair is possible but the primitive tools we have are nearly insufficient. Estimated time for functioning craft is roughly three months.”

Yutani: “Bullshit! You’re the best earth has created. We’ve made sure about that with our investments. You figure out something soon, even if it means ordering yet another Prometheus craft to this god forsaken world.”

Android: “We will attempt our best. And one more thing, Mr. Yutani. We suggest that some day you make an attempt to study engineering properly so you have a realistic viewpoint for time estimates and feasibility.”

Yutani: Curls up his hand then strikes the wall. Even the androids in the science lab pause for a moment surprised by his temper.


Aboard the lifeboat. Still floating in the middle of space. The ship’s power is far lower, as the group tries to conserve the little energy that the vessel has in order to continue powering the communication device Engineer David erected. Unfortunately, part of that sacrifice involves turning down the heater.

Shaw and Keith bundled up against a corner with Vickers approaching them with steaming coffee. Graciously, they accept the coffee just as Vickers slides in with them. Keith takes a sip. It’s already lukewarm.


Keith: “You weren’t really good at making anything.”

Vickers: “Already cold!”

Shaw: “David, that device has been on for sometime now. If you keep it up much longer, then there’ll be no point for us to do anything except pray that some day someone would find this ice tomb.”

Engineer David: “The power source for this ship is far too inefficient. It could take decades to manufacture one by myself and only with the resources.”


Engineer David gets up, closing his eyes as he utilizes a trigger in his suit. The suit radiates for a moment then settles down. Engineer David is re-energized by the self-sustaining power of his suit.


Keith: “We need one of those.”

Vickers: “You realize what he’s doing each time for that, right?”

Keith: “We could be out here forever. He might be able to assemble them for us as well. Would you prefer that to dying a slow, desperate death?”

Vickers: “I just wish to go back in time.”

Keith: Shouting to David. “You invent that yet?” Engineer David shaking his head. “Sorry. Guess that’s something no one can do.”

Vickers: Shivering in the blankets. “It’s getting colder.”

Engineer David: “Power reduction was necessary.”

Vickers: Placing her chin against Keith’s shoulder. “You don’t mind?” Keith doesn’t answer. “If we do end up stranded out here, the one thing I wanted to say was-”


At that moment, the ship is rocked by a large external force. Engineer David is satisfied by the tug. He invokes a monitor that displays the exterior of the craft and the view slowly is engulfed by a gargantuan hull the likes no human have ever seen on that scale. The humans are awed and intimidated by the presence and enormity. The tiny lifeboat is swallowed up inside a cargo bay. Artificial gravity kicks in and the group leave their craft, greeted by a large group of engineers similar in appearance to Engineer David. Engineer David growls in his speech as the three humans find themselves hopelessly and helplessly overmatched.


Engineer David: “Do not worry. I wouldn’t have summoned them if they would intend any detriment to you.”


The group escorts the humans to a massive control center where the engineers use sophisticated interfaces to manage and monitor the health of the ship. It’s almost as if they are part of the ship in some way or perhaps connected with each other in accomplishing that feat. Once again the group is thoroughly impressed by this display of an advanced society. One group of engineers manipulates some controls that unveils the map of the known universe. Keith is awestruck to the point of tears.


Engineer David: “The hyperdrive idea you talked about is only in your fiction. But we are capable of intergalactic travel.”


Outside of the ship we see that the massive entity surrounded by a shielding glow that causes it to blink for several seconds then disappears into the fold.



On LV-223. Yutani’s crew working on the ship. As they attempt to understand the mechanics and deconstruct/repair parts of the ship they assumed are damaged, one quickly realizes that their original assessment of the ship’s condition was completely incorrect. The ship has a sophisticated encryption security means that prevent them from starting it up.


Android: Reporting to Yutani. “Ship is operable. The controls are obfuscated by an algorithm that I’ve never encountered.”

Yutani: “Well, that’s good news then.”

Android: “I’m running permutations for cracking it but the difficulty for running through each iteration is beyond exponential in nature. In short, it could take months to crack.”

Yutani: “Be useful then and start on it asap!”


In the corner, David sits forlorn and mangled. Yutani contemplates turning him back on but decides against it.


Aboard the engineer mothership. The humans are given free reign to roam around a bit. Most of the crew ignore them. Keith is by far the most impressed. The architecture, scale and technology defy anything he learned at the university. Eventually, he stumbles into a room that is similar to the control room on the juggernaut, except far more vast with numerous engineers piloting the complex machinery. Several of them are hooked into the space jockey uniforms that provide them sophisticated augmentations to guide the ship. Centered in the room is a map of the universe. Keith stares in wonder at the image. He’s tempted to poke at it, questioning whether it would react to his prodding. A simple touch manipulates a section of the map. He twists it around and enhances the section, providing him the ability to zoom in on a distant random galaxy. As he chooses a random star system, he’s able to once again home into the surrounding zone, seeing a multitude of planets that are not too dissimilar from his own system.


Choosing one that resembles earth, he enhances the image to see a beautiful landscape that has its own version of life. He examines the calm landscape, the lush forests, brooks trickling softly, no sign of human hand entrenching its act of technology to pollute the lands. He catches sight of a fury creature that resembles his giraffe, even miniaturized with a hint of sentience gleaming from its eyes. The camera follows the unusual animal to an open glade. Eventually, it opens up to where we see a young lady, clad in a gossamer gown, slightly resembling a perpetually youthful and untainted Vickers. The most remarkable feature on her is her pointed ears. As Keith examines her, she seems to be aware of his presence. He tries to reach out for her and their hands almost contact, but the image dissipates as the stern demeanor of one of the engineers admonishes Keith for interacting with their device.


Keith: “Was that real?” The engineer turns and ignores his question. Keith tries to pursue this engineer. “When this is over and if I survive, please take me with you. I don’t want to go back. Let me learn from you.” The engineer finds another direction traversing the halls. “You have all this knowledge of the universe. Why not share it?” The engineer pauses about to utilize a version of an elevator. “Was she real?”

Engineer: Gripping Keith’s head firmly in his humongous palm. “You are owed nothing.” In a moment, he vanishes.


Nearby both Engineer David and Shaw see Keith’s rejected disposition. Engineer David leaves while Shaw approaches Keith.


Shaw: “What were you hoping for?”

Keith: “You can’t tell?”

Shaw: “The thing you want most is something that cannot be freely given. Instead, you have to take what’s in front of you right here, right now.”


He sees the cross on her neck and the ring on her finger. His heart sinks and he leaves for the lifeboat.


On the lifeboat. Keith sits in a small private chamber, accessing the history space of his own profile. There’s a section he enhances a graph of friends from his life. There aren’t many. Most of them with clips of them with families, enjoying various levels of success. Sifting through each panel, he delves into his own timeline that shifts backwards through the years back to his high school days where he sees his family in motion where his father and mother are once again healthy. He skips a few more panels and discovers a still image of Vickers kissing him during graduation. The picture is posted from someone he does not recognize. He starts to weep at seeing himself, younger, thinner, even happier. Withdrawing his giraffe, he curls up into a ball and rocks himself back and forth.


Back on LV-223. Yutani’s crew finally decrypting the safeguards to piloting the ship. Camera switches to Yutani lounging in the entertainment quarters where he’s watching a basketball game. Alert from the crew on the juggernaut.


Yutani: “About fucking time. No one does any respectable work around here. Hurry up. We’re far behind schedule.”


As the androids position themselves aboard the craft, both ships slowly lift off. When they reach orbit above the planet, a signal on the juggernaut notifies the android crew about the behemoth carrier coming their way.


Yutani: “Goddamn it!”


On the behemoth craft. The engineers suit up and the humans put on the few pieces of gear found onboard the lifeboat. Engineer David exchanges a conversation with his people.


Engineer David: Turning his attention to the humans. “We are going to send a pulse to prevent both ships from escaping for a moment. But we’ll need to split up our forces. They suggested tackling their own craft while we re-take your vessel.”

Shaw: “Just don’t crash into it. That didn’t work out last time.” Her words make Vickers nervous for some odd reason.


Outside, we see the behemoth craft open up a massive cannon. The cannon is more like a tentacle that grows out from the craft. Just as the juggernaut is about to invoke its engines for light speed, the cannon sends out a blast that envelopes the craft almost like soap bubble. Immediately, the craft becomes paralyzed in mid-air. A secondary shot hits the Prometheus 2 and negates most of the ship’s core functions.


Inside the Prometheus 2. Yutani races towards an air locker where nearby there’s numerous space suits. He quickly dons the attire then races for another section of the craft.


Keith pilots the lifeboat away from the craft and uses a homing beacon to return it towards it’s bay. Vickers acting demure with his cheeks streaked with the remnants of his tears.


Vickers: “Are you okay?”

Keith: Icily. “Fine. Just go in your room and strap yourself down in case we bump.”


Vickers follows his orders suspiciously. When she enters her room, she notices that the history space has been left on. As she inspects the visual, she sees the still of her kissing Keith during their graduation. One still next to it is a replaying video of Yutani’s marriage proposal to her. We see that the footage is taken from Keith’s personal camera from the office. Actually, it’s cut from multiple cameras. The clip is from a monitor that Keith has access to which was taken from so we see also can see a reflection of Keith staring at the office camera in horror as Yutani hands her a ring on her birthday. There’s a huge assignment that Keith works on, apparently given to him from Yutani, which is the start of the David AI program. There’s a harsh crash followed by the desk camera dropping onto the desk. On the desk, a small puddle forms as another rage filled cry erupts, papers spilling over and the camera taking another tumble, landing on the floor. Several items drop, including a birthday card, a box of candy and roses dedicated to Vickers. The final item falls to the floor which is a plain wedding band. The scene shortly cuts as we see Keith sprint down a random hall.


She’s about to pull herself up but the craft violently rocks with the artificial gravitational field from the Prometheus 2 taking hold. Instead, Vickers straps herself to a seat, feeling horrible in this discovery.


The lifeboat inserts itself within the bay and re-pressurizes. Just then the Prometheus 2’s systems start to flutter to life again. The group leave the craft with Engineer David at the forefront to protect them in case the androids or Yutani attempt to assault them. As they barrel down the narrow corridors in their hunt, several androids appear and fire small arms pistols at them. Engineer David charges at the androids with terrible vengeance and demolishes them with brute force. Quickly, the humans arm themselves with the pistols as the group proceed.


They enter the barren control room. Keith sits himself at the console and starts to access his interface for managing the androids but he learns that they had been re-programmed.


Keith: “Can’t access the androids any longer. Their systems have been hard coded with what I assume is Yutani’s biometric stamp. And there’s no time to try running an overflow hack.”

Vickers: “Where’s the other security?”

Keith: “No idea.”

Shaw: “Maybe Yutani disposed of them as well?”

Keith: “Don’t know. Only thing I can assume is that he wants all the credit to himself. That said, we need to find David. He’s the only android Yutani cannot re-program.”

Engineer David: “For something that exist as an extension of your slavery period, David seems awfully critical to you.”

Keith: “He’s the only family I have left. Weyland might’ve thought of David as a son because he paid for everything, but he’s my brother.”


The group continue their search, ending up in the science lab where they find David dismantled. Keith tries to repair David but his knowledge of actual robotics is limited since he mostly knows just the programming aspect. The neural aspects prohibit him the most. That’s where Engineer David lends a hand with his elevated skills. When David is fixed, they power him on. For a moment, David erupts in a vehement roar where he almost launches himself at the group. But certain elements in him cause him to recover and calm down into his normally elegant presence.


David: “Thank you, brother.”

Keith: “What happened?”

David: “They retrieved memories and attempted to hack my neural functions, causing me to glitch out for a moment.” As his sensors adjust he cautiously moves the group away from the refrigeration section. “There’s something else in there.”


Engineer David, less intimidated, goes to investigate the section but finds nothing.


David: “Yutani must be moving it.”
Shaw: “Moving what?”


David activates a console that brings up the science recordings of experiments that the other androids had been doing on the egg. Engineer David is the most concerned as he understands what this implies.


Engineer David: “That might explain what happened to the guards.”

Keith: “What does Yutani have in mind with the ship and that thing?”

Shaw: “He might be planning for humans the same thing that the engineers were thinking. Is that not correct, David?” Engineer David remains silent.

Vickers: “That thing can’t go back. He’s completely lost his mind.”

Keith: “Wait. This makes no sense. What do you mean that’s what happened to the security?”

Engineer David: “They probably were exposed to the liquid in the vials you found aboard our ship.”

Keith: “What were you going to do with that stuff to us?”

Engineer David: “I think you can guess our intention. But would that change your mind about me at this point?”

Keith: “What does it do exactly?”

Engineer David: “No one knows for sure.”


Just then the group receives a signal of an escape pod that is jettisoned. Examining the source, it’s revealed that Yutani has used one of the pods to propel himself to the neighboring juggernaut. Several androids follow suit and help secure him inside.


Shaw: “How many escape routes does that guy have?”

Engineer David: “He is a crafty one. But we’ll have to hope that my comrades are capable of nullifying him.”


Inside the juggernaut. It is the engineers’ turn to scour the area. The massive architecture of the ship is overwhelming even for its creators, but they logically deduce that he will be in one of two areas. The splinter into two groups, one heading towards the control room and the second towards the ampule silo.


As the engineers from one group enter the control room, they are astonished and horrified to see the androids not just navigating their ship but utilizing their own technology to plot a trail to Earth then back to the engineers’ home world. They instantly deduce what the intention is.


On board the Prometheus. Engineer David receiving a report from his comrades.


Engineer David: “They found an android crew running the ship and are plotting to go from here back to Earth then to our home world. Wait-”


Back onboard the juggernaut. An explosion underneath the engineers rips through them, instantly killing the entire group.


On the other side, the group of engineers heading to the ampule room receive the warning but it’s too late as a military type of rover bulldozes the engineers inside, blockading them. The group becomes apprehensive understanding the room’s purpose. Behind them the ampules slowly start to react to their presence. The engineers remain near the entrance while the black substance oozes in a tiny lake. Collectively, they cannot budge the monstrous vehicle.


Mounted above the vehicle is a camera which allows Yutani to monitor the group. The camera feed also is linked back to the Prometheus where Engineer David and the human crew witness the events.


Yutani: (In a voice over) “Look what we have here. The creators afraid of their own creations. Should’ve tried making yourselves immortals or gods or whatever you want to label yourselves. Or perhaps you did through those things. Only one way to find out.”


The group watches from the safety of their room as a gas sprays from tiny vents. The closest engineers gag on the gas then collapse in spasms.The remaining ones covering their faces and reluctantly retreat towards the ampules and pool formations on the ground.


Shaw: “What is Yutani trying to accomplish?”

Keith: “When a person has the ability to possess power to control others at the grasp of their fingers, they’ll do anything for that power.”

Engineer David: “That is an acute statement of how the universe operates. By relation of blood, would you do the same?”

Keith: “It won’t happen because I’ll never be in that position.”

Vickers: “Either way, we have to get onto that ship before they can reactivate it completely. Can’t let them unleash whatever they have in that cargo onto us.”


The group uses the remaining pods to mimic Yutani’s earlier plan with David securing them inside. They rush towards the ampule room, determined that these engineers might have a chance of surviving. Upon reaching the military vehicle, they try to pry the door open. The impact against the wall though had badly dented the door, allowing Engineer David along with David and the others to rip it open.


Inside the military vehicle. The vehicle had been partially crushed from the roof caving in, the androids piloting the vehicle are heavily damaged. Engineer David easily swipes them away when they attempt to resist. After clearing the wreckage, they check out the monitors which show the engineers now infected by the black substance and mutating into eggs. Shaw has a real clue of the implications from their metamorphosis.


Vickers: “What the hell is going on in there?”

Yutani: (From the PA) “I can expatiate upon that. Thing I’m wondering is any of you are willing to volunteer yourselves to be the first genetically enhanced species using this substance?”

Shaw: “We wouldn’t be the first.”

Yutani: “Or perhaps the first recognized version once I unveil this to our people. They will come in flocks once they realize that we have discovered how to perfect life and live forever.”

Engineer David: “There is no such thing as perfect life.”

Yutani: “I partly agree with you because you were missing one component.”

Vickers: “Stop it! You forget this mad parade. If you discard this insane plot, I will just divorce you and make sure that no one hears of what happened.”

Yutani: “Why would I care about your petty affairs? It doesn’t matter about the split even if they learn that you’re still alive. Once I unveil this discovery the whole world will heed me.”

Vickers: “What the hell have you become? Were you always this sick monster?”

Yutani: Cackling. “Monster? I’m no worse than your father, which is why he wanted me to marry you. He wanted to improve the human species because he realized what a bunch of sniveling, weak willed, sentimental, short sighted…”

Vickers: “Get to the point!”

Yutani: “You lack a unified consciousness. Take Keith for instance. Despite giving him everything that he requires, he still rebels. He refuses to fit in the scheme that was meant and organized for him. He’s completely ungrateful, no appreciation. That’s why it’s up to people like me to ensure that the scheme succeeds. I wanted to invite you along but you evidently do not share the same goals as I do. You’ve cast your choice with them so I have no choice.”


Just then the vehicle arms itself. But it can’t set off because the crash caused some glitches with the fuses. However, it’s obvious that it can explode at any minute. The group escape, making a dash down the hall as the vehicle detonates. David covers Shaw and Keith covers Vickers. Engineer David is the worst though as he attempted to protect the group with his hulking body, taking the brunt of the damage.


Keith: Checking out the injured Engineer. “David!”

Engineer David: “Can’t. Get to Yutani.”

David: “He’s right. There’s still androids guarding him.”

Engineer David: “I can handle myself.”


As most of the group runs off, Keith remains.
Keith: “I need to know something.”


In one corridor. The group running in their search for Yutani. A voice pleading.


Security Guard: “Help!”

Vickers: “What happened to you?”

Security Guard: Coming forth from the shadows. He clutches his injured shoulder, which shows the bullet wound and a makeshift tourniquet. “The other guards were killed. I escaped.”

Shaw: Eyeing the guard suspiciously. “How can we trust you?”

Security Guard: “I can help you find Yutani. He’s hiding in their hypersleep chambers and intends to move this ship soon back to earth. The androids are programming the ship for a one way course so that no one can interfere.”

Vickers: “Then once he’s back he can call his security. It won’t matter for us, even me once he gets those urns back. Even if we survive the journey.”

David: “We’re going to need the firepower.”


The group accepts and they storm the hypersleep chamber.


Hypersleep Chamber. Yutani is unguarded as if awaiting his fate.


Shaw: “Why are you so calm?”

Yutani: “I decided to consider what you were telling me earlier. It occurred to me that none of us might win in the end at this rate, right? Just typical human attrition.” Snorts. “But I have a last offer.”

Vickers: “How can you even dare propose anything after what you have done? You’ve clearly lost it on this voyage. I even question whether you had plotted all this ever since we first met.”

Yutani: “Well, you maybe the ones that will do a double take. Eliminating me won’t help your plight since they’re coming.”

Vickers: “Who?”

Yutani: “The other engineers.”

Shaw: Recalling the hostile group that assaulted them on the planet. “No!”

Yutani: “You think that the little incident we pulled in retrieving you wouldn’t go unnoticed? It just reminded them that we’re a nuisance in this universe and that they need to fulfill their original plan for humanity.”

Shaw: Grimacing. “This can’t be.”

Yutani: “Of everyone you should know best. After all the engineer educated you to their schemes. The thing is that the EMP blast essentially ensured humanities’ doom. Don’t you think I had the foresight to realize we have a new menace that we must deal with? We cannot let ourselves continue to fight with our primitive weak frames. We must move into a higher being! Only by returning to earth, researching and harvesting what they had started can we defend ourselves against other species. All those religious nuts who preached against evolution helped guarantee our slowdown because they were so conceited over themselves and what they believed. Now though, what happens when a real god comes down and smashes us because we refused to change? For once, we have the capability to fight on our own without nukes and possibly exceed our masters. I am sorry for what I was forced to do but I had to make you see your own foley. And Shaw I know you realize what I’m saying is true.” He pushes a button that shows the recording from the lifeboat encounter on LV-223 where she had faced the hostile engineer.

Shaw: Biting her lip. “He’s right. That thing wanted to kill me. They planned to assault earth with that cargo.” Vickers losing her resolve in slowly understanding their fate.


Yutani reads Keith who refuses to trust Yutani.


Yutani: Angered at Keith’s flat resoluteness. “Shaw was attacked unprovoked just as the others were by that engineer. The engineer assassinated a frail, old man who was only interested in acquiring more life to benefit Man. Shaw was a victim in that. All the others would still be alive if it weren’t for the hostilities concocting by these beings.” Keith has no emotion except suspicion. “You might not believe me Keith. But at least you should go check it out yourself. The androids are all incapacitated.” Keith shrugs but gives in finally.


Control room. A map of the universe similar but just smaller on scale as the one on the mothership shows the course of the craft. David activates a control that scans the star system and shows the approach of another juggernaut.


Yutani: “So as you can see, my dear cousin, once they grab control of this ship, even if you do manage to escape, they won’t any trace of us behind. Even your Universe of Fightcraft won’t be around. What will happen when they arrive on earth, decimate it and turn it into something like their home planet?”

Keith: “That still wouldn’t concern me.”

Yutani: “Why not? This time you can be that hero you always want to be. I’ll broadcast all of this event so you get the proper credit you’ve always deserved, the hero for humanity. Why just play a virtual game? I know you want it and it’s an opportunity that you would never have.” His words slowly chip at Keith’s resolve. “You have to choices.” Unveils the alien egg and the ampule. “They have the secrets to life.”

Shaw: “No Keith! They destroyed Holloway. And it infected me.”

Yutani: “But it was different in each case, no? How can you be 100% positive of what happens? What would’ve happened if Vickers 2.0 didn’t incinerate Holloway? Perhaps we could’ve seen him as something else.”

Shaw: Pointing to the egg. “That thing does not offer the secrets to life. They are destructive. I witnessed it on their home world. It’s poisoned them like an infection. Their world has been perverted by those things. Their only purpose is to cause destruction of worlds.”

Yutani: “You, guard! Shut her up and I’ll make you a partner in the new Weyland-Yutani corporation.”


The guard’s avarice overtakes him and he is about to thrust his rifle into Shaw when Keith stops him.


Keith: “I reviewed the recordings. What about Fifield?”

Yutani: “I know about that too. He evolved, became a super human. He was affected by acid but survived because of the liquid. Think what that means for you. Remember that time when you were growing up in that neighborhood that still those bullies who picked on you, stole your toys and harassed you to the point where you refused to play outside? Remember that time you told me how that one bully in particular when that one guy who was taller than you punched you in the stomach, called you a Jap then spit in your face? Everyone else laughed. I didn’t. I chased them off for you. Remember that? What if I wasn’t there to stop them? Maybe they could’ve beaten you to death. Yet if you at that moment had this, what would you have done?”


Keith is shaken by the stinging memories bringing tears. From behind the group, the hostile engineers arrive watching with anxiety over Keith. Keith ignores the egg, automatically sensing something distinctly wrong. Despite what they had witnessed earlier with the engineers in the ampule room, he believes something is different with this one. Or perhaps the ampule room effects were influenced by other factors.


Somewhat reverently, Keith bows to the ampule. He appears serene as if in the meadows of a spring glade. Everything is silent around him and the only thing in his focus is the ampule. Retrieving his stuffed giraffe, Keith holds it like a shamanistic fetish. Everyone in the room, even the engineers, now have no idea what he’s doing. Intuitively, he figures out how to unscrew the ampule. Unlike the other ampules, this urn does not dribble out the dark substance. It remains inert for him. He withdraws the inner container of coke-like bottles that contain the liquid. The humans are glued, repulsed and alarmed at what they see but we find out that the jelly preservative does not injure him at all.


He breaks off one of the bottles and cracks the top open. Then he closes his eyes and imbibes the liquid just as Vickers tries to protest. He drinks the entire contents before releasing it.


Vickers: “Keith don’t do it!”


His body convulses and he drops to the floor clutching himself and his giraffe. When he faces the group, Keith is shown crying. Part of it is sorrow but he has gained transcendental knowledge. His breathing steadily increases as his life is reviewed. However, even that point is exceeded as we see the history of life and perhaps what could be the start of a planet, a star system, a galaxy, maybe even the universe itself. When we return, it’s no longer these elements but his family, himself as a child and his giraffe. Then we’re at the present again and he’s no longer holding his giraffe, his strength far too weakened for anything except allowing a few words to escape his lips.


Keith: “You did hear.”


His body though corrupted does not break up but remains still. Yutani sees that his plans are utterly ruined now and tries to flee. Vickers runs to check on Keith while the engineers and Shaw turn around to confront the remaining army of androids, allowing Yutani to scatter. The fight between the engineers and androids is a ballot of cunning and brute force over efficiency and lack of emotion. The androids are amazing combatants against the engineers and a near match. While they’re preoccupied, Shaw and David handle the security guard with David bearing the brunt of a bullet. Despite David’s innocuous design, he still is an android with uncanny strength and is able to overtake the guard gracefully.


Shaw and David then chase after Yutani while Vickers is with Keith.


Vickers: “Why?”

Keith: “Go. Don’t touch. I’m sick.”

Vickers: “I don’t care anymore.”

Keith: “I’m not worth it.”

Vickers: “Yes, you are! Stop saying things like that.” She clutches him fiercely as the infection seems to start to spread to her. She cries on his shoulder, dismissing the pain and slow destruction of her own body.


The room becomes extremely chaotic and Yutani attempts to use that to his advantage as he slithers to where the ampule is. As Shaw and David fight through the crowd of engineers and androids, Yutani shouts in a loud voice with the coke bottle thing in his grasp. It’s completely sealed still but he holds it up threateningly like a pipe bomb.


Yutani: “Stop!” As the group pauses for a moment to see what he’s about to do. “Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands.”


Ironically, just as he speaks those words, there’s a little worm-like creature that had been sneaking around, similar to the ones on the original juggernaut that finds its way onto his hand. He tries to shake it off but it bites him, causing him to accidentally fumble the vial, which reacts as he scrambles to catch it. He manages to grab it but the bottle itself dissolves on its own, causing the ooze to flood onto his hand. He madly tries to remove the substance but it responds by coagulating, burning and transmogrifying him slowly along with the insect worm creature.


As he essentially disintegrates/transforms with that worm creature clinging to him, the androids lose some of their ferocity. David then is able to take control over the androids since Yutani technically does not exist to them any longer. With the engineers prevailing, they decide to turn their attention to the frail humans, namely Shaw who is the only human remaining up. She remains defiant and ready to protect the fallen Keith and Vickers, who looks infected and weakened as well.


The engineers search Shaw’s soul and one speaks in its own language then starts to leave for their craft.


David: “They decided to go back to their home planet. They said that it’s pointless for them to wipe us out because humanity will wipe itself out. Just like the way they did to themselves.”

Shaw: “Wait!” The group of engineers pause. “After all this, I want to know something.” They listen. “Why did you make the liquid to kill us?” The group replies with David acting as the interpreter.

David: “They didn’t.”

Shaw: “Who then?”

David: “They don’t know.”

Shaw: “Where can I find the answers to that then?”

David: “They say does it matter? Everyone needs to keep looking for themselves.”


The group leaves while the pair attend to Keith and Vickers.


Back on the Prometheus 2. Shaw is exhausted but cleaned. David and Engineer David sit by in the science bay.


Shaw: “What should I do?”

Engineer David: Still injured but he’s managed to fix himself up. “The others have gone back and say they will leave you to find your own destiny. But the ships and the content must be put to rest.”


A voice over with Engineer David speaks. He installs a laser beam in the ampule room which causes the eggs to remain passive. He’s shown testing the beam which causes an egg not to react to his presence. He moves the original one into the room as well.


In the lifeboat, David and Shaw carry the bodies of Keith and Vickers, who still remain locked together with the little giraffe under a sheet. Engineer David provides a chemical that halts the infection and preserves their body, even restoring them to a degree.


Engineer David: Handing a mysterious object to David. “Here. A gift.”

David: “I do not know how to handle it.”

Engineer David: “You will.” Programming a miniaturized star map. Nodding to Shaw. “Take the ship there. The thing doesn’t provide answers that you were you looking for. But it might offer a few more clues.”

Shaw: “Thank you. What will happen to you?”
Engineer David: Stoically. “I need to ensure that the ship’s contents are disposed in some place within the universe.” They shake as they separate.


At that point, Shaw and David follow the coordinates which lands them on a world that is earth-like. At that point, David carries through with the instructions, consuming the mysterious object. At that point, he purposefully with Shaw go to a certain area where they bury the remnants of Keith and Vickers. As they are about to part, David cries.


David: “Goodbye. My brother.”


As they leave, there’s another shot of where the graveyard lies. Instead, of the tiny mound, we see Vickers and Keith naked, fully whole and embracing each other, breathing just waking up. Even the little giraffe’s neck is repaired.


Back on earth, Shaw completes reading Milton’s Paradise Lost. She’s no longer the archeologist but a student of literature. She watches on the television how the Weyland-Yutani corporation’s new owners are proposing a series of deep space missions for creating refineries around the universe and are hiring. David enters her study and Shaw hands him the novel.


Shaw: “Send it to them.”


Back on the earth-like planet, Keith sits with Vickers under the covers of a small collection of supplies. There’s the crying of a young child. It’s Christmas. Outside, Keith goes to check the wood hut. Besides some supplies, there’s three books. Milton’s Paradise Lost, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Daniel Dafoe’s Robinson Crusoe. He shows Vickers the novels.


Keith: “Hey, check this out. Santa came again.”


The bulge in Vickers’ belly indicates again that she’s expecting.


Vickers: “Indeed, it has.”


The scene transitions into the juggernaut stuttering in space then careening wildly into a satellite of a gas giant. Inside, we see the Engineer David in the seat. His body convulses as something explodes from his chest. It’s the alien we’ve seen from the mural. Nearby the spot where Yutani had supposedly disintegrated lies an alien egg with the top neatly unfolded. The alien squirms on the floor for a few moments looking back to the host which still convulses. Just as it’s examining the engineer, a defense mechanism blast the creature back, causing the thing to bleed, with the acidic contents leaking onto the floor and the creature falling through. Engineer David’s face mask is opened and a facehugger falls to the floor dead. As the last remnants of life remains in him, he writes a warning. Then he writes another message. It’s dedicated to the humans he met and befriended using a piece of technology he appropriated from them. Just as he’s pushing the last messages, we can see that he talks about the secrets of life. But then his fingers stops moving before he can hit send. And the camera pulls out with only the light of the device illuminating the desolate ship’s control room, until eventually the battery dies out.

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