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  • Diablo 3: Justice/Blessed Hammer Seeker of the Light Crusader Build for Patch 2.3

    Patch 2.3 introduces to us a new Crusader set called the Seeker of the Light. The focus is on Blessed Hammer and Falling Sword. For the most part, it is a pretty decent damaging set with some defensive capabilities built in but utilizes a somewhat awkward skill in Falling Sword as a key feature. This…

  • Diablo 3: Stampede Bombardment Crusader for Patch 2.3

    While the Stampede crusader no longer is a high end build, it’s still playable if you want to just try something a little different in patch 2.3. Season 2 introduced the Belt of the Trove to enhance the crusader up. However, the Bombardment build never really became a mainstay since that point in time. Patch…

  • Diablo 3: Jade Harvester Witch Doctor for Patch 2.3

    Right now, I’m looking into trying a revamped version of the Jade Harvester Witch Doctor for Patch 2.3. Having Kanai’s Cube allows Jade Harvester Witch Doctors a little more wiggle room with regards to equipment and even certain stats. Given that, I want to go over the setup for this build.

  • Diablo 3: Theorycrafting Possible Ideas for Kanai’s Cube

    As emphasized in my previous blog, Kanai’s Cube will be the star of the show in the upcoming 2.3 patch. Tons of talk about what’s possible, what isn’t and some early ideas have flooded the Blizzard forums. This blog will dive into some current builds and see which items might work well with those builds.

  • Diablo 3: Personal Favorite Builds, Disliked Builds and Goofing Around

    I’m at the point in non-season where I managed to acquire a reasonable amount of gear for each toon/class x2 that I wanted to provide an overall assessment of things since patch 2.2. I can’t speak for certain specific builds that require extraordinary gear (like an Ancient Kridershot) but just my experience with sets and…

  • Diablo 3: Patch 2.2 Today and Future Patch Thoughts

    Patch 2.2 is planned for today and will represent a fairly large content patch, mostly with regards to reworked legendary sets, new legendary sets and other items as well as some quality of life changes, goblins and a few new quests. Here’s some thoughts based on what I’ve read so far.

  • Diablo 3: Data Mined Patch 2.2 Notes from DiabloFans and Gear Discussion

    More concrete information has been released on the DiabloFans website containing not just some of the upcoming changes to the legacy legendary sets but some new features that will be released in Asia (at first), the Cursed Realms, side quests, etc. What I want to focus on in this blog is the information regarding the…

  • Diablo 3: Patch 2.2 Early Look and Thoughts

    Blizzard gave us a sneak peak at Patch 2.2 for Diablo 3. The main theme for the patch is increasing the breadth of class builds through adding a few new sets and updating older sets to become more competitive. In addition, there will be a few other changes such as new Bounties for Adventure Mode,…

  • Diablo 3: Season 2 and Me

    Season 2 is just another 2 days away for me and I’m pretty excited. Unlike Season 1, I will participate early on for Season 2. In this blog, I want to discuss why I changed my position on participating in seasons.

  • Diablo 3: Chakram vs Evasive Fire M6 Demon Hunter Builds

    Recently, I managed to obtain a very powerful Ancient Calamity for my Demon Hunter and found a near perfectly rolled Spines of Seething Hatred quiver. In turn, I had been mostly running a Chakram build for low level stuff. However, because I already had a Bombadier’s Rucksack, I wanted to give the Evasive Fire build…