Diablo 3: Raekor/Immortal Kings 4/3 Build for Patch 2.3

Raekor/Immortal Kings 4/3

I’ve stated it before that Immortal Kings makes a great bridge between sets. Before I tried whirlwind in patch 2.2, I did a Raekor/Immortal Kings 4/3 build, which was far better than the pure Raekor set build. While it did reasonable damage, it still could not compete against a pure Whirlwind set, which was becoming vastly popular and superior on the leaderboards. Today, I wanted to introduce a revamped version of the build I tried a while back with a few adjustments using Kanai’s Cube powers.

This build can be done in normal or season but requires a lot of specific gear. However, once you see what I’ve done, you’ll realize the potential for this build. First off, you’ll need three of the Immortal Kings pieces where the belt and weapon become mandatory slots. For the last piece, it can be placed in the legs, feet, hands, helmet or chest area and is interchangeable with a piece in the Raekor’s set.

For Raekors, you need 4 pieces as specified above and can swap between the pivotal piece with Immortal Kings. I this manner, you can gain all the benefits of Furious Charge and keep your Ancients up at 100% as well as lower your cooldown for Wrath of the Berserker.

Next, you will need both a Vile Ward shoulders and the new Fury of the Ancients shoulders. Feel free to cube either one, but I would suggest the Vile Ward since you can maximize the damage gain from that aspect. By having both, you will allow your ancients to gain all runes, provide some damage resistance, healing, more fury generation and some fire damage along with some CC from their cold attacks as well as gain massive damage from Furious Charge.

Next you will need a Fury of the Vanished Peak. You will need to cube this since your Immortal Kings Boulder Breaker weapon is a must have in your weapon slot to gain the 4 set bonus from Immortal Kings. Fury of the Vanished Peak will allow you to spam Seismic Slam when Furious Charge goes on cooldown.

Your two ring slots will be the Bastion of Will with Focus and Restraint. Since Furious Charge is considered a generator,  you can proc the generator aspect from that while Seismic Slam will proc the spender aspect as well as help lower your cooldown on Wrath of the Berserker. For bracers, pretty much you’ll be going with the new Bracers of Destruction to augment your Seismic Slam damage.

Also, you need to cube your Ring of Royal Grandeur. That’s pretty much a must have in order for both set bonuses to work. Your amulet slot can be anything but probably will be either a Hellfire Amulet or a damage immunity amulet. For your legendary gems, you’ll want Enforcer for your pet damage increase and defense, Bane of the Trapped for the damage increase through your CCs from Seismic Slam, Furious Charge and Ancients and either a Pain Enhancer or something else for yet even more damage. I happened to have a Gogok as a default but the last slot should be whatever you feel can enhance this set.

Stat priority, you will still focus on a mixture of cooldown reduction and fire elemental damage. Cooldown reduction is mostly for your Wrath of the Berserker and Furious Charge while your main element is fire as a result of Furious Charge’s Battering Ram rune, Call of the Ancients The Council Rises rune and Seismic Slam’s Shattered Ground rune.

For some defense, I use Ignore Pain: Iron Hide and War Cry: Immunity for the increase in resistance. Passive-wise, I go extremely offensive with Ruthless, Berserker Rage, Brawler and finally Rampage. If you get a Hellfire Amulet, you can add something like Nerves of Steel for a second chance defensive to that list.

The way this build plays out is that you use Furious Charge for both movement speed, CC and instantly generating your fury while keeping up the Bastion of Will Procs. In between, you’ll want to spam Seismic Slam to gain the full Bastion of Will buff as well as maintaining near 100% uptime for your Berserker Wrath. Your ancients help act as support, fury generation and healing. In general, you should never be out of fury and pretty have a good balance between being topped off with fury and using it.

What I like about this build is that it basically is the answer to Raekor’s single target problems through Seismic Slam and the passive damage output from your ancients. Also, this solves Immortal King’s lack of movement issues and damage output from the 6 set bonus through using Furious Charge as an awesome offense, CC and movement ability. You don’t have to worry about cooldown as much since Seismic Slam acts as your dump and single target (more or less) attack when Furious Charge is on cooldown. The build has a lot of synergy going for it and I’m hoping to push it a bit and see where I can go with it.

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