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  • Diablo 3: Season 24 Hammer of the Ancients Immortal Kings Barbarian Build

    With Immortal Kings being the Barbarian version of the Haedrig’s Gift set for Season 24, I felt it would be a good time to make a post for this build.

  • Diablo 3: Season 24 Whirlwind Barbarian Guide for Patch 2.7.1

    Barbarians will see a slight alteration with the introduction of Ethereals during Season 24. Most Barbarians use a combination of the Wrath of the Wastes set and either Bul-Kathos’s Oath (for lower level farming) or Istvan’s Paired Blades for higher level Greater Rift pushing. The introduction of Ethereals will alter the meta slightly and this […]

  • Diablo 3 Season 21 Review

    I got burnt out on Path of Exile after grinding the last few leagues. The latest league didn’t really excite me so I decided to take a break and go back to some other games. One game that did intrigue me was Diablo 3 due to the new sets (particularly the Demon Hunter set).

  • Diablo 3: Barbarian Might of the Earth Set with Immortal Kings and Seismic Slam Build Review

    After feeling disappointed with the Might of the Earth 3 piece and Immortal Kings 5 piece combo, I decided to try going with just the 2 piece Immortal Kings and 5 piece Might of the Earth in conjunction with Seismic Slam. I’m still not fully optimized but I’ll provide my current thoughts with the play […]

  • Diablo 3: First Impressions of Might of the Earth Barbarian Set

    This blog will go over some testing I’ve been doing since acquiring the main pieces to the Might of the Earth Barbarian set. I’m just off by two non-set pieces in the belt and ring that compliment the primary popular build. Instead, I want to go over an alternative build that combines this build with […]

  • Diablo 3: Was Whirlwind Barbarian Nerfed Too Hard in Patch 2.4?

    I read a few articles on how the popular Whirlwind Barbarian from the previous season/patch was nerfed into the ground, but I didn’t experience the issue until today. I had been working on both a Marauders Demon Hunter (main) and Thorns Crusader up until this point and decided to rebirth my old barbarian to check […]

  • Diablo 3: Rethinking the Might of the Earth Set

    Thus far, we’ve only been given a slight glimpse into the next patch’s revamped set of the Demon Hunter Shadow Bane set. Of course, one of the major goals mentioned by the developers was to make all sets feasible and bring up current sets and older sets to a competitive level. In this blog, I […]

  • Diablo 3: Raekor/Immortal Kings 4/3 Build for Patch 2.3

    I’ve stated it before that Immortal Kings makes a great bridge between sets. Before I tried whirlwind in patch 2.2, I did a Raekor/Immortal Kings 4/3 build, which was far better than the pure Raekor set build. While it did reasonable damage, it still could not compete against a pure Whirlwind set, which was becoming […]

  • Diablo 3: Seismic Slam Barbarian for Patch 2.3

    Although people have said that currently on the PTR the Immortal Kings set is bugged with regards to the 6 set bonus, I decided to give the Seismic Slam Barbarian another go. This blog discusses the gear and skills for a reasonable Seismic Slam barbarian and potential alternatives if you lack a piece or two.

  • Diablo 3: Weekend Grinding With Demon Hunters, Wizards and Barbarians

    While I do have some time to play during the week, most of my progress for Diablo 3 comes exclusively on the weekends. This weekend my main target was to finish putting together an Unhallowed Essence build which I managed to accomplish. So I’d like to share some thoughts on that as well as other […]