Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Marauder Endless Walk Build for Patch 2.4.2

Typically, for Marauders builds these days, you’ll see the M6 pairing with Focus/Restraint (Bastion of Will), Manticore, Wraps of Clarity and a few other key items. While this build is high in damage, it has a few issues in vulnerability when sentries are not up, is resource intensive and slow. So I want to present a slight variation on the M6 build with an emphasis on using the Endless Walk ring/amulet in this alternative build.

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Diablo 3: The Shadow Mantle Build

Although Season 8’s Haedrig Gift for Demon Hunters will not be the Shadow Mantle set, I decided to goof around a little with this set and see what felt good in trying to come up with a reasonable build. This is by no means a meta build nor is it meant for ultra high Greater Rifts. But the build is something just for fun in case you get bored with other Demon Hunter builds.

Demon Hunter Shadow Mantle Build

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Diablo 3: Season 8 Class Sets and Starter Character

Season 7 is ending soon and we won’t be seeing any new content for Season 8 beyond changing up the Haedrig’s Gift sets. The good news is that we can begin examining the choices for characters based partly on what the next group of Haedrig’s Gift sets has to offer. Although there hasn’t been any official postings about what those sets specifically are, we can speculate that we’ll be seeing the last sets in rotation for Season 8.

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Diablo 3: Too Many Nerfs to Crowd Control and Solution to Seasonal Leaderboards

This latest patch will bring more nerfs to crowd control. Obviously, the issue Blizzard is attempting to resolve is perma-cc situations, which usually are part of the group meta as they seem to want people just playing pure damage builds rather than support builds. There’s been quite a number of nerfs over time to CC effects by players but this one almost shuts down the usefulness of any CC capability at this stage. Has the nerfhammer come down too far this time?

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Diablo 3: Unhallowed Essence vs Marauders

With Season 7 coming around the corner, it’s time to choose a class. I already stated why I’m not going to start with a Demon Hunter this season in a previous blog. But the idea of knowing which set to start with in a season is critical and goes into the essence of the difference between Unhallowed Essence and a set like Marauders. I want to expand into that debate here and point out what I like about one set vs the other.

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Diablo 3: To Buff or Not to Buff Items

There’s an ongoing thread regarding some of the upcoming patch 2.4.1 changes that can be seen on diablofans. One of the comments someone on the d3 forums mentioned was the observation that mostly this patch will just buff items and some skills, leading to more power creep. While I don’t know if this particular patch will be in line for the next season, one thing that has been a common philosophy for the Diablo 3 development team is that pretty much each season we’ll be seeing more progress somehow in terms of the Greater Rift scaling. Now, with various items getting buffed, I’m certain the rationale here is to make the sets more in line with each other. But a different thought came to mind: should the developers simply buff the items?

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Diablo 3: First Impressions of Might of the Earth Barbarian Set

This blog will go over some testing I’ve been doing since acquiring the main pieces to the Might of the Earth Barbarian set. I’m just off by two non-set pieces in the belt and ring that compliment the primary popular build. Instead, I want to go over an alternative build that combines this build with 3 pieces of the Immortal Kings set.

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Diablo 3: Was Whirlwind Barbarian Nerfed Too Hard in Patch 2.4?

I read a few articles on how the popular Whirlwind Barbarian from the previous season/patch was nerfed into the ground, but I didn’t experience the issue until today. I had been working on both a Marauders Demon Hunter (main) and Thorns Crusader up until this point and decided to rebirth my old barbarian to check out some of the changes. Unfortunately, the way the gear dropped for me lead me towards the Wrath of the Wastes set style Whirlwind Barbarian and left me with the following impression.

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World of Warcraft: Gearing in 6.2.3 for the Super Casual (Like Me!)

Let’s say you just returned to World of Warcraft and just hit level 100 or had a supremely undergeared toon. There’s all this new content and it’s pretty overwhelming. What do you do? This guide is aimed at the Super Casual, who aren’t hardcore raiders, lack a guild and probably hate doing instances in fear of getting yelled at or kicked by obnoxious players (generally for low DPS and not knowing mechanics) and want to get some gear quickly.

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