Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Marauder Endless Walk Build for Patch 2.4.2

Typically, for Marauders builds these days, you’ll see the M6 pairing with Focus/Restraint (Bastion of Will), Manticore, Wraps of Clarity and a few other key items. While this build is high in damage, it has a few issues in vulnerability when sentries are not up, is resource intensive and slow. So I want to present a slight variation on the M6 build with an emphasis on using the Endless Walk ring/amulet in this alternative build.

So the advantage of going Focus/Restraint with M6 is that you gain 100% more damage by using a generator and spender combo. With Marauders, you generally employ Evasive Fire: Focus for your generator and Cluster Arrow: Shooting Stars for your high damaging spender. In addition, you can gain another passive since you probably will go after a Hellfire Amulet in this build using something like Cull the Weak, Ballistics or Custom Engineering as your most valued passives.

An alternative build is to use the Endless Walk ring/amulet combination and putting in your spare ring slot a Convention of Elements while in your Kanai’s Cube, you take a Ring of Royal Grandeur for your jewelry slot, go with a Cindercoat for your chest slot and switch to Fire for your elemental damage as far as gear goes. Then you switch your Cluster Arrow rune to Loaded for Bear for the Fire damage element, change Vault (which normally is Tumble) to Trail of Cinders and possibly change Evasive Fire to Preparation: Punishment for the boost of Hatred.

Now, the idea here is that you get a little more defense while you’re moving around through Endless Walk and then spike in damage once you encounter heavier encounters. Your Cindercoat’s resource reduction helps prevent you from draining your Hatred as badly on top of giving you more opportunities to Vault (whereas before you would rely on Health Globes and the Blood Vengeance passive to help regenerate your Discipline).

Truthfully, I need to test this build to see how if the Hatred spending is rough from Cluster Arrow to the point where you need to swap back to Evasive Fire. My guess though is that the combination of your Manticore’s resource reduction for Cluster Arrow along with Cindercoat ought to not be as draining. Also, you should be able to generate enough health globes to not be too resource starved. The main downfall is the ramp up damage from Endless Walk compared to the Bastion of Will. You will be required to stand still briefly to get the bonus from Endless Walk, which may leave you vulnerable.

Another idea is to use Smoke Screen or Shadow Power for some damage reduction in order to absorb a little bit of the lost damage reduction as opposed to Preparation: Punishment. Preparation: Punishment is there for the instant burst in Hatred since you can then spam cast your Cluster Arrow.

The other lesser issue with this build is finding a good version of the ring/amulet. Getting good stats on either is very tough to come by. But one of the nice things is that theoretically you could get one more stats on either if you stumble upon a very well rolled version of either.

At any rate, I personally need to give this a shot. I do have reasonable gear on my non-seasonal account to experiment a little. On paper, this build looks good for those who want to do speed runs on M6 just because of the resource reduction from your Cindercoat along with Vault: Trail of Cinders. So there’s a few things that appeal to me in giving this build a try, not to mention spicing things up with M6 slightly.

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