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  • Diablo 3: Patch 2.7.2 Demon Hunter Marauder Build Revised

    With Marauder getting a revision back to its original form, I decided to theorycraft a build and some variations. The main idea behind the new Marauder’s set is that they wanted to put back the power into Sentries by having them fire the abilities on the action bar and improving the damage coming from the […]

  • Diablo 3: Season 24 Demon Hunter Gears of Dreadlands Hungering Arrow Build for Patch 2.7.1

    Of all the existing builds right now, the Gears of Dreadlands Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter build might be my favorite of all time. In being super fast, tanky, high damaging and capable of multiple scenarios, it has a versatility that’s hard to beat. With the addition of Ethereals, a few things will change but mostly […]

  • Diablo 3 Season 21 Review

    I got burnt out on Path of Exile after grinding the last few leagues. The latest league didn’t really excite me so I decided to take a break and go back to some other games. One game that did intrigue me was Diablo 3 due to the new sets (particularly the Demon Hunter set).

  • Diablo3 : Unhallowed Essence Hellcat Waistguard Build Thoughts

    Recently, I gave the Unhallowed Essence Hellcat Waistguard build a go since a friend of mine had been playing it a bit. The main motivation was my friend describing the build as being quite tanky. After giving the build a shot, I will admit that he was right.

  • Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Marauder Endless Walk Build for Patch 2.4.2

    Typically, for Marauders builds these days, you’ll see the M6 pairing with Focus/Restraint (Bastion of Will), Manticore, Wraps of Clarity and a few other key items. While this build is high in damage, it has a few issues in vulnerability when sentries are not up, is resource intensive and slow. So I want to present […]

  • Diablo 3: The Shadow Mantle Build

    Although Season 8’s Haedrig Gift for Demon Hunters will not be the Shadow Mantle set, I decided to goof around a little with this set and see what felt good in trying to come up with a reasonable build. This is by no means a meta build nor is it meant for ultra high Greater […]

  • Diablo 3: Unhallowed Essence vs Marauders

    With Season 7 coming around the corner, it’s time to choose a class. I already stated why I’m not going to start with a Demon Hunter this season in a previous blog. But the idea of knowing which set to start with in a season is critical and goes into the essence of the difference […]

  • Diablo 3: Marauder’s Set Using The Cloak of the Garwulf vs Visage of Gunes

    The revamped Marauder’s set has brought a lot of firepower to the Demon Hunter. In addition, many Demon Hunter builds have popularized using Vengeance for Hatred regeneration as well as an offensive and defensive buff using the revamped Dawn and the new Visage of Gunes helmet. While this version is popular, an alternative build for […]

  • Diablo 3: Patch 2.3 Super Fast Natalya’s Fire Strafe Farming Build

    Natalya’s set is probably one of the best sets for speed farming lower Greater Rifts and other content from around T6-T8. Even without Kanai’s Cube, there’s a certain gear combination that you can use for doing a starter farmer build. This blog post will go into the gear, basic skills and gems for this farming […]

  • Diablo 3: Marauder Multishot Build for Patch 2.3

    For those who want to give the Maurader set another go in patch 2.3, I want to introduce my build, which ups the damage a bit and plays around with the traditional Marauder Fire build. This blog will discuss the basic gear and skills to get this build going.