HQ25 Day 4 Progress

Today is another Imitation Game days. In short, plenty of resources, fully boosted statues and getting the chance to see the potential full power of my squad as both accounts barrel forward.

My main account is slightly ahead of my secondary one due to having more Diamonds in the past. In that sense, I was able to get my first level 72 base as I now have quite a bit of experience. I checked the leaderboards yesterday and noted that a few more level 72 accounts began to appear. For me the interesting part was seeing how they got there and it looks as though most are upgrading their Armory then 4th Rocket Launcher.

Regardless, Imitation Game was quite easy today, especially with upgraded Barrage and Artillery abilities. This was the first time that I could BART down a level 4 base, which felt quite satisfying. Also, since Imitation Game still only goes to HQ22 for level 7, I had no issue taking down the entire thing, even when level 7 had two Shock Blaster prototypes.

However, both accounts had used up so much Diamonds that I can’t do much anymore to rush upgrades. So the current plan is to grab as much Diamonds from the rewards as possible until I get back up to a reasonable level. On my secondary account, this means my Armory is going to lag a few days behind my main account as I wait for my Bombardiers to complete. And while that happens, I have to sit around with 13 million in gold before I can start with my Medics on that account.

My main account is enjoying the fully upgraded Bombardier and is awaiting a little over day days for my Medics to finish. After that, I’m aiming straight for Grenadiers as they’re incredibly expensive. Luckily, there are only a limited number of Armory upgrades at the moment so I don’t feel a need to rush anything. And the critical ones have been done or are being worked on there.

In terms of utilizing today’s gains, I began diverging on both accounts. My main account is working on getting the Rocket Launcher all the way up and currently is working at level 8. On that account, I simply don’t have the resources to do any other max level defenses but I should be able to max out my Rocket Launcher by the end of next week in doing an upgrade a day.

For my secondary account, I had stored up quite a bit of resources recently and began my first max level Boom Cannon. I figure once that’s done, it should have a bit of an intimidation factor after I place it front and center. But I really didn’t want to waste a small amount of resources and the time on trying to play catch up with the Rocket Launcher. By the time the Boom Cannon is finished, I should have enough resources to start working on the Rocket Launcher throughout the coming week.

Now, the real boon in all of this is that I have over 80 Trader Tickets on both accounts. Theoretically, I could open them all this weekend but I’m not at the point where I’m desperately out of resources and need to scrounge up more for upgrades. So more than likely, I’ll end up waiting another week at least until I start popping those Tickets.

One thing I will say is that my main account is starting to get hammered badly. I’ve been receiving 3-4 attacks per day and it’s literally draining. I do think that if/when the Weapons Lab upgrade hits with the 4th prototype how that will impact future attacks. I do think once that happens, I probably will see a lot more Diamonds depending on the prototype. Also, I have a few ideas for cool setups I’d like to try with things like a Damage Amplifier + 4 Rocket Launchers and a Sky Shield.

Speaking of the Weapons Lab part of the HQ25 update series, there still has been no word of when it will drop nor the other updates. Some people are speculating that other updates might affect Warships or perhaps Operations. But if there won’t be anymore base updates, I will be pretty sad. That said, outside of the Weapons Lab, I doubt we’ll see much more. Maybe a new troop type?

At any rate, good progress this week. After seeing what I could upgrade in a given week, I’m certain that once the Rocket Launcher is done, it’s going to be a real pain doing anything more than a single upgrade a week, if I’m lucky. And I think I’m going to stay my course on avoiding Landing Craft upgrades for a while outside of the Mega Crab cycles.

Now, that I have a better feeling for what’s going on for HQ25, I do want to say I’m guessing that Supercell will wait a fair amount of time for another major HQ update. However, this update in all fairness has been a very lackluster addition and much of the community has commented that outside of the visual art for the HQ25, the remaining aspects has been nothing but disappointing.

That said, because of the few things that we can upgrade, I do believe that a potential HQ 26 could make its way within a year. If the HQ24 update was any indication, I speculate that the next update could come in 6-9 months. My rational for this is that there really is far less to upgrade in this update and I feel that Supercell gives enough time for enough players to get close to maxing out their bases before dropping an update. Because of the limits in this update, I do think that they won’t leave us hanging for that long, despite what people say (myself included)

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