Is Blizzard Dead?

Watching Blizzcon 2018 this year was exceptionally painful. In years past, I felt excitement in awaiting the new content. This year’s opening ceremony hurt to the point where you could feel a certain lament. Pretty much I just wanted to hear the announcements but the tone from Morhaime and the lack of general mentions of content was a preview to sheer disappointment. But there’s a bigger thing that is underlying what we’re seeing: the actual death of Blizzard.

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Path of Exile: Delve Sulphite Change Issues

We had a pretty fast week when it came to updates to the latest Delve league. Most of the updates were concerning how Sulphite operates in terms of amounts one can get and the cost. However, that brought up a great deal of controversy which required a fast update as a result of essentially poor math. Although most of the changes are really aimed towards high end Delvers, we should examine the bigger issue: the expectations of what Delve meant to players.

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Path of Exile: Current State of the Game from My Viewpoint

This post will be heavily opinionated based on my recent experience with the Incursion league, the end of Beast League, the very initial foray into the Flashback Incursion league and finally the upcoming Delve League. I might occasionally compare it to Diablo 3, but for the most part this isn’t going to be game XXX is better than YYY type of write up.

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Path of Exile: Delve Starter League Build Thoughts

With Delve coming out tomorrow, I’ve been pondering with the recent patch notes the build I will be choosing. There have been some anguishing nerfs but I expect that is due to the mechanics of Delve that will discourage current league mechanics. Where Incursion league’s meta was “Go-Go-Go!”, Delve’s mechanics seem to be all about caution, tankiness and slowness. How will that influence my choices?

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