Path of Exile 4.0/2 Initial Thoughts

GGG/Path of Exile just had its first ever Exilecon and there’s a lot of information to disseminate. I was pretty hyped up as I had zero expectations going in outside of the much rumored Path of Exile 4.0 patch that GGG has been discussing for some time. While there are other pieces of content such as the mobile game and next challenge league, I really wanted to focus on this big expansion for this blog post.

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Path of Exile: Divine Ire Totems Hierophant Review

I saw Mathil with a Divine Ire Totems build the other day and it intrigued me as I had been pondering doing something with Divine Ire for a while. Originally, I was considering creating another Trickster, even though I already had done so in the previous league. However, I didn’t get to the endgame with that character for one reason or another and decided to commit to an extent to this build. One thing comes to mind: fastest leveling I have done this league!

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Path of Exile: How I Would Fix Synthesis League

I’m not going to lie about my feelings for this league: it wasn’t good. I’ve felt less motivated to play compared to Betrayal, which I initially had cursed out. That said, during Betrayal, I gradually felt motivated to play once I learned about the various Syndicate farming techniques in Act 8-10. Either way, the things I became excited about for Synthesis turned out to be rubbish. Why?

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Path of Exile: Cyclone/Ice Nova/Frostbolt CoC Assassin Re-Reviewed

Despite my initial misgivings with the Assassin CoC Cospri’s Malice Ice Nova/Frostbolt/Cyclone build, I still felt a certain emptiness driving me to give it a second chance. I knew that upon getting certain items, the potential of the build would be unlocked but the real trick was getting over that initial hump. In turn, I decided to re-create my character from the start and trying a slightly different path to getting him towards that end goal.

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