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  • Clash of Clans: Clan Games Grinding

    Been really grinding away at Clash of Clans since I want to reach the Tier 2 rewards. At some point, I wish I had a third account just to be able to get all the way to Tier 3 but I know it would make life strenuous just from the requirement of time and resources, […]

  • Lost Ark: 2FA Requirement Coming

    I’m not a fan of 2FA. I think the implementation is garbage for the most part and only leads to more information being exposed. That said, some small minded people have been begging for SmileGate/AGS to implement this feature as a result of botting. I’ve said that increased security measures only add to the hassle […]

  • Clash of Clans: Big Progress for My TH12 Account

    They had a little sale for a Book of Heroes on the game today so I picked that up along with a Book of Everything for the future. Already, I had a Book of Heroes saved up as well as near 500 gems that I decided to put to use for a 3rd in the […]

  • Lost Ark: 4th Punika Alt

    I spent a good chunk of last night finishing up Punika on my Shadowhunter. It really wasn’t hard this time around just super annoying with certain fights just because some opponents cheat with their stupid teleportation that they know when you’re going to activate your key abilities or their insane AoE radius that traps you […]

  • Clash of Clans: TH13 With Max Housing Space!

    There was a reasonably priced Book of Building available that I bought yesterday so that I could finish up my Army Camp on my TH13 account. I figured that I wanted to use the full 300 House Space and get some value before the season ended. Not to mention I put my Royal Champion down […]

  • Lost Ark: Got A Little Play Time In Today

    Usually, I’ll try to get a session in before maintenance kicks in because I figure that it’s the last chance before reset to get what you need going. I could be wrong but I think I ended up taking a two day break since most of my alts had 2 bars of rested experience. But […]

  • Lost Ark: Thoughts on Discouraging RMT and Bots

    So reading about the issues that Lost Ark is going through in terms of RMT/Bots, I started thinking about potential solutions that would solve this. Now, some might just flat out kill the economy while others would hurt SmileGate/Amazon’s business model. But I think the risk in the short term is better than the long […]

  • Lost Ark: Midday Maintenance

    They had a midday maintenance break yesterday due to a “matchmaking issue.” I first discovered an issue when I tried to get into a Chaos Dungeon and receive no response several times. Swapping characters did not help. I thought my network was bad because of how I had two Twitch streams up. Lastly, I thought […]

  • Clash of Clans: The Worst…

    A new event started tonight where there’s a reward of a Builder potion for using 11 Hog Riders. They discounted the Healing spell to match and have another reward with Super Wallbreakers which altogether implies that they want people doing a Queen Charge Hybrid attack. However, I just don’t feel ready for it just yet.

  • Lost Ark: Slightly Less Frustrating Day

    Made reasonable progress today in the game. Collected my Una’s tokens for gold and walked about with around 3k. That was on top of collecting another 2k in gold from selling off Guardian stones and some other bits of equipment including a juicy tier 2 Ability Stone with the Grudge and Keen Blunt Weapon engraving […]