World of Warcraft: Unsubbed and Ecstatic!

I ended up getting sick again over this weekend and didn’t finish up a few pre-pre-patch items on my agenda yesterday. I was sad knowing that the game was going to nerf a bunch of gold making outlets from Garrison missions. But I had been reading notes and general forum complaints periodically just to keep up to date with anything major. Decided to login just to see if there was anything worth checking out. Pretty much the moment I got in, I lost all desire to play.

Patch day generally is one of the more frustrating days. Bugs, server issues, etc. compounding new features that might confuse one. Today was no exception. Still it’s mystifying how a game this ancient with a company that has this level of a reputation would continue to be plagued by the same errors wrought over the years. Even the hardcore player base bemoaned the various problems caused by this patch.

For myself, I didn’t have any issue mostly because I left my system on a few nights ago, which seemed to get the mega patch. So the actual download was around 1gb. And I logged in later in the day, thus having enough time for Blizzard to remedy some of the earlier server issues. Of course, whenever there’s a patch day as big as this, your add-ons bite the dust. Some add-ons don’t do a thing for me. But others pretty much are a necessity. Not having a few means that you have to deal with this archaic interface and that’s just no fun at all.

Okay fine so my bags are all disorderly and the missions must be played through one at a time. But the worst feeling was just seeing the nerfed gold making aspect. For some characters, I had been working for quite some time, leveling up followers just so that I’d have enough gold by the time the expansion hit. All those stupid Tanaan Jungle dailies just to get my reputation high enough to unlock the Oil Rig….gone.

Next, the infamous nauseating camera angle struck and I’m zoomed in way too close for comfort. Man, I can’t wait to hear about the person who gets fired about this awful decision. This decision almost is as bad as the stupid Silver Training Grounds requirement for Heroic instances. I really don’t get how someone could fuck up this badly. No one ever requested this “feature” nor considered it a bug. It’s moments like this when you wish you could body swap that developer and Ned Stark at the Sept of Balor.

And what about the reworked classes? I don’t even want to delve into that. There’s so much bullshit with that system and I already wrote an article talking about how stupid everything was. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why fix stuff that wasn’t horridly broken in the first place? Why do all this stupid shell swapping to make it appear you created content?

Then you have the toxic forums. There isn’t any happy souls there. The ones that like the changes I suspect are forum trolls intending to trigger others and confuse the already befuddled developers into believing they did right. But the point is that it’s a huge mess over there and a place that I don’t want to get close to at all.

Overall, you can kinda see the direction this game is heading. It’s not a pretty picture and there’s hardly any incentives to really play right now. My favorite forum comment was “I liked transmog and….that’s it?” Pretty much the only good deed of this patch. That’s horribly sad for the last major content patch prior to the expansion.

All you really see are these stingy developers with the edict from above to nerf everything into the ground so that people strive to get back to the top. I don’t feel like it. All my efforts getting to where I managed to get are gone. All that work, meaningless. This game isn’t my life but I don’t want it to suck up anymore time and money than it already has. So I decided to unsub.


As sick as I am currently, unsubbing from World of Warcraft felt like a much needed penicillin shot into my life. I’ve been looking for an excuse to leave the game because up to this point, the game was playable and gave me enough to do to make it a good time waster. Now, it’s just a bad time waster and a money sink. So why support a dead game with a dying brand when I could use the money for other things?

I kinda feel that the game makers intentionally are making this game terrible in the hopes that more people unsubscribe. It sounds odd but I have this odd conspiracy theory that if enough people unplug from this game, it’ll provide enough motivation for Blizzard to let this ancient engine go so that a new platform can be built. I mean, that’s what really is needed since all these iterations on this game haven’t really provided us with the world we want.

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