Old Game Reviews: Wizard’s Crown

Prior to the gold box set AD&D games, SSI had Wizard’s Crown, which I heard had the basis for the combat engine for the gold box series. Wizard’s Crown was one of the original true hardcore CRPGs and quite difficult even when you had the game set to the lowest difficulty level (and I believe there was one at the time). It had a very interesting system to say the least, which is why I wanted to do a review.

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Diablo 3: 7 Fun Builds that Got Nerfed into Oblivion

Today, I want to talk about various fun builds in Diablo 3 that got nerfed into nothingness. These builds aren’t necessarily great builds for pushing high Greater Rifts nor are they ones that may have been universally loved. They are builds that I played at some point that may have been Meta or at least interesting and worth checking out that got destroyed at some point.

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Diablo 3: More Ideas on Improving Competitive Leaderboards

While writing my previous Diablo 3 blog, something hit me about the idea of competitive play. Right now, the only source of competition is the highest Greater Rift one can achieve in a season. Unfortunately, the game burns people out quickly especially after the first week since everything revolves around pushing the highest Greater Rift. While seeing huge numbers is always fun, overtime this idea stagnates especially in its current format. What other ideas can the game add more dimensions to competitive leaderboards?

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Diablo 3: Too Many Nerfs to Crowd Control and Solution to Seasonal Leaderboards

This latest patch will bring more nerfs to crowd control. Obviously, the issue Blizzard is attempting to resolve is perma-cc situations, which usually are part of the group meta as they seem to want people just playing pure damage builds rather than support builds. There’s been quite a number of nerfs over time to CC effects by players but this one almost shuts down the usefulness of any CC capability at this stage. Has the nerfhammer come down too far this time?

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World of Warcraft: Unsubbed and Ecstatic!

I ended up getting sick again over this weekend and didn’t finish up a few pre-pre-patch items on my agenda yesterday. I was sad knowing that the game was going to nerf a bunch of gold making outlets from Garrison missions. But I had been reading notes and general forum complaints periodically just to keep up to date with anything major. Decided to login just to see if there was anything worth checking out. Pretty much the moment I got in, I lost all desire to play.

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World of Warcraft: The Pointlessness in Class (Re-)Design

Since being a player of World of Warcraft from Wrath of the Lich King, I became accustomed to the idea of how Blizzard will revamp classes each expansion. It’s natural in any RPG where as characters increase in power, so do the way they behave. In an expansion, that would mean adding abilities to show that growth. However, the way Blizzard has handled class changes is absolutely befuddling and extremely frustrating to the point where you really have to wonder where people’s heads are in making these decisions.

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Diablo 3: How to Potentially Solve the Solo vs Multiplayer Gap

Multiplayer will always have an advantage in Diablo 3 because fundamentally one of Blizzard’s core values is on the social aspect of gaming. Thus, playing in a group would (and probably should) exhibit clear benefits. But having a solid group in Diablo 3 also means gaining a massive advantage both in terms of items from loot sharing as well as being able to push higher into greater rifts. While I feel that the former issue really isn’t that huge of a gap, the issue of being able to push higher greater rifts can be a massive problem just because a group has more abilities to offset affects whereas the solo player has a limited number of abilities for survivability, etc. Even with shrinking the damage output of monsters and their life at higher greater rifts in solo play, it still really isn’t enough overall. So how can we mitigate this issue? Is it purely a mathematical issue?

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World of Warcraft: Private Vanilla Server Going Bye Bye Controversy

So there’s a huge controversial issue about the Vanilla WoW private server Nostalrius where Blizzard’s legal department did a shutdown. The shutdown caused the community to start a petition for Blizzard to look into starting their own legacy WoW servers. The goal is to meet 200k signatures. There’s a lot of issues in this situation in Blizzard’s legal stance, the communities’ response and whether or not there should be a legacy server.

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