Activision-Blizzard Layoffs Thoughts

The big industry news for gaming recently was a large layoff over at Activision-Blizzard. Around 700 people were cut, despite supposed record revenue for the company. On social media, I’ve seen multiple posts both inside and out of the company on the subject. People such as community managers often reached out or try to help their fellow former colleagues in finding new work. But I think we need to examine the bigger picture from this.

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Path of Exile: Will Betrayal Be The Tipping Point For The Game and GGG?

I just saw a video where they showed Asmongold reacting quite favorably towards the newest announcement of Path of Exile: Betrayal. He was talking about how this upcoming league might cause him to switch from being a pure World of Warcraft streamer to a variety streamer (if not at least Path of Exile for the league). Similarly, GiantWaffle just started playing the new Delve league today possibly in anticipation for the upcoming league. In addition over on Twitch, there has been a great deal of new players, many of whom are ex Diablo 3 players. While that’s going on, Diablo 3 will be getting a minor seasonal update with some small rebalancing (read: higher numbers). Many indications are pointing that this upcoming league, we may see GGG and Path of Exile go much more mainstream.

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Is Blizzard Dead?

Watching Blizzcon 2018 this year was exceptionally painful. In years past, I felt excitement in awaiting the new content. This year’s opening ceremony hurt to the point where you could feel a certain lament. Pretty much I just wanted to hear the announcements but the tone from Morhaime and the lack of general mentions of content was a preview to sheer disappointment. But there’s a bigger thing that is underlying what we’re seeing: the actual death of Blizzard.

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Diablo 3: Necromancer Character Pack Announced at Blizzcon 2016

While the highly anticipated Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 expansion were not announced at Blizzcon 2016, the big news for Diablo 3 was a character pack for the Necromancer class. Earlier, it was “accidentally” unveiled of a poster showing a male and female Necromancer artwork on the Blizzard store, hinting at the possibility of an expansion. Instead, the wording was toned down (at least for expectations) for something called a character pack due for 2017.

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Diablo 3: 7 Fun Builds that Got Nerfed into Oblivion

Today, I want to talk about various fun builds in Diablo 3 that got nerfed into nothingness. These builds aren’t necessarily great builds for pushing high Greater Rifts nor are they ones that may have been universally loved. They are builds that I played at some point that may have been Meta or at least interesting and worth checking out that got destroyed at some point.

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World of Warcraft: Unsubbed and Ecstatic!

I ended up getting sick again over this weekend and didn’t finish up a few pre-pre-patch items on my agenda yesterday. I was sad knowing that the game was going to nerf a bunch of gold making outlets from Garrison missions. But I had been reading notes and general forum complaints periodically just to keep up to date with anything major. Decided to login just to see if there was anything worth checking out. Pretty much the moment I got in, I lost all desire to play.

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World of Warcraft: The Pointlessness in Class (Re-)Design

Since being a player of World of Warcraft from Wrath of the Lich King, I became accustomed to the idea of how Blizzard will revamp classes each expansion. It’s natural in any RPG where as characters increase in power, so do the way they behave. In an expansion, that would mean adding abilities to show that growth. However, the way Blizzard has handled class changes is absolutely befuddling and extremely frustrating to the point where you really have to wonder where people’s heads are in making these decisions.

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World of Warcraft: Private Vanilla Server Going Bye Bye Controversy

So there’s a huge controversial issue about the Vanilla WoW private server Nostalrius where Blizzard’s legal department did a shutdown. The shutdown caused the community to start a petition for Blizzard to look into starting their own legacy WoW servers. The goal is to meet 200k signatures. There’s a lot of issues in this situation in Blizzard’s legal stance, the communities’ response and whether or not there should be a legacy server.

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