World of Warcraft: 90 Level Monk, 4 Piece Paladin and Flexing Hunter

Yesterday was a rather “productive” World of Warcraft day. I managed to hit 90 on my monk, get the helmet token for my paladin and started doing Flex on my hunter. I feel that the door to many things have opened up and it has motivated me somewhat to get a little more progress on my toons.

Hitting 90 on my monk was a major milestone for me as now I am in possession of all level 90’s in terms of classes. It’s a nice personal accomplishment which will be interesting once the expansion hits. Currently, I’ve been gearing my monk up. The Timeless Isle BoA gear is pretty ridiculous in that aspect since I went almost to 492 with all the items I had been saving on my alts. Also, one thing I did was hand over multiple pieces that I wasn’t using on my other toons to my monk so that the chance for obtaining a better itemized piece was a lot higher. That allowed me to focus on core stats and have my basics covered (such as expertise and hit)

Once I got the basics reforged and covered, I decided to do regular LFR “progression.” In short, I attempted to go in a linear path through the older LFRs. Since I was missing a trinket and reasonable weapon, I figured doing pre-ToT LFRs would help cover a few holes. Unfortunately, I discovered that Heart of Fear part 2 was taking a ridiculous amount of time to get into (roughly an hour) so I skipped it until later that evening. Even then I only could got the second boss, which was a huge disappointment as I still would like to do Terrace of Endless Spring in the hopes of picking up the polearm weapon.

In the meantime, I figured it would be worth the effort to get into the Throne of Thunder LFRĀ  to get a few better items. Although the Timeless Isle gear is 496, the stats on average are pretty wretched and more or less “throwaway” compared to stuff you can get in Throne of Thunder. My feeling is that it’s only really worth enchanting/gemming 502 and above gear as anything below will get quickly replaced. I was able to obtain 3 tier pieces for the monk set along with a trinket, necklace and cloak. But the biggest thing I need at the moment is a better weapon.

Fortunately, I had that Inscription BoA staff sitting around so that provides a good foundation weapon to start. I see my monk doing around 70-80k DPS on many fights, which isn’t bad for his gear. So I imagine picking up a 502 weapon would help immensely. I decided to hold off of Siege of Orgrimmar at the moment mostly because I want to improve my damage in case people complain. That probably will take another week of grinding Throne of Thunder but I’m fine with that as I have other alts I can run through the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Along with playing my monk, I was able to get into my friend’s guilds Flex raid on my hunter, doing Wings 1 and 2. I got a few upgrades (cloak, boots and necklace). Others also started bringing their alts into the raid but it went really smoothly where we essentially one shot every boss. My hunter did fairly competitive damage for his ilvl so I think a better weapon, cloak, 4 piece set bonus and the meta gem will massively skyrocket his damage down the road.

Lastly, I had my paladin do part 3 for Flex and I managed to get the helmet token. As a result, he has the full 4 piece set bonus (and an ugly helmet). That boost his illvl to 551. I’m sure with a few successful Ordos runs, he can probably get up to 553-554, which would make him pretty good for normal modes. At this point, the only things I really can use from Flex are better bracers and the trinket off of Thok. That said, I still hope to down Garrosh and pick up the BoA weapon. But more than likely, the weapon will be handed down to my warrior (thus allowing me to switch her to Arms)

All-in-all it was a pretty good night. I’m hoping that once I finish up my paladin and get further along with my hunter, I’ll be able to work on my shaman. I feel a little motivated now to do the legendary quest on my hunter and possibly my shaman. Not sure about the rest of my toons, but those are the ones that I really would love to push far.

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