World of Warcraft: Mogu’shan Vaults Redemption

I had a fun experience when I was trying to valor cap on my paladin. I figured that while I required a few hundred valor points to cap, I might as well do some of the older LFRs since they are pretty easy these days. Fortunately, they’re still being run by people looking to gear up or perhaps, like myself, valor cap. I totally destroyed Mogu’shan Vaults part 1, only getting some level of competition in DPS against a slightly lesser geared monk and death knight. But part 2 was far more interesting for me.

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World of Warcraft: Retribution Paladin, Flex/LFR Thoughts for Patch 5.4

Tonight, I ran with my friend’s guild and managed to clear Wing 3 of Flex (along with doing a 45 minute run on Wing 1 and downing two bosses on Wing 2), using my paladin. It was a pretty good night, but I felt myself getting tired by the time we hit the Dark Shamans. There were a few hiccups for myself along the way in terms of mechanics and fight and as a retribution paladin, which lead me to this post.

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