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  • Diablo 3: How to Gear Up Quickly in Patch 2.3/Season 4

    Unfortunately, the 2000% legendary buff won’t exist once the new patch 2.3 and season 4 hits. The normal way of gearing up in the past was just farming Blood Shards, using Kadala for set pieces and even leeching in T6 runs. However, with Kanai’s Cube in Patch 2.3, we have more ways to get the […]

  • Diablo 3: And Yet More PTR Testing With Monk, Marauders Demon Hunter and Kanai’s Cube

    Once again, I managed to get into the PTR for some testing. I did revisit the Marauders Demon Hunter build once again as well as put more emphasis on a Sunwuko-Innes combo monk. In addition, I’ve been playing around with Kanai’s Cube with regards to another power, the ability to convert rares into legendaries.

  • Diablo 3: Testing the PTR for Patch 2.3

    Last night, I gave the latest PTR build for Patch 2.3 a spin. Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot of people on and I successfully got in. That allowed me to complete a good number of bounties to finally start unlocking legendary passives and allow me to play around with a few ideas and experiment with […]

  • Diablo 3: Patch 2.3.0 PTR Preview First Look

    Blizzard announced the upcoming 2.3.0 patch for Diablo 3 on their PTR servers. Like 2.2, this patch looks to be pretty big with some major features that have numerous players chomping at the bits in anticipation for the release. Let’s take a look at the major features here.

  • Diablo 3: (Not A) Cow Anniversary Event and Ideas

    Diablo 3’s 3rd anniversary has been marked this year with a special (not a) Cow Event which pays homage to Diablo 2’s Secret Cow Level. The event made me realize that Diablo 3 ought to have more events like this one on a very frequent basis, which will be the basis of discussion for this […]

  • Diablo 3: Season 2 Best Class Thoughts

    With Season 2 only a week away, I decided to do some basic theory crafting to examine which classes will have the greatest potential for greater rifts. Since the new season will not present the set pieces introduced at Blizzcon, I will not address those. Instead, I will look at just the season specific gear […]

  • Diablo 3: Patch 2.1.2 Experience, Gearing and Farming Ideas

    Patch 2.1.2 for Diablo 3 dropped yesterday and I gave it a quick spin with the Demon Hunter and Monk. Fortunately, I had the prescience to hoard various legendaries that I felt would eventually make a comeback in the future, thus allowing myself to quickly swap  some gear for both my Demon Hunter and Monk […]

  • Diablo 3: Keep on Trucking

    This is going to be a vlog of some Diablo 3 stuff I’ve been working on. Mostly, I’ve been really focused on playing as many classes as possible and trying different gear, even non-end game builds. I’m very close to finishing a few guys up and wanted to share my experiences here.

  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Hellfire Ring/Amulet Farming Guide for Demon Hunters in Patch 2.1.1

    This guide is for Demon Hunters who want to solo farm the Hellfire Ring/Amulet. There are no cheats but you will have some prerequisite gear in order to do this efficiently.

  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Are Demon Hunters Overpowered At the Moment?

    The Marauders 6 set bonus make Demon Hunters one of the top classes in the game at the moment for handling end game content. With a decent 2-handed crossbow, the Bombadier’s Rucksack and Custom Engineering, even a poorly itemized Demon Hunter can solo and carry T4-5 rifts. Drop 5 sentries down and let them take […]