Diablo 3: How to Gear Up Quickly in Patch 2.3/Season 4

Unfortunately, the 2000% legendary buff won’t exist once the new patch 2.3 and season 4 hits. The normal way of gearing up in the past was just farming Blood Shards, using Kadala for set pieces and even leeching in T6 runs. However, with Kanai’s Cube in Patch 2.3, we have more ways to get the gear we need to start doing harder content. This blog will discuss using Kanai’s Cube’s transmutation properties for crafting your own legendaries.

One of the best and possibly lesser used aspects in the PTR at the moment for Kanai’s Cube is the ability to upgrade a rare item to a legendary. Even though whatever item you upgrade will still be random, the main thing is that with enough materials, you can get some basic legendaries right out the door.

Some people might argue that this property of Kanai’s Cube is OP. However, at 50 Veiled Crystals, 50 Arcane Dusts and 50 Common Debris along with 5 Dragon Breaths, you’ll find yourself material starved constantly. Even when I pulled over my full stash from non-season into the PTR, I found myself nearly depleted of crafting materials (especially Arcane Dusts).

In addition, when the legendary buff wasn’t turned on in the PTR, I noticed that the drop rate for many items was far lower than on live. Less blues and even less rares from chests or mobs overall. So you can’t just continue crafting items until you get the ultimate ancient item. You have to be strategic in using this property, especially for a new seasonal character.

That said, you will certainly want to conserve all your materials as much as you can until level 70. All your materials while leveling will be the same moving forward from patch 2.3 so anything below level 61 will now be the same as 61-70. Because of this, you will want to pick up EVERYTHING and salvage as much as you can.

One thing you probably will want to keep around is jewelry. For instance, I was trying to find a good Sunwuko Shines amulet for my monk since those are pretty rare. Yellow (rare) jewelry are themselves rare and costly from Kadala. So with a new seasonal character, you might consider hoarding your level 70 ones in preparation for upgrading to a legendary.

Also, if you have a hard time getting Kalada to give you the perfect item, just keep the related rare she provides around to convert. Usually, I would start with a few weapons since having higher damage weapons will help propel you faster into higher difficulties initially compared to attempting to craft a set item.

Something else I discovered is that you can upgrade vender rare items. Now, I know some people might go, “Hey, that’s an exploit!” Not really because once you purchase them from a vender, they’re gone until a new game is created. You still can’t salvage the vender item but it does make a few key items worth picking up at the vender initially until you can get the ideal item down the line.

Another thing to consider is just farming lower difficulties like Normal and Hard for the blues and occasional rares. As I mentioned before, in the long run, blues become extremely difficult to find as you progress in difficulty. Also, the amount of materials returned from salvaging them are pretty small. So you might have to do normal/hard mode runs just to get enough blue crafting materials.

As you progress in difficulty and begin to accumulate set items, one thing you might discover is getting the same set item over and over. If you’re attempting to farm the full set from Kadala or from drops or crafting even, you can just try to use Kanai’s Cube to convert it into the missing item. This is a VERY handy feature early on if you just want to get the bonus from a set. It no longer works for items like the Bastion of Will nor Shen-Long fists, but for 6 piece sets this is a dream capability.

Now, I know some people will try to reroll an item into a perfect ancient using yet another Kanai’s Cube property. The biggest issue is that this feature requires 50 Forgotten Souls. So how can you get that many, especially in the beginning? During my testing on the PTR, one thing I discovered was that in upgrading my rares, I often times would get garbage legendaries. So all of those ended up becoming Forgotten Souls. By doing this, I ended up with nearly 2k worth of Forgotten Souls even without the 2000% legendary buff (some of which was earned previously but perhaps only half at best).

The bottom line is that the new patch will provide a large number of ways to gear up faster. Everything you find will be worth picking up along the way and no longer just go to waste. You can easily recycle many things in this manner so being smart with how you spend your mats and convert items will allow you to update your gear much faster than in the past.

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