Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Hellfire Ring/Amulet Farming Guide for Demon Hunters in Patch 2.1.1

This guide is for Demon Hunters who want to solo farm the Hellfire Ring/Amulet. There are no cheats but you will have some prerequisite gear in order to do this efficiently.


  • Marauders Set (just for the handling T6)
  • The Danetta’s Hand Crossbow set
  • Bombadier’s Rucksack (can use this in conjunction with one Danetta’s Crossbow)

For your talents, you want to go with the typical M6 setup:

  • Elemental Arrow (Frost Arrow)
  • Cluster Arrow (Maelstrom)
  • Multishot (Burst Fire)
  • Companion (Wolf Companion)
  • Sentry (Polar Station)
  • Vault (Tumble)
  • Cull the Weak
  • Custom Enginering
  • Ballistics
  • Blood Vengeance

You can alternate the cold build style to fire depending on the gear. The important part for this build is using the Danetta’s set to vault quickly through a map, using your Hatred rather than Discipline. Unfortunately, because of the nerf to Preparation, we no longer can instantly regenerate Hatred, otherwise you probably could swap out something if you find yourself running out of Hatred quickly. Also, I use Blood Vengeance for that extra bit of Hatred and Vault with Tumble to move across as fast as I can. You could also substitute Cull of the Weak with Hot Pursuit and switch out Action Shot for Tumble.

If you don’t have the Danetta’s set a slight alteration to this build would to use Vault with Action Shot and Night Stalker in place of Cull the Weak. Since Action Shot provides guaranteed Critical Hits and Night Stalker refuels Discipline by Critical Hits, you could use this as a substitute (but if the map isn’t dense then you might have some Discipline problems). I would make every attempt to get Health Globes for the resource regeneration here.

The main problem with Key farming that I’ve encountered is just finding the Key Wardens themselves. The worst maps are the Dahlgur Oasis and Fields of Misery just because of the sheer size of those. Being able to fly through the map and avoiding mobs when possible are critical to getting the Keys. Also, the Keys aren’t guaranteed drops so you want to be able to recreate games and hunt them down fast.

Another issue I’ve encountered while farming keys is that I tend to get bored after a while of hanging around the same region. To vary things up, I tend to use the Infernal Machine once I get enough keys to make one. It just helps break the rhythm up a bit. Also, I’ve added into the mix Ring of Royal Grandeur farming if I see a bounty in the Fields of Misery. Depending on how close (or insane I feel) to getting the last of my keys, I might use the Legendary Gem Boon of the Hoarder, especially if I mix in Act 1 bounties. It does slow me down a bit but if I continuously plop down sentries ahead of me and do a lot of back and forth searching, then it doesn’t hurt my progress too much.

You absolutely have to do this on T6 which is why you should be able to solo T6 content. Having dual Unities pretty much is a big plus but as long as you can handle the damage, then that part shouldn’t matter. Generally, my approach is to equip my Danetta’s before the search and run around while plopping down Sentries to do my dirty work in case I have to revisit an area. I try to avoid as many mobs as possible, only killing goblins and picking up legendaries along the way.

For the actual Uber fights, most are pretty simple. Maybe the fourth encounter with Diablo might cause some issues. Main thing is to avoid the traps, keep your sentries up and avoid getting hit while your pets do all the dirty work. Also, don’t forget to switch back your spec if you’ve taken out a few key talents.

I haven’t yet tried this on a public game but I suspect that uber fights themselves aren’t as critical as they were before since the material drop rate has been boosted to 100% on T6. The main advantage to public games becomes sharing the Inferno Machines and possibly increased chance for the key. I don’t know if split key farming would work though. At any rate, if you have sufficient gear to handle T6, you should handle the uber fights themselves just fine. My guy has nearly all BiS gear (not necessarily perfectly rolled) and it’s a cakewalk.

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