Path of Exile: Recent Patch Review

A friend from work recently invited me into his guild for Path of Exile. I had been meaning to get back into the game for some time so that gave me a little more motivation in playing, especially with the various content patches that I had missed. But I never did a proper review nor truly went in depth about my feelings for the game for a variety of reasons. Since I have some spare time, I decided to write up some thoughts on the game.

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Thoughts on Kevin Spacey Being Cut From Netflix

It was announced that Netflix has suspended (fired) Kevin Spacey from House of Cards (whom I believe he may have produced to an extent) after the allegations of sexual abuse came to light. Part of the situation might have been further exacerbated with him “coming out of the closet” at the same time, which was not ironically rejected by the LBGT community in poor taste and timing. In view of these matters, I wanted to provide some personal thoughts on the situation.

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Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood Thoughts

The hot topic in Hollywood is the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein getting removed from his own company as a result of sexual harassment charges covering over a decade (maybe even more). From this incident, much more of Hollywood’s dirty laundry has slowly been uncovered where other stars, directors, producers, etc. connected with Weinstein are either fessing up or becoming connected and complicit as part of these charges. Many women in Hollywood (as well as the more supportive men) are advocating changes within the industry specifically for this conduct but I feel that the issues are far deeper.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7 The Dragon and the Wolf Review

Since my past reviews would take a few hours to write up as a result of carefully going through each critical moment in an episode, I decided to use a looser format for this review. I still have yet to write something for Episode 7 and most likely with my schedule won’t be able to get to it anytime soon (or might just postpone it indefinitely). Yet since this episode is the last in the season, I wanted to give my thoughts on the overall picture while first going through the major plot points.

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The Defenders: Season 1 Review

The Defenders came out on Friday at midnight with me watching around 5am since I was simply too tired to stay up a few extra hours. I managed to finish the series this morning after catching a few more episodes last night and have been mulling over the show for a good day now. I’m not going to do an episode-by-episode review but tackle the series as a whole, especially in the realm these four characters.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch Review

We start this week’s episode picking up after the stunning defeat of the Lannister’s. Bronn recovers Jamie and drags him to land while telling him that the only person who is allowed to kill Jamie is Bronn (at least until Bronn gets his comeuppance). Jamie full well realizes the power of Daenerys’ army and the even deadlier three dragon weapons that wiped out his host. Yet he has the unenviable task of revealing this information to Cersei.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 4 The Spoils of War Review

The Spoils of War starts with Jamie and Bronn at Highgarden gathering supplies and the treasures in preparation for a drawn out war with Daenerys’ army. Although the Lannisters were victorious, Jamie is clearly perturbed about how things went down as indicated by Bronn’s acumen. In the meantime, Bronn starts talking about what Jamie now owes him, which is a full castle. Bronn points out that Highgarden seems available but the upkeep and Daenerys’ invasion would make him think otherwise, according to Jamie.

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