Path of Exile: Cyclone/Ice Nova/Frostbolt CoC Assassin Re-Reviewed

Despite my initial misgivings with the Assassin CoC Cospri’s Malice Ice Nova/Frostbolt/Cyclone build, I still felt a certain emptiness driving me to give it a second chance. I knew that upon getting certain items, the potential of the build would be unlocked but the real trick was getting over that initial hump. In turn, I decided to re-create my character from the start and trying a slightly different path to getting him towards that end goal.

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Activision-Blizzard Layoffs Thoughts

The big industry news for gaming recently was a large layoff over at Activision-Blizzard. Around 700 people were cut, despite supposed record revenue for the company. On social media, I’ve seen multiple posts both inside and out of the company on the subject. People such as community managers often reached out or try to help their fellow former colleagues in finding new work. But I think we need to examine the bigger picture from this.

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Path of Exile: Dominating Blow/Herald of Purity Minion Guardian Build Review

The Guardian ascendancy received a bit of a revamp last patch and I briefly gave it a spin. However, I didn’t push him into maps nor did I finish up getting even the Merciless Ascendancy. This league I decided out of boredom (and because I had someĀ  gear lying around handily) to give this build another shot.

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Path of Exile: Vaal Double Strike Gladiator Build Review

A while back, I did another version of the Vaal Double Strike Gladiator build. I didn’t get very far with it as I ended up getting distracted and switching to another build before finishing it off during Incursion league. But there had been a nagging itch that needed to be scratched, especially in that I had a spare Bringer of Rain lying in my stash.

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Path of Exile: Soulwrest Necromancer Build Review

I love builds that depend on weapons that do not have a real 6-link requirement. Items like Ngamahu’s Flame that allow you to put support gems regardless of linking provide interesting game play as you’re given a bit more flexibility as you can mix and match gems to create diverse builds. The Soulwrest staff is one such item and had been something I’d been eyeballing for a while.

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Path of Exile: Mid-Term Betrayal League Review

It’s about mid-season for Betrayal league and I managed to pull through, despite some of the earlier set backs. I would say that the holiday season hurt a bit just because the developers weren’t able to quickly address some of the issues in moving past league features into core. That said, I’ve stuck with the game and decided to write up my current situation.

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WWE Becky Lynch’s Rise

I haven’t written about pro-wrestling in a long time. That’s because I just haven’t felt the desire. Pretty much my interest in it has been super low or casual at best. The last time something caught my attention it was the entrance of Asuka and Kairi Sane. But as a fan of joshi puroresu, I felt it would be hard to get completely invested into them due to how the WWE would historically treat women like that. However, there is one female that has caught my attention as well as the attention of the world: Becky Lynch.

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