Tech Stories: Stay Focused in Your Interviews

After graduating college, I was idealistic with big hopes and dreams. The problem when you’re a big dreamer with high hopes from life is that you easily can get all of that crushed by the harsh reality of moving out of the academic environment that has been so neatly organized for you into the more dynamic trenches of  a regular job where college most likely hasn’t prepared you. So this story is a short one of what not to do in an interview right after college if you are like my former hopelessly romantic self.

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Los Angeles Should Build A Metro Line Along the Coast

Quite often, I’ll rip into Los Angeles in terms of its lack of planning or poor management as a city. But the thing that should be obvious by everyone who isn’t a selfish beach house living asshole is that Los Angeles is in dire need of a Metro line that runs along the coast. Perhaps, it should run parallel to PCH (the 1) or the 405. But no matter what, Los Angeles really needs this line more than ever.

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Why Los Angeles/California Is Utterly Retarded When It Comes to the Workplace

Los Angeles/California is perhaps one of the most frustrating places to live when it comes to tech. Here, we have one of the largest growing and existing tech centers in the world. Yet there’s a lot of nonsensical problems mired by resistance in ancient managerial culture that plagues this state and city.

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Getting Older

So here passes yet another uneventful birthday. Perhaps, I could describe it as one of the worst birthdays in memory. That’s because most birthdays for me are as memorable as the plots and characters from the vast majority of stale Hollywood movies. I never really celebrate that often and don’t make a big deal of it neither. However, it’s a day I hate because everyone these days helps remind you that you’re simply getting one day closer to death.

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