Vice The Dark Side of Wrestling and the Chris Benoit Tragedy

Got through the second episode of the Chris Benoit tragedy and found the entire thing to be quite heavy and revealing too. There were some areas I either forgot (some situations where I did so on purpose) while others were new to me. Either way, I wanted to write this post to help me process the overall story and put my two cents on the events.

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Path of Exile: Vaal Burning Arrow Elementalist Golemancer Build

Been playing around with various builds as of late. I wanted to try both a Mjonir cyclone build and some form of an elementalist. I ended up settling on both but focused on elementalist as a Xoph’s Inception had dropped for me, which motivated me to give this build a try. While the Mjonir build is on hold, the elementalist build has been going full force.

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Alien: The Brett Egg Controversy

If there’s a movie that has the most controversial deleted scene in the history of cinema, it’s possibly Alien with the cocoon lair. What makes the scene controversial is that it resolves a major missing piece in the puzzle of the alien biology that only hardcore fans have cared about. At the same time, without it, James Cameron was able to produce a follow up movie that expanded upon the creature’s life cycle by introducing the concept of a hive queen. Nevertheless, in having two distinct situations, the canon of the alien has split into at least two camps.

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Is A Tech Union in the Works Finally?

I just saw an article posted on the LA Times regarding the potential unionizing of the game and tech industries. In particular, Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (or CODE) “is a new project of the Communications Workers of America aimed specifically at unionizing video game and tech companies.” This has a lot of implications for tech workers (such as myself) and I would like to weigh both ends of the spectrum here.

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