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  • Diablo 3 Expansion Announced

    Since I’ve been playing Diablo 3 far more than World of Warcraft lately, the breaking news of Diablo 3 caught my attention. I’ve read a few reactions online, but I want to take a moment to offer some suggestions based on my experience in Diablo 3. The current progression in patches for Diablo 3 seem […]

  • World of Warcraft Needs A Massive Revamp of Classes

    World of Warcraft originally allowed for interesting specs to come about as a result of a flexible talent tree. When Cataclysm came out, it destroyed the flexible system by forcing players to choose a talent tree from the beginning. Supposedly, the idea was to help “new players” in creating a more focused talent tree and […]

  • Religion Is A Disease of the Mind

    I believe that religion and the concept of God are a disease of the mind. There’s very few other ways to describe how people, which presumably are intelligent, can be afflicted by something completely illogical. Or perhaps it is logical if you examine the notion through the microscope of Social Darwinism/survival. I think the concept […]

  • Airplane Part of My New Fantasy Story

    As mentioned previously, I wrote up a quick chapter that will lead into the fantasy component of my story. I would like to share this part with the world: That night Keith was absolutely crushed. He had hoped that the little charms he bought and his prayers would be answered. Instead, deafness seemed to strike […]

  • Ever Wonder When and How You Will Die?

    I used to worry quite a bit about when and how I would die. Would it be from a disease? A stroke? Car accident? Plane crash by terrorism? Or when. When I was too young? At my peak? Too old to care anymore? I stopped wondering and started asking can it come sooner. The method […]

  • First Pass Glimpse At My Classes

    As a hobby, I’ve been designing the basic rules for an RPG system that I’ve always wanted to build/play. Taking from all my favorite games, I’m trying to concoct a system that is very character focused with an emphasis on variety. I’ve played one game, Elder Scrolls 4, which provided an incredibly flexible system in […]

  • Watching Illuminati/NWO Stuff

    I was bored recently and needed something to trigger some inspiration for writing. So I found a long series on youtube regarding the Illuminati/global conspiracy. I haven’t formed a real judgment on whether or not it’s real. However, one particular part on behalf of some conspiracy theory nuts did not sit right with me. And […]

  • Norika Fujiwara, Do NOT Date That Chode!!!!!!

    To Norika Fujiwara, Do not date that total chode stock analyst for my sake. Do you realize that you’re dating a crook? People in finance are for the most part crooks. That guy doesn’t give a crap about you. You’re a token wife to him. You’re just something that he can show off, but he […]

  • PMI == BS

    I just took a mega survey that supposedly was to help my friend. Originally, I thought that I would be simply writing a recommendation. Instead, I took a buzzword compliant mega form that made the SATs seem like a pre-school exam. After reading through all the various terms, I wanted to thoroughly shove my head […]

  • Where to Go From Here?

    Now that I’ve been betrayed and injured like Michael Corleone from the Godfather series, I need to figure out where my life turns from here. In some ways, it feels like freedom because I’ll never have to worry about that issue again. I can find someone new to obsess over. A friend of mine at […]