Watching Illuminati/NWO Stuff

I was bored recently and needed something to trigger some inspiration for writing. So I found a long series on youtube regarding the Illuminati/global conspiracy. I haven’t formed a real judgment on whether or not it’s real. However, one particular part on behalf of some conspiracy theory nuts did not sit right with me.

And that’s the subject of concentration camps in America and their purpose.

Certainly, there had been camps as my grandfather on my mom’s side at one time had been in. With the conspiracy theory people though, they describe the purpose as being able to haul a huge amount of the populace into these camps, showing something that probably resembled America’s version of Auschwitz.

Here’s where I have the issue of the whole purpose of these camps. Supposedly, the design of these camps are for social deviants and obviously quite a large number. Is there an expectation by this global conspiracy group for mass rebellion by a huge section of the population that suddenly “wakes” up? If that’s the case, one thing that I don’t understand is who is going to do the work?

At some stage, just putting the masses in a camp seems somewhat counter productive. I mean, are you talking cities of people being corralled into these pens? Who will do the farming, the manufacturing, the programming, the basic security? The complex supply chains that will eventually lead back to people on the opposite side of the wall has to be run by a large amount of people.

Second, there was mention about fear of revoking gun ownership. Wait a minute. That doesn’t make any sense at all. I believe that revoking gun ownership is counter productive to the military industrial complex of the US. To me, it’s better for the industries that sell and distribute arms to want its own people buying even more weapons.

In fact, given that it’s these so-called deviants that are apparently being targeted for this movement, I would think that quite a few of them are not completely sane and would more than likely just shoot each other in the ensuing chaos. As a result of such a scenario, that only means that more guns would be desired and sold.

Let’s take another argument where the number of possible protestors who would use guns are a small percentage like those mountain men in Montana. Then why require huge number of camps that take up enormous plots of land and potentially cost tons of money that America supposedly doesn’t have at the moment to fund?

Maybe the purpose is simply just for TRUE deviants. Meaning the real crazies just in case a riot did erupt. I mean, these people who seem to cling to their weapons seem like the real nut balls to me. Having lived in Japan for 5 1/2 years, I can safely state that I felt the most comfortable in my entire life out there, despite possibilities for earthquakes, typhoons, fires and whatnot, compared to being here in the states just on the basis that the public could not own firearms.

Another thought occurred to me where perhaps other parts of the world might become sympathetic to Americans if their own country took them hostage. Let’s be honest. That would be horrible PR as the so-called police state for the world. Sure, many parts of the world detest America for various reasons. However, I believe that those people probably detest the American government and military more than they do the average Joe.

The other thing you have to kinda think about is whether or not a one world government is all that bad. I think people worry about boredom and dictatorships. So when they hear about one world governments immediately they’ll think of 1984, Hitler, Fascism, etc. But maybe we should consider other possible ramifications outside of sheer diversity.

  • One language. Let’s forget respecting cultures for a second. If you’ve ever lived in a different country that has it’s own language, how do you feel? Anyone ever tell you that you must learn their language? Then I bet you start wishing that your native language was the universal language. Why? Because it’s convenient for you or the other person.
  • One currency. Have you ever had to exchange currencies? What happens one day when that burger in your country that cost you $5 becomes $7 in another country? Does that really make your life any better? Wouldn’t it be simpler just having one currency and not have to deal with the stupid complexities of markets that are manipulated and thrown into constant states of chaos? Wouldn’t it be easier if people can valuate goods and services on a standard rather than some skewed metrics based on their locale?
  • One government. What if we had universal laws that spelled out decency that can be applicable anywhere? Not everyone gets to enjoy the same rights nor freedoms as everyone.
  • One religion. I’m not religious so I don’t care.
  • Being manufactured/produced as opposed to being “free.” The thing I’ve noticed in my life is that man without rules nor boundaries is simply just a primitive animal. Let’s face it. Not everyone is a genius with good intent. In fact, I would argue that the average person is pretty damn selfish. So if people are being produced by programming on TV, I say fine. But you still need to allow for the occasional geniuses to arise from society. And I think that this so-called elitist groups does permit that because they recognize a need for progression. At a certain point, someone has to do the work. The ones that genetically are incapable of not superseding a barbaric level of intelligence just get siphoned into those lower positions; doesn’t surprise me because that’s exactly what goes on now. Should we feel sympathy that they never achieve anything more than a gas attendant status? I say no because even now people are still given enough freedom to be able to make conscientious decisions on their own accord for their path in life. Some want it easy so they willingly dumb themselves down in order to become herded. If that’s the case, then being produced is something people need in order for them to have any sense of purpose.

I supposed (as natural) that the only person I sympathize with is myself in this situation. I am one that does not want to be caught in being defined/characterized with these groups that have been identified as workers. It would be nice to be included with these elite. I don’t mind nibbling and selling my kind out. It’s not like my neighbors, distant friends, family members, etc. came willingly without ulterior motives up to my door with a blank check.

All I ask for in all of this is a hot wife (preferably Japanese), decent job and peace. I don’t intend to cause a disturbance, I’m just an observer in all of this if a global conspiracy does exist. I have no allegiance and just want to live quietly. If I can get my occasional Lego set, a decent dinner and something for my mom, bonus points.

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