Tech Stories: Stay Focused in Your Interviews

After graduating college, I was idealistic with big hopes and dreams. The problem when you’re a big dreamer with high hopes from life is that you easily can get all of that crushed by the harsh reality of moving out of the academic environment that has been so neatly organized for you into the more dynamic trenches of  a regular job where college most likely hasn’t prepared you. So this story is a short one of what not to do in an interview right after college if you are like my former hopelessly romantic self.

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Why Los Angeles/California Is Utterly Retarded When It Comes to the Workplace

Los Angeles/California is perhaps one of the most frustrating places to live when it comes to tech. Here, we have one of the largest growing and existing tech centers in the world. Yet there’s a lot of nonsensical problems mired by resistance in ancient managerial culture that plagues this state and city.

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Getting Older

So here passes yet another uneventful birthday. Perhaps, I could describe it as one of the worst birthdays in memory. That’s because most birthdays for me are as memorable as the plots and characters from the vast majority of stale Hollywood movies. I never really celebrate that often and don’t make a big deal of it neither. However, it’s a day I hate because everyone these days helps remind you that you’re simply getting one day closer to death.

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Health: Little By Little

Since starting on my smoothie journey, I have to admit to becoming 100% addicted to it. Right now, I need to have a smoothie every day. I try to make one in the morning or at least after lunch. That provides a fair amount of energy and I can drink it throughout the day. Usually, it’s good for 1 1/2 servings which means morning breakfast and possibly evening snack. I’m trying to add new ingredients and am looking into a few alternative recipes.

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Giving Healthier Lifestyle Blogging A Try

My attempt at a slightly healthier lifestyle. Babysteps

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The last few days I’ve slowly been doing small things to have a healthier lifestyle. It’s no secret that I’m someone who has trouble maintaining himself when it comes to staying on course with dieting and exercise. However, a friend encouraged me to blog about the journey. I figured maybe if I write on a daily basis that it will help motivate me to do something small just to improve myself.

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Trying to Find Balance in My Life

As an engineer living in a city with fairly bad public transportation and an ever increasing expense situation, I find it difficult to maintain myself as years pass. These days there’s little to no protection for employees in truth and the economy has become unstable. So if you get a project that causes you to work ridiculous hours, you’re screwed. How can one deal with such a problem? Find balance in your life.

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The Voyage of Pluto, New Horizons and A Lifetime Goal

When I was in the 5th grade, I became immensely interested in astronomy. I saw some recorded program on PBS which featured our solar system. The images of all the planets and mysteries of these worlds intrigued me into wanting more knowledge on the subject. I would find books at home that covered the subject and eventually would go outside to view the moon and stars with our binoculars. For Christmas, I would receive a refractor telescope and get some nice viewings, with my favorite site being Saturn and its ring system. Still, there were three missing planets that only the most powerful telescopes and our space programs could witness.

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YouTube: Normally Attached Girlfriend Lulz

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I love this video dearly. It hits the nail on the head about relationships in so many ways that it feels almost realistic in some ways. But let me start off by talking about the (in)famous girl in the video, Laina. I stumbled across her picture numerous times in various reddit posts where she had become a meme. Later on, I looked her up to figure out who the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” figure was and discovered her over on YouTube. In an awesomesauce fashion, I found out that she is continuing to produce videos on a consistent weekly basis and has embraced her public figure and turned herself into a comedy act.

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