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  • Not The Best Day But I Tried

    Work was blase as I was inundated by trying to make something that has bad requirements work from a technical point of view using three shitty frameworks done through our favorite indy mudshow language javascript. Things became a mess later on as production issues surfaced where I couldn’t really do much without getting distracted and […]

  • Finished The Eye of the World Finally

    For the last few days, I pushed myself hard in completing Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World. I had started it maybe over a year ago but never had the focus to really get traction with the novel. Honestly, I found it quite boring.

  • Really Want Thai Food

    After talking to my friend the other day about drunken noodles, it got into my head and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Of course, I really don’t know how to make drunken noodles but my friend offered to send me a recipe. I was thinking though of just ordering Thai this coming week […]

  • Too Much Sleeping Lately

    With my sleep schedule being screwed up again, I find myself sleeping too much as if my body tries to compensate with the outside growing dark early. The hard part is that my mind has been to scattered as of late to be able to get myself into disciplined towards being productive in a single […]

  • A Grind Of A Day

    Well, I finally did it. I completed a 2nd draft of my novel. While there are still gaps that I am aware of, the basic structure is reasonably solid and it ended where I think it should have. The effort though did cause my sleeping habits to become a bit off just because the stress […]

  • Too Many Political Discussions

    I realized that I’ve been part of too many political discussions as of late. Despite writing about politics on my blog, I honestly prefer to avoid the subject altogether just because I find politicians overall to be obnoxious leeches whose soul purpose is to manipulate others to further their own secretive agendas. That said, I’m […]

  • Puttering Here And There (Then Back Again)

    Yesterday ended up being a strange day. I guess with all the politics in the news, it’s almost impossible to concentrate on much else. In the end, I started to get a headache, which forced me to sleep earlier than I would have liked. However, I wasn’t able to get much done anyway.

  • Just A Little More

    Yesterday, I finished a major exercise in writing up much of the key points per chapter in my book summary document. What started as me trying to locate a section regarding a dream sequence that occurs twice ended up becoming me filling in the blanks for various chapters I had not yet summarized.

  • Last Day of Flashback But Who Cares

    Flashback initially was a lot of fun but I simply burnt out at the end. The problem I found was that not enough players were doing Flashback to spice up the economy. So for my main build, I simply could not afford the items and ended up burning out early. I tried to keep my […]

  • Another Day Another Pondering

    Believe it or not, I actually keep track of time. Weekends do have some significance for me because they determine how bad traffic can be, how crowded a market might be as well as certain gaming parameters that are event driven.