Really Want Thai Food

After talking to my friend the other day about drunken noodles, it got into my head and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Of course, I really don’t know how to make drunken noodles but my friend offered to send me a recipe. I was thinking though of just ordering Thai this coming week as a treat.

My struggle partly comes from determining how to spend money this week. Besides potentially stocking up from the market, I’ve been eyeing a few Lego sets and maybe even another pack for that stupid God of War game. The Lego sets should have higher priority but all of them are new and probably will come down in price about a year later (maybe around Thanksgiving or Christmas).

But food is too important to me. Sometimes it’s just better to have a good meal as opposed to material things. The game won’t go away but the Lego eventually will. However, my stomach won’t stop growling so that’s probably where the money will go.

Last few days have been weird. I’ve been in a mental haze, feeling exhausted and unfulfilled despite finishing my novel. So the other day I started up book 2. Because I altered the ending of book 1 in several small but significant ways, it has changed the tone and direction of book 2 compared to the other two or three times I tried writing it.

The thing I found was that without the modernization of today’s gadgets, writing about a fantasy world where a computer geek gets tossed in is exceptionally difficult. Basically, every tool that he can use is removed and you’re forced to either make him pathetic or he-man. Neither are enticing nor very original so adding some modern conveniences makes writing the chapters far more fun and mentally stimulating.

I’ve been checking up on the Path of Exile subreddit periodically since the league dropped. It doesn’t sound bad but the bugs in the game really are a turn off. I’m trying not to play the game since I need to be productive again. Also, I hate diving straight ahead in what effectively is an alpha piece of software. It’s simply not fun.

Over at Boom Beach, I’ve been pushing my Boom Cannon on my main account. Managed to get it to level 15 today, which is great because it’ll have that menacing look of the higher level Boom Cannons, which helps deter opponents like tanks. The plan is to try and get it to 16 by the end of the week and then wait maybe for the Mega Crab to come along to finish it up since the cost after 16 goes up significantly.

On my secondary account, I just started construction on a Machine Gun 24. I thought about rushing it for tomorrow since I have a blueprint. But it really is a waste because in a week or so, we should be getting another Mega Crab. When those come around, it’s best to have a large reserve of Diamonds since you can expect 2-3 upgrades easily with the combination of Imitation Game on Friday, potential big loot from The Trader and the Mega Crab itself. So while Hammerman Strikes Back may be tougher with my Machine Gun as a work-in-progress, it’s simply better to hold off for the time being.

The other big thing that happened this weekend was the stupid water heater for this building going out. Because it happened on a Saturday (yesterday), the maintenance pretty much have done nothing outside of calling the people who can fix it up.

All I can say is that I really look forward to the day that I can get my own place and not have to deal with these stupid issues. Sure, if I had a house and my heater broke, I’d have to deal with it myself. However, I just feel that this building constantly has issues and the management do little outside of nag people here.

I really hate talking about this building. It builds up a lot of resentment in me unnecessarily. Too many negative things that happen for no good reason though that I feel the need to vent.

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