More Home Upgrades Coming

I decided to buy a nightstand from Amazon that has LED lighting, some drawers and most importantly, USB/electric port hook ups. The idea of this upgrade is that I’ve been using a flimsy folding table for too long. While the table still works, I’ll probably place it on the other side of the bed or replace the dining table so I can use it next to my sofa. But the anticipated nightstand has some nice purposes.

While the LED lighting will be convenient and controllable by a mobile device, the real thing I want is the built in connection ports. Having this will allow me to eliminate the floor surge protector that has been getting in the way and is quite old. Then I can hook my laptop up directly. But the real thing I’m going to do is move my current computer light into that room and connect it to the nightstand for reading. I think my late night computer habits of reading in the dark have finally caught up to me. And since my desk light really hasn’t been used lately, I’ll be able to make better use in my room.

I still have a floor lamp that I’m going to swap to the other side of the bed along with the table (if I decide to continue using it in that room). Then down the line, I’ll probably move my soundbar into my room and will eventually buy a new proper sound system for my computer. I saw some speaker mounts that I might eventually get so I can properly position the new speakers in a surround sound type of deal. We’ll see how this nightstand turns out because I’m eager of more room rearrangement.

Another small but meaningful benefit of swapping things around with this nightstand is that it has a few drawers and a middle section where the LED light is for storage. That storage area looks good for magazines. So I might move some of the magazines on my small bookshelf and place them under this area. For the drawers, I could put some accessories or more books/magazines. I could even put in extra underwear or socks just because my armoire is overflowing these days.

Once I get all these things, I might finally get that laptop monitor. If I get that folding desk next to my couch, I wouldn’t mind having the folding laptop monitor setup to my side. Then I could use that on the nightstand as well if I’m doing some late night writing on my bed.  That’s going to be pretty nice. I’d love to be able to watch a Twitch channel or movie on the side while doing some other activity but in the comfort of my bed or couch.

Also, I’m considering getting a gaming chair. I’m still putting it off because there’s no huge need at the moment. However, because of long gaming sessions, I’m thinking that it might be an interesting choice. My office chair is decent for programming but awful for my gaming. There’s one I saw that has Bluetooth speakers built in. So for my gaming laptop, it might actually be quite neat.

Something else that a friend of mine turned me onto was a cup cooler. My office had a cup warmer for coffee but I really don’t care about that since I prefer cold drinks. So I might eventually get one of these. The one I heard about was built into the desk, which actually sounds like a great idea. I would prefer if such a thing comes in the form of a desk attachment just to prevent me from accidentally knocking it over or taking up more room that I don’t have.

Lastly, I’m starting to think about buying a standing desk. I’m already running out of room on my office desk especially because I use it for eating. So I might get one so I can have more space. In this case, I would have to do a great deal of rearranging as my power strip is on a holder on the back of my current desk. But the idea down the line is to eventually get a three armed monitor monstrosity to better align my computers and monitors. Then I can get another 27″ monitor for a better work setup. It might be extreme but I think it can work. Also, I would be able to use the new desk to assemble future Lego sets.


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