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Once I get a good chunk of this desk 2.0 project completed, my next project will be replacing some of the functionality I lost when I tossed my old couch, coffee table and broken entertainment center away. I still a couch I bought a while back that is decent enough but it feels empty these days and a little roughed up because for a period I used it for sleeping and work. Now, that I have a proper bed and desk, I want to use it for relaxing in between bed and work. That has given me some ideas of other improvements I can add around here.

One thing I bought was a cheap TV dinner style tray. It’s fine for the couch as it has a cup holder and can be used for light implements. I’m hesitant about placing my laptop on it though because the bar that keeps the tray upward doesn’t lock into place. With the wrong motion, I could easily lose some valuable equipment. In turn, I probably will just use it for eating and lighter activities.

What I did find was a small end table on Amazon with a charger station built on the top surface. My couch has two gaps to either side of the arms that I think would be perfect for this thing. So I could use that to place a mobile laptop monitor or another Bluetooth soundbar. Or I could place my iPad and/or phone there when I’m not at my desk. It has another tray for a little more storage. I might use that space for something like a humidifier. Also, I can add a reading light to the table as that corner is quite dark.

Depending on the actual size of that piece, I might get another one for the other side. Right now, that side is occupied by an unplugged three way light. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of that light. I’m starting to dislike traditional GE type of lights since they go out easily. But that section of the room can get dark at night. I could simply add another attachable light device or another desk light. I have at least one available that I was using on my computer desk. If anything, it might be better suited for either position.

Down the road, I kinda want a lazy boy style chair. My parents had one ages ago and I loved sitting on it while watching TV. I don’t have something like that and end up using my couch in a similar situation. But some days I just want to face my balcony. My couch is placed against the wall to help create more feng shui type of openness but I wouldn’t mind having a comfort chair facing the outside as an in between. Plus if I ever get guests, they would need to sit somewhere.

Eventually, I will need to dump my old office chair. It’s broken, heavy and literally drags against the floor because one of the components either broke or wasn’t positioned correctly. If I end up replacing it, I might end up going for a gaming chair. I haven’t decided on one because I’ve been using my office chair for both work and play. I did find one with Bluetooth speakers built in. It looked like a nifty idea but I don’t know if it’s something I might seriously buy.

Another thing that I might reconsider is a mobile cart. I mentioned something similar on my previous blog post. I want to avoid getting a similar model to what I had before. That format wasn’t good. I think it was meant for my printer but I mostly keep my printer/scanner in storage. I don’t want to have it next to my desk though because it would block my balcony door. I want to keep that open if possible. So if I intend to pick up a cart like that, I would need a clear purpose.

Instead, what might be useful is another kitchen cart. I have one I absorbed from my parents. It’s mostly filled with old pans, a breadbox on top as well as other clutter. But a replacement/secondary one would be used for my lesser used appliances like this meat slicer I acquired or my Air Fryer, which is bulky. I’ve been running very low on space on my kitchen counters so I need to find something to help with space management. Likewise, I have another rolling cart with a bunch of rusted baking sheets. I’m thinking I should just dump those and buy new ones.

Speaking of counters, the taller kitchen counter has a ton of junk that have no rhyme nor reason just filling up space. If I can find a good organizing unit, I would like to move all that off that counter to free up more space. In turn, I could just move stuff like the Air Fryer or meat slicer onto that section. Below that counter are a bunch of cardboard boxes. One is filled with my dad’s old college engineering books. Another has some random junk. There’s a computer buried in that pile that probably doesn’t work and a pair of laundry baskets. Finally, there’s another monitor box with a plastic box sticking out that I should dump. In general, just more clutter.

The books are going to hard to dispose of because of the weight (I want to donate them to the library but these might be too old). I don’t know what to do with the laundry baskets. I don’t have room in my bedroom. But that monitor box probably should be dumped. I could easily get back a good chunk of space and put some storage unit to de-clutter that area. Something else I might try is some kind of bookshelf or cabinets that I can place some of my Lego. That should help a lot but I’ll need to look around for something that could satisfy those dimensions.

In parallel, I want to do some work with my bathroom(s). The biggest problems are my tubs and around the toilets. I can’t do deep cleaning anymore because of knee and back issues. In the case of both tubs, they have a really annoying metal/glass door frame which makes cleaning very difficult. What I’m looking for is a good device for cleaning at least the tub. But I want a deep cleaner for the back of the toilet too. I saw a few devices on Amazon that might help out. However, I question the quality. I might just go to Best Buy or Home Depot to inspect what they have before making a purchase.

Another thing I’m looking at is possibly introducing a small cabinet in the hall near the other bathroom and washer/dryer units. Currently, I have an old long folding table just sitting there. But I’m thinking I might move that back into my storage room and get either a small cabinet to put my laundry baskets on top of and/or just have some spare storage stuff like my dryer sheets. That’s definitely a down the road very low priority project but I want to avoid having the embarrassment of my dirty laundry being out like it is.

I might get somethings for my bedroom too. I have a very old folding table next to the side of my bed that I use for my laptop or phone. Sometimes other things like my light. But with all these extension devices, I think it’s not that great of a table compared to what I can get. So I’m either going to look for a proper nightstand or buying more accessories to this table. Getting another power strip with a clamp, a better night light (with a clamp) would be a great start. I have another set of lights in there but I hardly use them except back when the ceiling light went out.

Other general things that are on my list. I definitely need a good flashlight. When my building power goes out, it’s really rough. I might try to find something that is more powerful than a normal flashlight, something that can be charged for occasions like that. Another thing I’m thinking of getting is a Roomba. I’ve heard mixed things about them but with my main work/living space having a clear floor, it makes sense that I acquire one. I have an old school giant vacuum that is great but it’s a pain in the ass to haul out and cleaning it sucks. I feel something like that is better for heavy duty jobs. But a Roomba might be good for daily use.

Also, I need a UPC. I had one a long time ago and it was crap. I assume that the newer ones are far better but I haven’t looked after that experience. Maybe the newer ones can handle long power outages better.

One thing not on my list is a TV. I think I’m going to avoid having a TV for a while. I don’t watch anything and I don’t feel like subscribing to 10+ channels or whatever and spend hundreds of dollars on something I wouldn’t use. Maybe if I bought a home, I’ll consider getting a TV. I just don’t feel the urge to have one.

Anyway, that’s my brain dump for today.




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