Boom Beach: HQ 25 With Hammerman Strikes Back Day

Today, I felt was the first real test of the post HQ25 drop against Hammerman Strikes Back. I think if  either of my HQ were not at level 25, I would have fared a bit poorer in that the attacks were much fiercer, using stuff like Cryoneers from stage 4 and quite a bit of Grenadiers and even some Bombardiers at the higher stages. Still, I prevailed.

Both of the newest Rocket Launchers are still in the process of being upgraded. I waited until completing my Hammerman Strikes Back events to start upgrading them on both accounts. For now, I still have plenty of resources where I was able to push my main account to start a level 11 and my secondary with a level 6. Given that a level 6 takes 12 hours to complete, I should be able to start level 7 tonight and hopefully be ready for a level 8 by tomorrow sometime.

I am working on accumulating more Diamonds mostly through doing what operations I can and grinding out 14+ a day. My goal here is to obtain roughly 1k worth per account and hover around that level for a while until the next major update drops. I anticipate that will include the Weapon Lab level 6 and only my secondary account has a ready to go Building Plan that I do not intend to waste at this stage. Certainly, once that Weapon Lab drops, I’m willing to bet that Hammerman Strikes Back events will likewise get tougher in response.

Both accounts are still seeing hefty attacks especially my main account probably due to it being a level 72. Speaking of level 72, I think once my secondary account completes this next Rocket Launcher level 6 upgrade, it will see level 72 as well. However, I’m sure that account will begin encountering even more attacks, at least until the Weapon Lab drops.

Something I was thinking about was giving Warships another try. I know that the only way to play Warships is with Instant Training but at least for the initial grind, it generally isn’t bad as long as you start early and manage not to screw up your tech tree. But the Trader Tickets and Diamonds are nice rewards for your main account and I feel as though I’m probably missing out for that.

At any rate, this week should be interesting just to see the Rocket Launchers grow. As I mentioned yesterday, I ended up not using my Trader Tickets. This weekend I might though just because I might try upgrading a major defense. If I can get enough resources, I might even give one of the Landing Craft an upgrade. But we’ll see.

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