Boom Beach: HQ25 and the March That Continues On

Saturdays and Tuesdays tend to be boring as far as upgrades go. Dr T’s Tropical Island doesn’t really provide much resources these days for worthwhile upgrades while the upper levels can be harsh, especially as they probably will be adjusted in difficulty as troops receive new updates. Nonetheless, one can still find a few worthy upgrades even with the HQ25 update from time to time.

On my main account, I started a Rocket Launcher level 9 upgrade. I’m still in the green when it comes to resources where the biggest issue at the moment thankfully is Stone. Even though I’ve been receiving more attacks against that account, I still managed to have enough from yesterday’s Imitation Game to probably have enough for the rest of the coming week.

My secondary account though is waiting around for the new Boom Cannon to finish. Tomorrow when I get on again, it will be complete and I’ll have plenty of resources to start grinding on my Rocket Launcher there for a while. My only concern will be the number of attacks I receive while I’m waiting each day for an upgrade on that account because I will have a fair amount of resources in the beginning.

Likewise, I’ll be able to upgrade Medics on that account since my Bombardiers will finish around the same time. My main account is still waiting for Medics to finish up though, which is fine since I want to push Grenadiers next, despite not being used. I simply prefer to get the most expensive upgrades out of the way. However, I will have to wait on Pvt Bullit, which will be a very useful future upgrade for things like Mega Crab events or anytime Scorcher leech comes into play.

I’m still on the fence about using my Trade Tickets though. At this stage, I see no need to spend them as my focus will be on the 4th Rocket Launcher. Perhaps, next week will be when I go for it, at least on my main account since my Rocket Launcher ought to be complete by the end of this coming week (or close enough).

No word still on the next series of updates related to the HQ25. I’m uncertain if those updates will come this month at all or if they plan to spread it out a little just to ensure that there’s content to look forward to. I would figure that if there are updates they would be planned one week apart. But that would mean multiple approvals in the app stores. So it’s hard to say at this point.

On a non-Boom Beach related note, I saw that China is supposedly banning all new games. While this may not affect Boom Beach directly at the moment, I’m wondering how updates to games will be handled out there. Either way, the various edicts being issued by China against games and children are pretty severe but perhaps Supercell might eventually pull out given the oppressive nature of the Chinese and how Tencent might influence what they’re doing.

Final Thoughts

Things are steadily moving along here. I still haven’t found that awkward spot where upgrades are becoming impossible per week. But I think once these Rocket Launchers are completed on both accounts, I will start feel the effects of the high level upgrades. In some cases, it won’t be too bad but for stuff like Boom Cannons and Landing Craft, I am dreading those days. Luckily, there’s no real incentive to pushing Landing Craft at the moment.

I’m still working my way back up for Diamonds. I got lucky and found one Blueprint but decided to go ahead and save it. My feeling is that when the Weapon Lab drops, I’m going to make a beeline for it and use the Blueprint there just to piss off my attackers. Otherwise, I’m going to try and save it until the next Mega Crab.

Either way, this update is fine for me. It does give me something to look forward to again every day and a topic I can blog about. However, besides doing my little routine right now, there’s not a lot of excitement around this update compared to the HQ24 one. Also, I was in a very good position coming in so I don’t have as much work to do in getting stuff upgraded, especially compared to my secondary account when the HQ24 dropped.

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