Boom Beach: HQ25 Day Two

Well, we’re back to the daily grind on both accounts. One thing I wanted to mention before diving into this post is that my ancient iOS iPad allowed for the update. I think that if I was prevented from updating Boom Beach on my iPad, I probably would have quit the game entirely just because I would only have one account to play and lose out on operations. More importantly, I wouldn’t want to spend $200+ for a refurbished iPad just to play a game.

For day 2, the first I noticed was the increased number of attacks against both bases. Most were either scorchers, or tanks/bombardiers. So far I haven’t seen any AZ (All Zooka) nor Warrior attacks. And once my 4th Rocket Launcher is fully upgraded, I think most of those attacks will end up being highly unsuccessful.

On my main account, I managed to push my Rocket Launcher to level 7 and finished up my Bombardiers using Diamonds. After doing the usual route, I started upgrading Medics. I feel that the additional hit points from Medics will prove useful down the road as long as the events outside of Mega Crab retain their old stats. But if all the level 7 versions of these events also get to use the highest defense levels, then this will feel pretty gratuitous.

My secondary account now is Diamond starved so I’m going to be behind again from my main. But I do have a few resource chests that I haven’t opened up yet which might change my path in terms of upgrades slightly. For instance, on Friday, I might have enough resources for a max level Boom Cannon. The nice thing about that is more intimidation. Until we see a 4th prototype defense, I’m sure those tank/scorcher attacks will continue.

One cool thing about both accounts is that I managed to save a ton of Trader Tickets. So if all goes well this weekend, I might be able to open around 80 tickets worth of trader chests. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few mega chests in that span. If I max out my resources, I might start working on a Landing Craft just to get them out of the way.

Speaking of Landing Craft, I feel HQ 25 is almost like HQ 19. Anyone remembering their days of HQ19 should recall that it was a horribly boring level where we were chomping at the bit to get to HQ20. In fact, almost like HQ25, HQ19 only received a Rocket Launcher and a Cannon. Since there weren’t anymore Gunboat weapons like Critters, HQ25 felt even emptier.

Yet if HQ20 indicates anything, then we should use that as the model for HQ26 when/if it comes. Meaning that we could potentially get the 9th Landing Craft there. Although I doubt we’ll see another Boom Cannon in the HQ26 version, we might see a 3rd Shock Launcher. Also, if you look at the LC26 version, you’ll see that besides the usual +1 Rifleman, you should see a new space being made available for another Medic.

As a Tank-Bombardier-Medic player, having that +1 Medic might eliminate the need for me to carry two boats of Medics. Instead, I could swap in two boats of Grenadiers and use Dr Kavan for the big time health boost. Normally, in my load out, I use Everspark since Bombardiers can’t clear mines. If I can get my Grenadiers back, I won’t have any need of Everspark and can use Dr Kavan for a healing boost or even resuscitating dead troops.

At the same time, I would love to try new troop load outs. I did an all Scorcher load out when we had Scorcher life leech and that was a lot of fun. But it was very GBE intensive so another Landing Craft might not do very much for me. Maybe in that situation I could try several boats of Bombardiers with them.

Another very interesting combination with 9 Landing Craft available would be Heavies + Cryoneers + Bombardiers + Medics. Normally, I would use 1 boat of Cryoneers, 1 boat of Medics, 3 boats of Heavies and 3 boats of Bombardiers with Pvt Bullit or even Dr Kavan. The extra landing craft might allow for a boat of Grenadiers to help clear out mines or maybe Mechs to absorb front loaded heavy defenses.

Nonetheless, I really hope that we don’t have to wait a full year for an HQ 26. Since HQ 25 has been pretty mild even with the possibility of a 4th prototype defense, the real meat and bones of an exciting upgrade would be to impact the meta as well as giving us the ability to open up the archipelago a bit more. That might take a lot of effort on Supercell’s part (who have not been very kind towards the Boom Beach community compared to their other games) but at least for us veterans, it would be a nice gesture to help keep the game alive a bit longer.

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