Boom Beach: The Mistake of Not Using Resources to Level Immediately

Over the past few days, I managed to accumulate a fair amount of gold, which I had planned to use for upgrading my Medics to level 8. Currently, my Grenadiers are being worked on, which requires roughly 4 more days of waiting. I figured that I wouldn’t get attacked too much and not lose too many resources while waiting for the Grenadiers to complete. Guess what? Nope!

Just today, I must’ve had 3-4 attacks against my base. I’m not full on resources when it comes to non-gold. But my gold reserved prior to finishing up last night was around 4.6 million. Last I checked, it was down to a little over 3 million. And from what I remember, a few bases mostly had gold reserves, which is why I attacked them in the first place. So all that effort down the drain while my VP increased.

Of course, finishing the Grenadiers would’ve cost me over 400 Diamonds. So the question becomes: which is more valuable, time, VP, money or resources? I have the Diamonds available for rushing my Grenadiers, but my plan is to be cheap since I’m waiting for HQ 20 to do my real rushes (e.g. Sculptor, Vault, Landing Craft, Armory, etc.) Still, I suppose the way you could look at this scenario is that rushing the Grenadiers would grant me an immediate benefit while getting drained of 1-2 million gold means all my effort went down the tube.

I suppose another thing to think about is how my lack of non-gold resources could’ve allowed me to beach my HQ to gradually lower my VP. Instead, what’s going to happen is an awkward imbalance of resources where I’m forced to be scared of getting attacked versus allowing my VP to be lowered to a more reasonable state.

But the saying goes that if you have the resources available, you should push the upgrade immediately. Obviously, there are circumstances which cannot help this situation but it’s a very tough apple to bite. At the end of the day, I know I can get back the resources but it’s really about time savings and where your goals lie. I’d prefer to hit that HQ 20 asap since that’s where all the juiciness of the game appears to be for me. So I think it’s just better to bite the bullet in this case and pray that your impatience is worth the ends.

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