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  • Boom Beach: Moving Beyond the Old Task Force

    Post Task Force collapse has been less stressful in many ways which is great. I’m more on my own schedule so dealing with operations is much better overall even though I’m only doing easy stuff. But it doesn’t bother me that much since there’s just a lot less stress in general from having to succeed […]

  • Boom Beach: Recent Updates and Harder Operations Lately?

    I’m in the home stretch with marching towards level 50 and doing a big push to get my HQ 20. Last night, I began upgrading my final landing craft to level 19 (for this level that is) and have a little over 100xp before reaching level 50. Originally, I was hoping to get my Gunboat […]

  • Boom Beach: More Progression

    Today, was the highest level Operations my Task Force managed to complete. I had to solo two different high level ops using my two accounts. Fortunately, I managed to get both down just by the skin of my teeth. We failed the other day mostly due to how a former member did not take the […]

  • Boom Beach: The Mistake of Not Using Resources to Level Immediately

    Over the past few days, I managed to accumulate a fair amount of gold, which I had planned to use for upgrading my Medics to level 8. Currently, my Grenadiers are being worked on, which requires roughly 4 more days of waiting. I figured that I wouldn’t get attacked too much and not lose too […]

  • Boom Beach: The Brutality of Leveling Underleveled Landing Craft

    Landing Craft are some of the most important and expensive support type of buildings to upgrade, especially once you hit the upper mid game (~HQ16+). Right now, I’m getting my last landing craft (of my seven) to 15. From here on out, it becomes a lengthy grind towards 19.