Boom Beach: How Well I Did During the October Event

This is my third time doing event I believe. The first few times, I really had zero clue about how it worked and just viewed it as a special loot pinata. This time around I’ve been following a few streamers and getting a better idea of how to approach the event. That said, I still had issues but came out for the better nonetheless.

First, my main HQ is still at 19 and I managed only to get my Armory to level 19 towards the end of the event. Using my primary group of Tanks-Grenadiers-Medics, I managed to hit Stage 18. I might’ve been able to push through to Stage 19 or 20 even if I were greedier and had more gems overall. However, my mistake was not taking advantage of full attacks from the start to push early on. I was relying on my statue boosts along with waiting for my upgrades to complete before moving on since I did not want to expend resources needlessly if I got attacked.

A few big problems I noticed for myself  beyond not pushing was hitting walls that more advanced players probably avoided due to having more flexible troop compositions. Although I’ve done well in keeping my main troops reasonably upgraded, my other potential useful troops in Zookas or even Warriors are pretty much left in the dirt. My Zookas might’ve been slightly useful but I think without the necessary upgraded levels, I think I would’ve had some issues.

Another issue is just not having the damage output once I moved towards 18. It would take a few GBE attacks and even two assaults or more with troops before I could topple those bases. That’s where I started regretting not doing earlier pushes. Also, in seeing how people were hitting really high stages, part of the trick was doing the Smokey Zooka tactic. Again, my flares and smoke bombs still aren’t leveled out all the way, so I’m not sure how effective my attacks could’ve been.

On my lower level account, I eked out at Stage 14. It seemed about right as the other guy in my Task Force the Stage 13 as an HQ 17 (my lower account is about the same, except I’m more offensive). Unfortunately, that account was deficient in Diamonds so I didn’t have as much luxury rebuilding troops or taking advantage of major boosts as I would have liked. The great thing is that I got a few really good upgrades and am prepared for a nice barrage once my tank upgrade is complete.

Overall, this event was quite fruitful. I managed to get a few really solid upgrades that would’ve taken me another week or two to obtain. Also, I felt that I wasn’t attacked as much until the end. Since my main account received an upgrade to level 19, I’m pretty happy. The hard part coming up is upgrading my landing craft. That’s going to be pretty horrible as a grind.

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