Diablo 3: Wizard Del-Rasha Build for Patch 2.3

Del-Rasha Build

What is this Del-Rasha build people are raving about? I mentioned it in a previous post but I wanted to go into detail here. This blog goes into the general gear and ideas for doing a reasonable version of this build.

Del-Rasha is a hybrid build that combines 3 pieces from the Delsere’s Magnum Opus Wizard/Slow Time set with 5 pieces of the Tal Rasha’s Elements set. The key to this build is the Kanai’s Cube where you can use a Ring of Royal Grandeur to allow for the mixing of both sets along with being able to still use Focus/Restraint and a few other items for some nice damage output. You will still be doing meteor damage through using a variety of elemental attacks that trigger your meteors. In that manner, you still will want to use Nilfurs Boast for the increase in meteor damage.

Other key items in this build are the Gesture of Orpheus to reduce your Slow Time cooldown, Crown of the Primus for supplying your Slow Time with all runes and Reaper’s Wraps for a little bit of resource recuperation. For infinite teleport, you will want to use an Aether Walker, which will be your only arcane spender. Having both ensures that you can port around almost indefinitely.

In order to get Del-Rasha to work together, you are required to use the off-hand, amulet and belt from Tal-Rahsa’s set so that you can make room for the Delsere’s set. The only item that becomes a must-have for Delsere’s is Dashing Pauldrons of Despair for the shoulders (since there are no Tal Rasha shoulder pieces).

Your main focus for this build in terms of gear stats is cooldown reduction. Most of your abilities will be cooldown intensive and you will want to ensure that Slow Time is up constantly. You can have some level of resource reduction just for Teleport, but it isn’t nearly as important.

For your legendary gems, you will want Bane of the Trapped, which works nicely with Slow Time and Black Hole, Zei’s Stone of Vengeance, for a little more CC and ranged damage boost and Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard for shielding and life regeneration.

Your active skills will be Shock Pulse: Piercing Orb, which helps lower the cooldown on your Slow Time, Slow Time: Time Warp (although the rune won’t matter due to the Crown of the Primus providing all runes), Teleport: Calamity for Arcane damage, Mirror Image: Duplicates as a defensive cooldown and as a mechanism to toss out more black holes and slow time spells, Magic Weapon: Ignite to help trigger the fire aspect of Tal Rasha’s and finally Black Hole: Absolute Zero to trigger the cold aspect.

For passives, you will go with Elemental Exposure, as this is a must-have for Tal Rasha’s, Arcane Dynamo for some boost in damage that works in conjunction with your Shock Pulse, Evocation for more cooldown reduction and of course Illusionist to trigger Mirror Images, Slow Time and Teleport (mostly Mirror Images) by taking 15% damage.

The way you play this build is teleport around and drop Slow Time bubbles around you. Use Shock Pulse to trigger both the lightning meteors as well as bringing down the cooldown of Slow Time. Generally, with my cooldown reduction I can get Slow Time to roughly 2 shots for every Shock Pulse. You want to get a little in the face of your enemies to take some damage when Mirror Image is on cooldown. If your Slow Time is on cooldown too, you can drop a Black Hole to further slow enemies then fire off a few Shock Pulses to plop another Slow Time bubble right above them.

I find this build to be the best wizard farming build due to the near infinite level of teleport. You should conserve your teleports for the most part and kill groups while hunting for Health Globes to regenerate your arcane power. If you find yourself resource starved, you could toss out Arcane Dynamo for Astral Presence since it increases your total arcane power and regeneration.

The thing I really like about this build is the raw speed. It’s not a hard build to gear, imo, and can still do a fair amount of damage. But I feel that speed is the key to efficiency in this game and it allows you to bypass mobs or areas that normally would hinder a higher damaging but slower build.


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